LWDW 203: Tingle All The Way

Pi powered grilled cheese! Command line WiFi made simple, the best Ubuntu releases of the decade, and a PLEX-like media server for comics.



04:28 Top Linux stories of 2019
07:33 Best Ubuntu releases of the decade
09:33 Caculate Linux 20
12:33 UOS from China
18:23 Easy CLI WiFi
20:43 Razor laptop control for Linux
23:33 Comic book management
27:28 Modern audiobook player for Linux
29:33 Podcasting on Linux
32:28 Easy LUF scale
37:13 Cheesy Pi
39:13 NAS Pi
44:08 Emails

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

5 biggest Linux stories of 2019

  • IBM Hat was a big one. 
  • You know that comic that the kid asks his dad what clouds are made of?
  • The answer is most definitely Linux servers.
  • Microsoft’s “evolving” attitude towards linux has been pretty significant. 
  • Most likely cuz of number 4, what with everything being containerized these days.  You need infrastructure to back that up, and nobody’s interested in paying microsoft’s licensing price.   They’re just willing to rent


Calculate Linux

  • Calculate is interesting as it is not a distro, but an ecosystem all of its own.
  • You have a server OS which accepts Windows and Linux clients.
  • A desktop/workstation OS for the clients.
  • And two “from scratch” variants of the server and the client if you really want the fine grain level of control.
  • All based on gentoo
  • The whole providing a tightly integrated directory service paired with specific desktop and server spins is an interesting direction for a distro.   Definitely aimed at professional and education uses


Razer laptop control

  • A tool that allows Razer laptop users to access the firmware power and fan profiles.


Best Ubuntu releases

  • No. Your eyes, or ears as the case may be, do not deceive you.
  • The best Ubuntu release of the 201*s is 19.10.
  • Yes! The latest release is the best one so far…
  • You’d think that’d be a given, but we live in the stupid timeline.



  • China moving away from Windows has me interested. 
  • It’s a massive market that could shake things up hard if moved to something Linux based. 
    • That would definitely have some interesting implications what for that other podcast we dun do
  • Deepin has the UI/UX elements down.
  • If they can make it function exactly as the government suits demand, it may very well become a thing!
  • Linux desktop is not a popular style as most people prefer Windows and iOS for their PCs.
    • Just wanted to point out that gem
  • Readily available, domestically produced Linux PCs will definitely help adoption in china.   It might take a few years for the rest of the world to adapt to that new reality


Easy WiFi 

  • Connecting to the wi-fis via the CLI can be a chore.
  • This aims to fix that!
  • NMcli isn’t too bad to use, but Noah’s right, remembering a whole specific set of syntax can be a pain.    This just wraps around it and provides a handy menu driven interface


Media server for comics

  • New release. 
  • Not just for comics, works for anything graphical. 
  • As someone with a decently sized digital comics library, something like that is actually pretty freakin’ handy to have it all centralized.
  • Integrates with some popular comic reader android apps as well
  • That’s pretty neat!
  • Komga itself support individual page streaming and converting them on the fly but apparently none of the Android apps tested do.


Cozy Audio books

  • Do the majority of your audiobook listening at your computer for whatever reason?
  • Has handy dandy audiobook player features such as bookmarks, a cover gallery


Leveling audio 

  • Just kidding, but it’s annoying when audio levels…
  • Are all over the damn place. 


LUFS calculator 

  • Apple asks for the “overall loudness” to be -16 LUFS, and most meters will call this the “integrated loudness”. 
  • Our shows hang out around -15.30 LUFS because that’s how I likes it. 
  • This is a reasonably accurate meter for those of you not willing to setup a DAW or buy a plugin. 

Slice of Pi

Griller Pi

  • They called it the Cheeseborg… I wonder how long it will be before the Collective reveals itself.



  • AKA how to set up samba and share out an external hard drive
  • If I were going for a pi-style NAS build, I’d definitely be eyeing one of those rock pis with that sata hat








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