LWDW 163: Devil In The Stallman

Seven new devices from ThinkPenguin receive FSF-certification, OpenShot 2.4.4 brings huge performance and stability improvements, nano 4.0 gets smooth, and CentOS 8 needs your art.

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Devil in the Stallman
7:26 7 new FSF-certified devices
9:41 OpenShot 2.4.4
12:46 KDENlive Sprint 2019
16:36 Nano 4.0
18:54 Call for CentOS 8 Artwork
22:47 Gitlab interview
26:23 Shameless self promotion
28:10 Hacking The Pi Keyboard
30:45 Hands on with Jetson
34:35 Feedback


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

Devil in the Stallman

  • Having hosted several LinuxChix LA installfests I understand the dilemma of non free software and proprietary hardware driver installs.
  • We have even suggested that people bring their old laptops or newer laptops with them, which usually use an AMD APU or Intel GPU and can use the open source graphics drivers.
  • As an animation teacher though, and having many of my students learning Linux at our LinuxChix LA installfests, I often have them install proprietary animation apps like Maya, Modo, DaVinci Resolve etc. to teach my students the industry standard apps they will encounter.
  • But, of course, also teach my students to use the open source and now industry standard Blender, Krita, Inkscape and GIMP and the many advantages of open source software over proprietary.
  • I treat operating systems as a tool, not a religion.
  • When it comes to software / hardware I’m flexible.
  • I’ll always favour FLOSS over proprietary but it boils down to using the right tool for the job.
  • I have a license for Tracktion but use Ardour because it gets the job done.
  • DaVinci Resolve would make better use of my hardware but KDENlive, gets the job done.
  • Them’s quite the mental gymnastics to at the same time incentivize a demon as a necessity but refusing to admit it is a necessity.
  • As much as I wish we could have a truly free world, software and hardware-wise, we don’t.
  • Efforts are being made for the sake of libreboot, but that’s all focused on older hardware.
  • Case in point…


7 new FSF-certified devices

  • These are not the first devices from ThinkPenguin to receive RYF certification.
  • Richard Stallman approved hardware.
  • ThinkPenguin had some of these devices on display at their booth at SCaLE 17x.
  • Okay, so these are not necessarily old as they’re based on antiquated technologies because only now is it feasible for them to be commercialized as truly libre technologies.


OpenShot 2.4.4

  • Now includes the ability to use user-defined export presets for rendering via a config text file that launches on startup.
  • There was a bad waveform bug that has finally been fixed!  Now when you split a clip in the timeline the audio waveform stays intact instead of disappearing.
  • A new user community official OpenShot subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenShot/
  • DL and tested the AppImage.
  • Worked with the SCALE video well enough.
  • Performance and stability improvements, along with some major bug fixes, lots of polish, and many new features.


KDENlive Sprint 2019

  • Fix all known blocking bugs for the release.
  • Test and fix new/hidden bugs.
  • Decide which features to add after the release.
  • Review the user interface and usability.
  • Usability testing.
  • Testing effects and attempting to improve render speed.
  • Committed 85 fixes and implemented some new and old features.
  • Can we get some CUDA acceleration?  
  • NVENC export options would be a nice touch.
  • I keep flirting with buying a DaVinci Resolve activation card.
  • It took some doing to get our toolchain 100% FLOSS and I want to keep it that way if possible.


Nano update

  • Smooth scrolling is now default, this pleases me.  
  • “When a line continues offscreen, it now ends with a highlighted “>”.”  This is awesome! How many times I have been in nano, and loose track visually of a sentence because it ends abruptly offscreen and then have to continue reading it by scrolling to find it.  At least now we have the “greater than” symbol as a visual cue for offscreen words.
  • All in all a solid update for the next time you break X.


Call for CentOS 8 Artwork

  • Does Fedorf have a cousin?
  • I actually prefer the black and white versions of the logo with the name, because visually the logo is to busy with the four colors and detracts from the CentOS name branding.
  • CentOS 8 needs artwork because Enterprise needs to pretty.
  • Desktop backgrounds and the like.
  • Also looking for a project leader.


Gitlab interview


  • SCaLE 17x interview with Chris Cornacchia Strategic Account Leader at GitLab  


Slice of Pi

Pi0 in a Pi

  • I love the fact that you can still use the keyboard with other computers or Pis, as it uses a USB cable externally to connect the keyboard to the Pi.
  • I nerd rage computers built into keyboards as well.  One of my favourite computers in my collection is a 486 all-in-one keyboard computer with a floppy disk drive!


Hands on with Jetson

  • Little fells runs Ubuntu.
  • Nvidia provides a basic AI tutorial in the form of a “Hello AI World” program.
  • Demo includes basic image recognition but you will need to hook up a camera if you want to get creepy.
  • Also includes plans for JetBot, an open-source robot kit. It’s a wheeled bot with cameras that can be remotely driven or programmed.





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