LWDW 189: Vulkan Powered Desktops

Inkscape 1.0 is ready for testing! OBS 24 adds dynamic bitrates, Vulkan powered desktops, and the top five Snaps per distro. Then we take a look at a Linux powered IRL streaming backpack.

03:36 Inkscape 1.0
07:01 KDE Plasma 5.16.90
13:06 Top 5 Snaps
07:01 Custom mouse commands
20:26 OBS Studio 24
25:01 Streamlabs alerts with OBS
25:48 Vulkan powered desktops with Bliss OS
29:00 FLOSS project naming
34:17 Shameless self promotion
38:22 DYI Streaming backpack
41:42 DOOM 3 on the Pi4
44:17 Emails


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

Inkscape 1.0 (beta)

  • Inkscape 1.0 beta1 is new available for testing!
  • Last June we ran the interview with Ted Gould co-founder of Inkscape from SCaLE 17x who talked about the much anticipated upcoming Inkscape 1.0 release.
  • They are moving to GTK3 which allows Inkscape to support HiDPI on Linux.
    • HiDPI is something Inkscape was in desperate need of. 
    • Step 1 has always been “tinker with the menu sizes” and even them something remain in mice type. 
  • New live path effects, extensions and new themes.
  • They are asking the community to test the beta and report bugs.


KDE Plasma 5.16.90

  • Like we talked about two weeks ago, the KDE challenges of Consistency, Wayland and Apps are being worked on and this release proves that!
  • The Night Color settings now work on X11 and it’s user interface has been redesigned.
  • The user interfaces of a lot of elements have been updated, including Displays, Energy, Activities, Boot Splash, Desktop Effects and many others.
  • This marks the introduction of the 5.17 release.
  • SDDM gets access to the user theme… Better late than never, I supposed.
  • Managing Thunderbolt devices directly through the GUI is very nice to see
  • As is the free Wi-Fi gateway support, since that was always a crapshoot.


Snap metrics

  • Spotify is the winner.
  • The stats track, it’s being used for things people don’t really want to install.
  • Several communication and multimedia apps, including discord, slack, skype and VLC.  It is good to see these in the top five Snaps and shows that audio and video are working better in Snaps.
  • Good to see Snaps in use!
  • Maybe someone else will point out that stupid ~/snap folder.


Custom mouse commands in Linux

  • It’s quite simple, really. 
  • If you have extra buttons laying around on your gerbil put them to use using xbindkeys.
  • And it’s not limited to a single input, you are able to create macros.
  • A listener asked if the would work with other input like devices and the answer is, kinda.  
  • If the device responds to “xev” you’re good to go. 


OBS 24

  • Last month we talked about the OBS Studio 24.0 Release Candidate, and now the official version has been released with lots of updates and bug fixes.
  • Added an option to automatically adjust bitrate when congestion occurs.
  • Fixed a number of issues with Linux window capture.
  • Also, Monday it was announced that Twitch is now a Premiere Sponsor of the OBS Project.
  • I’m running a fresh build of 24 as we speak. 
  • The dynamic bitrate could be useful for those of you with unreliable internet connections. 
  • And no, I’m not talking about WiFi, seriously, quite trying to stream on WiFi. 
  • One thing I noticed is that Rocket League no longer requires the red/blue swap + alpha-less texture Mesa workaround. 
  • Decklink output still works as expected but still uses more CPU/GPU vs. Fullscreen preview. 
  • This has always struck me as, odd. 
  • OBS Websockets and Linux browser still function as expected. 
  • Yesterday’s Stream was on OBS 24.
  • No unusual weirdness, there.


OBS integration 

  • Note: This will not work with OBS in Snap format. 
  • And this is not only for alerts, we are using it right now to display chat.
  • What we’re doing here is downloading the latest version of OBS browser and getting that critter installed. 
  • Then we’re going to use the new hotness for overlays and the like.  


Vulkan powered desktops with Bliss OS

  • This is why I keep laptops around!
  • For those of you looking for a slice of Android 9 Pie with a side of Vulkan. 
  • Hey, sleep states now partially work.   
  • It’s much faster than the Android Oreo version I tried a while back.
  • Very much looking forward to having a Vulkan powered desktop here in Linux-proper land.


Naming FLOSS projects

  • I actually think it is up to the original creators of their open source projects to name them, but it would be nice if they could get advice from other developers and the community.
  • Some of our open source apps we love so much don’t have the best names, such as GIMP and elinks and lynx which are both terminal web browsers with similar names.
  • And one of my favorite apps that I am using right now, the guvcview video/webcam app, is extremely hard to say.
  • KDE was originally the “Kool Desktop Environment” and was renamed to “K Desktop Environment.”
  • Open source project have a long are sorted kistory kove kild and kacky kames. 
  • I remember pausing to recommend GIMP to someone because I was not 100% how they would take it.
  • Hate to say it Glimpse delivers it could rather quickly become the new hotness.   
  • As for Perl and Python, yeah, do a clean break. 
  • Python 2.8 should be Python 2.Weasel Smasher 9008. 
  • Perl 6, Garry.
  • While I think the whole Glimpse thing was born out of the current trend of avoiding offense to everyone, it’s honestly not a bad name for a picture editor.

Slice of Pi

Streaming Pi 

  • IRL streaming backpack based on Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Limited to 720p @ 24 fps because 1080 60 might overheat. 
  • Using the Elgato Cam Link. 
  • Speedify channel bonding software to combine cellular connections from smartphones or USB dongles.


Pi Doom (eMpTy)

  • And here it is, a $99 computer running DOOM 3 about as well as my gaming rig back in the day. 
  • That plays about as well as my old Core 2 Duo system I put together in 2006-ish.



  • Seems they had an issue with QOBUZ pulling their API access. 
  • They had to push out a new version. 

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