Creating Image Masks With OBS Studio On Linux

Creating an image mask in OBS is relativity straightforward. Creating an image mask while retaining the original shot, not so much. Let’s take a look at how this works on Linux.

1. Start with an empty scene with your webcam as a source.

2. Create a new scene.

3. Copy the webcam source from the original scene.

4. Paste the webcam source into the new scene.

5. Create a transparent mask in the desired size and shape.

6. Right-click on the new scene and select Filters.

7. From the menu select Image Mask/Blend.

8. Browse to the location of you saved image mask and select it.

9. Change “Type” to Alpha Mask (Alpha Channel)

10. Add the masked video to other Scenes: Add > Scene > Round cam

11. You should now have a masked video source in the selected Scene.


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