LWDW 187: Mr. Stallman Goes To Washington

Richard Stallman visits Microsoft! Manjaro incorporates, the Pinebook Pro beings shipping, and NVME temperature monitoring in Linux.

03:38 Manjaro Incorporated
08:43 Stallman visits Microsoft
12:08 Pinephone 64 is shipping
14:33 Librem 5 Shipping Announcement
18:03 New challenges for KDE
20:33 Dedicated Linux site for DELL
24:48 Google Trend wallpapers
27:23 NVME temperature monitoring
31:33 Solder Ninja
34:58 PCIe Pi
38:15 Longan Nanno RISC-V


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

Manjaro Incorporated 

  • I can’t comment on them ripping PKGBUILD bit I can explain the LLC. 
  • It’s only after receiving your articles of incorporation that your nonprofit can apply for 501(c)(3) status.
  • Then you can file a 1023 with the IRS. 
  • IRS projects 100+ hours of preparation time for a first-time applicant.
  • Ask me how I know, I dare ya. 
  • Manjaro had already taken many of its first steps to being a professional project by partnering with Softmaker of FreeOffice, which we talked about in July.
  • Manjaro being listed at The Linux Foundation’s CommunityBridge is a great fiscal host as well as OpenCollective.


Stallman visits Microsoft 

  • I ❤ the fact that Stallman still did his usual rant about the ills of proprietary, even at the Microsoft campus.
  • Stallman makes his living by giving rants. 
  • That was big of Microsoft to even let RMS in the door knowing what to expect, and does help their more “open” position on software.
  • Stallman gave a “mostly standard talk,” covering the importance of free software, GPL v3, GNU vs. Linux.
  • This comes at the heels of the announcement of the first Windows Subsystem for Linux Conference which will be held at the Microsoft campus in March of 2020.
  • Apparently there is no video since the StallMan requested that it not be hosted in a platform with proprietary javascript.
  • Yes, he still maintains his MS webzone entry
  • Like him or not Stallman is our resident conspiracy theorist. 
  • And hey. He’s occasionally right. 


Pinephone 64 is shipping 

  • The pine key on the Pinebook also gets proper functionality as the meta key, with the sole outliers being the F10-12 buttons.
  • When you press the pine key along with one of those 3 buttons for 3 seconds, it will toggle the wifi/blueteeth, camera, or internal microphone.
  • Clever!
  • I can already say that I hate where the power button is, though.
  • The phone itself is now on Pre-Order, with the actual units coming out later in the year and early 2020.
  • Ideally, they’re expecting late 2020 to be when they can finally ship something resembling a final model.
  • Just like the Librem…


Librem 5 Shipping Announcement


New challenges for KDE 

  • Going forward, the KDE folks have decided to tackle three areas in which the K Desktop Environment has some catching up to.
  • Wayland: The bulk of the Plasma environment is still iffy about the new old graphical server.
  • Consistency: this is possibly the one thing about GNOME 3 that the GNOME team got right. Making every application developed on that framework look and behave like it.
  • Application availability: If you’ve ever looked at the plasmoids (the little desktop widgets in KDE) you’ve probably also noticed that some of the useful/neat ones aren’t available in the KDE “store”
  • More often than not, people have to go digging for them on Github and setting them up by hand.
  • So they’re looking to have a centralized place where people can find all of these.


Dedicated Linux site for DELL

  • This was the next step needed to make it easier for Dell to sell its  Linux hardware to the consumer.
  • Up next Dell, put the laptops in stores please, like Best Buy!!!
  • Dedicated site for US customers.
  • Over here in the UK lands there doesn’t seem to be one.
  • I was able to configure a business tower for a little over $400.  


Google wallpapers 

  • “Where did you hear about this?” “My wallpaper told me!” 
  • Google-Trend-Wallpaper is a python and shell script to set the wallpaper to a wordcloud of the most trending google searches.
  • This project was inspired by process-wallpaper which is also a desktop wallpaper word cloud, but instead shows the words of the most resource-hungry processes and apps.
  • Actually, it might be helpful for our next play thru of Google Feud!


NVME temps 

  • Don’t forget that NVME needs to heat up to work properly, the problem is the controller shouldn’t get anywhere near as hot as the memory itself should.
  • Remember kids, the heat spreader that came /w your MOBO will only make it hotter. 
  • I have used and loved S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring Tools for a long time, but hadn’t tried to run it since I got my first NVME PCIe on my render box quite some time ago.


Solder Ninja 

  • This is basically a USB rechargeable soldering iron. 
  • We’re bringing this up since the project will be alledgley open-sourced after commercialization. 
  • Keep in mind you can buy a Weller digital station for $100. 
  • A 60W generic iron for $12. 
  • That’s small and easy enough to grok that I may finally own a soldering iron.
  • Coming to a “as seen on TV” product in a store near you!

Slice of Pi

PCIe Pi 

  • I’m not sure giving the Pi a proper GPU will be good for productivity but I frickin love the idea!
  • I would suggest doing this outdoors because fire. 
  • The Raspbian kernel is specifically configured to only allow a single PCI bus but that can be sorted by changing the PCI bus-range and a little professional wiggiginling. 



  • Sipeed’s Longan Nano RISC-V Development Board is now available in the Seeed store for just $4.90!
  • This little USB powered board has a tiny 160×80 IPS RGB LCD display, a micro SD slot and comes with an acrylic case.
  • Both me and Mfoxdogg in chat say “SQEEEEEEEE!!!!!”.
  • The project uses for this RISC-V board are limitless, and personally I would like to use many of them in an interactive animation art project.
  • And it can also run Huawei’s LiteOS and RT-Thread operating systems.

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