LWDW 177: Transparent Wayland

Network transparency comes to Wayland! Canonical’s Desktop Team is hiring, FreeDOS turns 25, and Linux dominates Azure.

04:04 Ubuntu hiring for Desktop
07:04 Xfce 4.14 pre 2
12:20 Network transparent Wayland
17:20 25 years of FreeDOS
21:53 System76 sale
25:44 React OS Reaction
29:40 Linux dominates Azure
32:57 Microsoft distribution list
44:49 Buster Pi
49:40 Clippies big brother


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro


Ubuntu hiring for Desktop

  • We’re still looking for university degrees in 2019, interesting. 
  • If the previous weeks have been any indication, they’re probably not interested in you if your desire to help make Ubuntu the best gaming distro out there.
  • And since this comes from the GNOME Blog, maybe consider your desktop environment preferences as well.
  • Could be a good fit if you are interested in Snaps, Gnome and travel. 


Xfce 4.14 pre 2

  • They fixed the read only Thunar bug!
  • I really hope the GLX compositor for XFWM doesn’t turn out KWin levels of bad.
  • HiDPI and theming have made it into the latest release.
  • If you’re wondering how you get this new hotness on Fedora just install xfce and wait a few days. 
  • I spent an afternoon trying to figure out how to get pre1 only to discover I was already running it. 


Network transparent Wayland 

  • This seems to allow per-application and that’s good. 
  • This, Pipewire, and Intel discrete GPU’s need to finish getting sorted and in 10 years Wayland will replace X.   
  • This has been a feature of X for a long time, ssh -X, but was very cumbersome and slow.
    • On a WAN, maybe.
  • Creating a seamless integration of local and remote applications has always been a bit of a unicorn.
  • You can almost get away with it, nowadays, if you have the same or very similar setup going in both the local and remote machines.


25 years of FreeDOS

  • I don’t know if I’ve ever directly used FreeDOS. 
  • I used FreeDOS heavily when running 3D Studio R4 for DOS and Autodesk Animator in the 90’s.  I liked it better than MS DOS and DR-DOS.
  • I remember being impressed with the multitasking features in FreeDOS, like being able to print and format a floppy disk while doing other tasks, like rendering animation.
  • And very important, I remember using Arachne and the Lynx and Links web browsers with FreeDOS.
  • it was very easy to connect to the internet and had an TCP/IP networking stack, unlike DOS where the networking drivers were hard to install and wouldn’t work with every ethernet card.
  • Jim Hall, creator of FreeDOS, wrote a wonderful article at Linux Journal about its history and “Linux Roots,” and how many apps from Linux have been brought over, such as gawk, grep and man.
  • My one experience with FreeDOS was with one of those MSI laptops that came “without OS”
    • I’ve had a Dell lappy with FreeDOS. 


System76 sale

  • System76 is having their annual Summer Flock Party through July 9th!  Enjoy savings on laptops and desktops.
  • There are 17 parrots on their website for you to find, and each one reveals pieces of a secret message.  I have found 2 so far.
  • You can save up to $305 on a Serval WS laptop if you decode the message, and up to $100 on the Darter Pro.
  • Nice discounts for Linux hardware are always welcome.
  • I looked around for other similar offerings from Entroware and Tuxedo but they didn’t seem to be doing a sale at the time.


React Reaction 

  • Didn’t know there was a research kernel from the old times floating around online. 
  • This seems plausible. 


Linux dominates Azure

  • Last October we talked about that half of Microsoft’s Azure virtual machines were running Linux, now the Linux usage on their cloud has surpassed Windows Server!
  • As our penguins are marching forward, this is no surprise to anyone and is one of the reasons Microsoft wants to join the official linux-distros mailing list . . . 
  • Linux (and BSD) has dominated the server space since people started tracking it.
  • This is just a reflection of what’s already been the norm.  


Microsoft distribution list

  • If we are to take the Embrace, Expand, Extinguish look at this move, this is giving Microsoft the tools to enact the final bit.
  • Makes sense for Microsoft for developing their Azure Sphere OS and WSL 2.
  • The much maligned by the Linux community, Oracle is on the list as well.
  • Clippy is cancer, and we don’t have that yet on Linux!

Slice of Pi

Buster Pi

  • As we talked about last week, with the release of the Raspberry Pi 4, a new Raspbian operating system based on the forthcoming Debian 10 Buster has been released, which comes with many updates, performance improvements and a more modern UI.
  • It has been released slightly in advance of the official July 7th Debian Buster release to accommodate the Pi 4’s open-source OpenGL video driver that is now default and was developed using the most recent version of Debian.
  • The Raspbian desktop environment has a new UI theme that is cleaner, more modern and more simplified. 
  • GLX out of the box for the Pi4 is a pretty good indication of the performance people were praising it for.
  • Not to mention, if someone decides to make or upgrade one of their Pi-based gaming machines, having that driver loaded and ready cuts a few steps out of the equation.


Clippies big brother 

  • Your “Office Space” Corporate Companion, or maybe it’s a snarky version of “The Internet” box from The IT Crowd ;-D
  • I didn’t know about ttsmp3.com… And I’m sure most people at work don’t, either.




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