LWDW 168: 30 Fedoras

Fedora 30 is out! Mozilla drops IRC, Xfce 4.14 gets a release date, and Raspberry Pi powered VPN gateways.

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02:49 Fedora 30 release announcement
05:51 New look for Red Hat
08:25 Mozilla drops IRC
10:53 XFCE 4.14 release date
13:49 Simplifying Gmail
16:49 Open source navigation
19:36 Installing Davinci Resolve 16 on Ubuntu
21:57 Shuttleworth on dueling foundations
25:32 Why Linux stands out
31:30 Shameless self promotion
33:06 Pi powered VPN
33:56 Passkeepr


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

Fedora 30 release (M’lady 30 is out RTheren)

  • New Gnomes and faster DNF.
  • Along with the release of Fedora 30, they are moving the “Ask Fedora” support forum to the Discourse platform.
  • Cool!  
  • Fedora 30 includes two new desktop environments, Elementary OS’s Pantheon and Deepin Linux’s DeepinDE.
  • I tried the prerelease Sunday and there was still no joy for 20 series NVIDIA cards during the install.
  • Be prepared to text it or VNC.
  • The install of Fedora on the X240 started at Fedora 28 and the update to Fedora 30 went by without a hitch!
  • Something is up with the Deepin packages!


Red Hat loses their Hat

  • Before IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat in October 2018 Red Hat was getting ready to redesign their logo.
  • The way the name in their logo is spelled with a lowercase one word “redhat” doesn’t match how it is actually trademarked and spelled with the 2 word “Red Hat.”
  • Now both Red Hat and Fedora won’t have a fedora!
    • RedHat will maintain a Fedora.
  • Are they just going to slap the IBM logo up there?
  • Much like the Fedorf logo I would not have noticed unless someone pointed it out.


Mozilla drops IRC

  • Discord isn’t open source, but it is the newest evolution of IRC.
  • Rocket.Chat is open source and is used by Canonical and Red Hat.
  • XKCD 1782 indeed.
  • Listen, I get it, IRC is something you have used or decades and change is scary.
  • You can move over to freenode and continue idling.


Xfce 4.14 release date

  • August… seems a little early!
  • First pre1 rolls out May 5’th.
  • Pre2 follows at the end of the month and pre3 (final freeze) July 28.
  • August 11 shite gets real.
  • All the plugins I use are 100% so I look forward to the xfwm goodness.


Taming Gmail

  • Open-sauce CSS injecting extension to make gmail a more focused experience.
  • The Simplify Gmail extension really does make Gmail look cleaner and more unified like the Google Inbox app a lot of us were accustomed to on our phones.
  • You can use the “Main menu” hamburger button on the top left to turn on or off the normal Gmail side menu of categories, including Sent, Drafts etc.
  • If you are on the desktop wire Gmail into Thunderbird, thank me later.
  • Yeah, this does bring back the good old days when Gmail was, get this, a webmail client.


Open source navigation system

  • Digital astrolabe for the common folk?
  • Honestly, my first thought when I was reading this website is that it is written like it came out of Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog.
  • Aweigh is a wonderful Raspberry Pi project with kits and equipment you can order to make an open navigation system which is decentralized and independent of satellites.


Installing Davinci Resolve 16 on Ubuntu

  • My parting gift to everyone rocking the Buntu.


Shuttleworth on dueling foundations

  • I understand Mark Shuttleworth’s concern about the OpenStack Foundation focusing on improving OpenStack rather than branching out and trying to be the be-all of infrastructure.
  • At the same time the OpenStack Foundation sees itself as needing to increase its infrastructure offerings to compete with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and its Kubernetes upstarts.
  • Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote was at the Open Infrastructure Summit, formerly the OpenStack Summit, and The Linux Foundation hosted the Open Infrastructure Summit and is the parent company of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation of which the OpenStack Foundation is in competition with.
  • The Linux Foundation is the true embodiment of open source, not only employing Linus Torvalds, but will even host events of projects that aren’t even partnered with them.
  • Shuttleworth is a major sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation.
  • Cananonical is busy deploying 27 OpenStack clouds because that’s part of their future.
  • Shuttleworth believes that the OpenStack Foundation is making a mistake by trying to be all things infrastructure.
  • Instead they should focus on the cloud thing, because reasons.
  • Maybe he has learned from the mistakes made at Canonical.
  • If not, there’s a track from the 1995 album Jagged Little Pill that would like a word.


Why Linux stands out

  • And how exactly is a story of a hiccup during an update from one major OS version to another representative of standing out?
  • Having that not happen would be better, no?
  • I guess Jack Wallen realized that his needs were unique using a Logitech T650 and an MS Arc Mouse?
  • Jack Wallen nailed it with the difference between Linux and other operating systems:  “Linux works flawlessly for new users. At the same time, Linux makes it possible for experienced users to tinker to their heart’s content. When things do go wrong, Linux gives you all the tools necessary to fix the problems.”
  • Dude had a trackpad that only worked with 4X kernels.
  • The latest POP shipped with kernel 5.x.
  • Trackpad noped but all was well since the 4X kernel was still hanging around.

Slice of Pi


  • We’ve talked about the PiHole in the past.
  • This is the same principle, but instead of only filtering out the ad servers, it redirects all your traffic through an OpenVPN compatible VPN service (or your own if you have one set up).


Pass keeping Pi

  • Nice use of a Raspberry Pi Zero, as a hardware encrypted password storage system.
  • This is definitely a more modern alternative of storing passwords then my encrypted floppy disks.

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