LWDW 200: Linux Is Not A Platform

Microsoft releases Teams for Linux! Firefox gets picture-in-picture, Disney dials back DRM on the desktop, and Canonical wold like your input on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.



03:47 Linux is not a platform
10:02 Ubuntu Cinnamon 19.10
12:48 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS survey
15:29 Firefox PiP
19:02 Disney+ on Linux
21:48 OBS AppImage
23:38 nnn
27:16 10 years of Linux
33:25 Microsoft Teams on Linux
40:52 Raspberry NAS
46:04 Emails

Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

No Linux platform?

  • Sounds awfully pedantic an argument about the definition of “Platform”
  • I should know, I’m a pedant as well!
  • That is really the only argument being made here.
  • I expect a “this is how you fix Linux” article / speech from anyone using Linux more than a year. 
  • It’s natural, and part of any Linux lovers journey. 
  • I went through it in the late 90s. 
  • Linux is not fragmented but the desktop is, and that’s how we likes it. 
  • Anything can become a platform with the removal of choice.  
  • You’re going to be grateful for that choice because Desktop as a service is coming.
  • Hmm, isn’t Linux the platform of choice for the Cloud, AI, server side and everything in between?  Yes!
  • And this wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the variety and flexibility of many distros, desktops and apps that are specialized for many different tasks, whether it be for SoCs or supercomputers.


Don’t call it Mint

  • This is why people will keep bringing up the fragmentation argument.
  • This is why we can’t have nice things!
  • Joshua Peisach, founder and CEO of Ubuntu Cinnamon has been working really hard on making Ubuntu Cinnamon an official flavor of Ubuntu.
  • I have been hearing about his progress on Big Daddy Linux and am looking forward to thoroughly testing the new Ubuntu Cinnamon 19.10 Eoan Ermine.


Ubuntu survey

  • Bring back MiR! 
  • Call me when 18.04 goes EOL. 
  • You can help shape Ubuntu’s future by taking the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS survey, which is running until January 10, 2020.
  • Canonical wants to learn what people like about Ubuntu and how it can improve.
  • They would like feedback from users of Ubuntu, as well as non users alike.
  • This will help them find out if there are trends in open source they are missing.
  • I took the survey.
  • I hope they don’t listen to me because I don’t know what the hell I’m on about.


Firefox PiP

  • Last week we talked about the newly released Firefox 71.0.
  • Now with the Firefox 72 Beta you can get one of those cool features that wasn’t released for Linux yet.
  • A convenient Picture in Picture mode, so you can watch a YouTube or Netflix video popup while browsing the web.
  • Also just tested it by enabling media.videocontrols.picture-in-picture.enabled true option in about:config in Firefox 71.
  • And then check the Preferences > Browsing > Enable Picture in Picture option.
  • Am watching Pedro stream OpenMW with it right now :-D  Nice!
  • Sounds really neat, doesn’t it?
  • Anywhere you leave the window will be the exact location you need to get to in exactly 5 minutes.  
  • Guaranteed. 
  • One thing I noticed with version 71 is that the Private Internet Access extension is now permanently on for me.
  • I don’t know if that’s intentional or not, but I can’t turn it off without completely removing it.
  • ESR 4 Lyfe! 
  • Or, at least until Debian 11. 


Disney on Linux

  • Good on you Disney!  
  • Now your animators and developers can watch the content they create and enjoy the adorable musings of baby Yoda.
  • Thank you for not massive knobs about this, Didney.
  • Oh look, it works. 
  • And I went right back to watching it on a tablet because it’s 2019.


OBS Appimages

  • No Snaps or Flatpaks were harmed. 
  • Woks on Debian 10.2 
  • Almost done on the building your own portable version guide. 


NNN file manager 2.8

  • If you really love the CLI to the point where you’d rather use a file manager in your terminal emulator but just can’t let go of them plugins.
  • The nnn or “Noice is Not Noice” fork of the Noice file browser is one of my favorites for terminal, just because of how fast and small it is, around 33KB.
  • I like launching video files with it, via MPV, and text files via gedit or less.
  • Honestly, every Linux distro I have ever installed nnn on, it just automagically launches file formats into whatever app it needs and is available on that system.


10 years of Linux

  • Aahh yes, gone are the days of insmodding sound drivers to get sound cards working.
  • And of using Windows drivers wrappers for getting wireless internet devices working.
  • This is a great article for Linux users to read, new and experienced alike, to see how far Linux has come and the many challenges it has faced.
  • Look where Linux is today!  
  • We are spoiled by the most plug and play, flexible and freedom of choice OS in the world :-D
  • I kinda miss the excitement of plugging something in or installing Linux on a new laptop and half the stuff not working.
  • I’m going to argue about the NVIDIA drivers being crashy back then because they were not. 
  • Might have been an issue on laptops. 
  • Flash was fully supported on Linux and there was never a point Youtube didn’t work. 
  • There was a time when everyone looked like a smurf, but that’s a different story. 
  • Gaming, we had Humble and quake. 
  • If work (or uni) made you run Windows and you needed a VM you used VMware. 
  • That’s been working on Linux since the 90s. 
  • It’s a cute article and an interesting look into someone learning how to Linux 10 years ago.
  • However, it’s not to be confused with the state of Linux 10 years ago. 



  • Release the code for old Skype.
  • This is a big deal, and goes a long way for Linux adoption in businesses that use Microsoft apps exclusively.
  • Also, this is huge because it is the first step in Microsoft releasing their whole Office 365 suite of apps for Linux.
  • Who would have thought that the cure for Microsoft would come from well . . .  Microsoft.
  • Seriously, release the code for old Skype.

Slice of Pi

Storage Pi 

  • That’s very nice looking.
  • But we’re talking about a £100 Raspberry Pi case, just because it’s got a clothes hanger for 2.5” HDDs/SSDs


L33t Hax




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