LWDW 209: Thread Boopin!

System 76 rips some Threads, Mate 1.24 HiDPIs all the things, OpenShot gets hardware acceleration, and Linux-based Windows 12?



08:45 System 76 Threadbooper 64
16:20 Evernote on Linux
19:30 AppCenter for everyone
23:15 Mycroft vs Trolls
26:20 OpenShot 2.5.0
33:30 MATE 1.24
37:30 Windows 12
44:30 New Raspbian
47:05 AA powered Pi

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Threadbooper 64

  • My 64-core (realistic) workstation came out to a measly $7,894. 
  • 32-GB of RAM and a 2070.
  • It would not allow me to add a 2060 Super as a second GPU, only a 2080 Super or Ti. 
  • Yall need to fix that. 
  • If I’m building an editing box for Davinci Resolve I want a low end /power card dedicated to driving the display and a big-brains chungus for rendering. 
    • ^ That’s literally a checkbox configuration in Resolve. 
  • System76 had a Thelio Major day 1 launch of the Ryzen 3990x CPU!  Wonderful!
  • A Radeon RX 560 4GB rather than an RX 550 2GB would be a better choice for a lower end GPU.
  • I would die to have this for my Blender, Modo and Maya renders.
  • And I wouldn’t go lower than 256 GB of Ram, because that is what I am using on my current render workstation.
  • I’m glad they offer support, because that price is not kosher on the low end.
  • I specced out my current box (but with the 9800X and 2070 Super, since there is no 3700X or 1080 options) and it came out at $2996 for just the tower and without the SATA SSD Yol0 RAID.
  • That better be some awesome support.


Evernote on Linux

  • We’re finally getting a Linux client. 
  • Hope it’s not Electron. 
    • Of course it will be.
    • It’s a web app.
  • I have been using Evernote for years.
  • And in the early days of smartphones, Evernote was available on almost every device and was a great way to not only share notes, but pictures and files to all your devices.
  • I used it heavily on webOS, which is Linux.
  • Glad it is finally going to make it as a standalone app for the Linux desktop, and I won’t have to run it in a web browser.
  • Joplin, Laverna, and Simplenote are great alternatives for Linux to Evernote, but today I mostly use Google Keep.


Appcenter 2: The Appening (RTheren)

  • They’re looking for some funding to bring the team together for a coding sprint.
  • As someone who really isn’t terribly keen on group activities IRL, this idea seems a bit wasteful to me.
  • But I realise this is bias speaking.
  • That said, it’s good to see them adding flatpak support.
  • Even ElementaryOS is not my jam.
  • Having an AppCenter that allows you to easily donate money to open source projects is so needed.
  • Yes, if you make it easy to contribute to open source projects the Linux community is more than happy to fund the apps that we so love!
  • Including funding AppCenter which I donated to via GooglePay and Paypal.
  • And having a secure wallet to save payment methods and enable fast, one-click purchasing is what is needed to make this work.
  • PayPal would be a nice option too.


Mycroft still fighting 

  • Mycroft is taking the fight to the Patent Trolls.
  • Head honcho, Joshua Montgomery is taking the legal fight back to the people using frivolous patent suits to make money.
  • And he’s doing it with the goal of setting a precedent


OpenShot 2.5.0

  • Hardware encoding and decoding support?
  • I wanted to poke this new hotness but when I dragged one of our segments into the timeline it ate the poop. 
  • HEVC h.265 /w 2X 16-bit audio channels. 
  • I tried kids, I really really did. 
  • OpenShot 2.5.0 can now export and import industry standard EDL (Edit Decision List) configuration files to and from Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve.
  • This allows you to maintain your video clips placement and edits and simple effects in the timeline and bring them in to other editing or effects apps for processing.
  • You can also import and export industry standard XML configuration files from and to Final Cut Pro.
  • OpenShot now has Blender 2.8+ support using blend files!
  • This version of OpenShot, like many other video and animation programs, has the ability to recover previous saves from a recovery folder in case of accidental deletion or crashes.


Mate 1.24

  • Mate 1.24 has been released with many new features, improvements and bug fixes.
  • HiDPI support for all the things!
    • Windows controls-min, max, close
    • Control Center icons
    • network manager applet icons
    • Status icons in Mate Panel
    • Wanda the Fish fortune teller app
  • I have been noticing quite a few HiDPI issues, and not being able to see certain icons and windows easily with Mate on my UHD monitor since I have been running Ubuntu Mate 19.10.
  • I have used Magnus a few times to see them, granted I am half blind.
  • One of the new features I will love, window manager Marco finally added invisible resize borders. No more struggling to find a border to grab with your mouse!
  • The ability to mount ISOs without having to sudo is kinda nice!


Windows 12 Lite 

  • Kinda wants to track down a pirated copy. 
  • That’s how Windows users get software, right?
  • Honestly, their campaign to help migrate Windows users to Linux is well done,
  • Both in this article and in the previous Linux Lite article to switch from the dying Windows 7.
  • Yeh, and not just covering their cost to make the DVDs, charging for them, or any software is a paradigm that Windows users are used to, brilliant!
  • And there is a 32 bit version as well for older hardware, which the base Linux Lite does not include.
  • £15 for a Linux Lite DVD with Microsoft’s trademark on it.
  • Uncle Soft is gonna sue somebody!

Slice of Pi

Raspbian update

  • Made some changes to the PCmanFM file manager, to give it a cleaner look and feel with the theming of the desktop.
  • I was so happy to hear that the Orca screen reader is now available on Raspbian.
  • Several of my visually impaired friends and students were complaining about Orca not being available, especially since the RasPi caters to the education sector.


Power Pi


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