LWDW 342: Microsoft “fixes” Teams on Linux and Unity is back!

GNOME would like you to take a survey, Unity returns as an official Ubuntu flavour, Microsoft is fixing Teams on Linux, and Pi powered radio handheld that knows how to game.


00:00 Intro
02:23 New PSU
07:08 HOTD/ROP podcast
08:28 GNOME info collect
12:13 Unity (yes that one) is back
16:53 Microsoft “fixes” Teams on Linux
24:12 Rasp Pi radio controller / gaming system

Improving GNOME


  • I easily installed the Snap on Ubuntu and it worked well.
  • I wish all the DMs had this tool and could track this data, and make all desktops better.
  • This new program collects:
  • Your Linux distro and version
  • Hardware OEM, model, CPU, etc
  • If Flatpak and Flathub are installed/enabled
  • Favourite applications (those pinned to the dock)
  • GNOME extensions installed
  • Your default browser
  • You can remove this after it has collected info.
  • On KDE they have something comparable, but you have to opt-in by running the cli program and then accepting to send the data.
  • This is a “survey”, not “Telemetry”.  
  • See if it runs in WSL. 
  • You would think, this being Gnome and all that it would come with a GUI. 

Ubuntu Unity Official


  • This is exciting news, Canonical will recognize Ubuntu Unity as an official Ubuntu flavour starting with the upcoming Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu release in late October 2022!
  • Ubuntu Unity, formerly Ubuntu Unity Remix, came out a few years ago as part of the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa operating system series, but it was an unofficial flavour.
  • That was the result of Canonical abandoning its beloved Unity7 desktop environment more than five years ago.
  • Ubuntu Unity 22.10 Beta will be the first release as an officially recognized flavour, due out later this month on September 29th.
  • Congratulations to Rudra Saraswat for the Ubuntu Unity official status.
  • He has been working so hard, and improving the Unity7 desktop every day.
  • He also maintains the Unity7 desktop environment and recently released Unity 7.6 as the first major release in the past six years.

Teams Linux update


  • At first I was a little saddened to hear this, but now I realise it will be better for the Linux community because it will allow Microsoft to update the Linux version of Teams quickly, and in conjunction with the Windows version.
  • Also, the new web PWA will support background blur, custom backgrounds, reactions, and a couple other desktop app-like features that were only supported on the Windows version.
  • Teams for Linux has been a dumpster-fire since release in 2019. 
  • After three years of not trying MS had decided to scrap the project in favour of *drum roll* Progressive Web App! 
  • Now it has an extra layer of nope because you will be forced to use Edge or Chrome. 
  • That right, Firefox doesn’t know what a PWA is. 
  • Admiditally, that’s a Firefox problem. 
  • No one wanted extra features, MS. 
  • They wanted basic features working.
  • Might I suggest TFL

Slice of Pi

Radio Pi 



  • This is the iNap Malinka, a Raspberry Pi radio controller which doubles as a handheld gaming rig.
  • Leon explains that the driving motivation for creating this project stemmed from a need to control his headcrab robot remotely.
  • It uses an NRF24L01 radio module.
  • And involves a custom PCB that he made that uses a mounted Raspberry Pi Zero module.
  • Leon uses RetroPie, but it could easily work with Lakka or Raspberry Pi OS.
  • It spans 160mm across, supports two analog joysticks, a series of buttons, and has an LCD touchscreen.
  • With the iNap Malinka you can kill two birds with one stone, one with a robot and another in game.
  • The 3D-printable files also include a version without the radio antenna hole, so it can work as just a handheld system.
  • Sometimes needing to control your headcrab remotely leads to cool things. 
  • Invest in a cheap hot air station kids, it’s worth it.

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