LWDW 212: Superman.wtf

Let’s Encrypt issues their billionth cert! UKUI 3.0 goes full Windows, teaching old MIDI new tricks, and 8 things you might not know about your Raspberry Pi.



05:09 Bogus Intel NICs
07:35 1 billion Let’s Encrypt certs
11:05 Unsnapped
15:25 UKUI 3.0
19:30 MIDI Scripts
21:10 Mint Warpinator
23:20 Lab Gopher
25:45 Microsoft ATP for Linux
30:40 Shameless self promotion
31:50 Pi facts
36:05 Emails

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Network card PSA

  • Little PSA to get the show started since I almost fell for this one.
  • Plenty of i350-T4 cards floating around on Ebay and Amazon for $45 / $60. 
  • In all my years of working with junk like this I had never seen one with DELTA printed on the transformers. 
  • Times have changed so I figured it was something new but, it bugged me. 
  • I asked the internet and yeah, turns out knockoff NICs are now a thing. 
  • Had a knockoff in my cart before I did the search. 
  • Moral of the story: Look for an embossed DELTA on the transformers when buying used. 
  • If you want something with a warranty get 3GTeck. 


1000000000 Lets Encrypt 

  • 81% of page loads globally and 91% in the US!
  • Those are very good numbers indeed, and isn’t surprising, as I have noticed more sites using HTTPS, especially in the last few years.
  • If you would like to help they would love contributions from the community and businesses, and are dependent on them so they can keep making the web even more secure.
  • Gone are the days of me cutting Comodo a cheque for a SSL cert. 
  • Don’t miss doing that, nope, no sir. 
  • And gone are the days of excuses for not having an ssl cert
  • There’s even a script you can chron to renew it.


Snap be gone 

  • The calculator being a Snap never made any sense. 
  • The Ubuntu software store will be a snap based version though.
  • Nice!!  There will be Multi-monitor support in GDM, finally!
  • This means when you logout to GDM it will maintain your monitor configuration and placement from the desktop.
  • And then, when you want to login to a different desktop environment, say Fluxbox your monitor configuration won’t change!
  • This has been an annoying issue for a very long time, which I fix with an xorg.conf.
  • Can we also have gdebi back, at least for the minimal installs?


Ubuntu Kylin UI

  • All the chinese distros seem to have a really nice UI.
  • Deepin and UKUI are, aesthetically speaking, freakin’ awesome!
  • The Ubuntu Kylin team is in the process of revamping their user interface with lots of eye candy, the look of Windows 10, and in Qt!
  • The drag and drop virtual desktop panel is a nice touch.
  • Ubuntu Kylin is very popular in China, and is integrated with many of the most used Chinese web services.
  • And it is so refreshing to see the Chinese Linux distros so focused on the desktop UI and user experience.



  • Now that Microsoft is becoming a SaS company, this makes sense, especially since they run Linux for just about everything now, including Azure.
  • ATP is not an Anti-Virus, it’s an enterprise focused security management tool.


MIDI Tricks

  • Quick and simple, this allows you to turn a MIDI control surface into a keyboard. 
  • With a DAW you are limited to MIDI CC mapping to pre-exposed controls. 
  • This will allow Mackie like functionality, and then some. 
  • It’s really the best of both worlds since it allows you to add some Mackie-like functions to your generic MIDI. 


Minty Warpinator 

  • Remember Giver?
  • It was something included in Mint (and other distros) back in the day. 
  • Solid way to boop a file over the network. 
  • The Mint critters missed it so much they made something a little better. 
  • The idea is to recreate the core functionality offered by Giver.
  • Warpinator is a temporary name.
  • I suggest “totes a legit copy of Superman.wtf”. 


Building  a PC?

  • You could use this to build your next Linux server so it counts. 
  • This is extremely handy!
  • And saves a lot of time for us hardware enthusiasts.
  • And makes sense, because it turns out that computer hardware is one of the most sold items on Ebay.
  • The UK LabGopher also includes the EU ebay listings.

Slice of Pi

Pi to the 8

  • Oh! Is this why they were holding the 8GB versions?
  • Don’t overclock your Pi, unless you buy one of those adorable little heatsinks. 
  • They only planned to make 1K units and when you think about it, that’s still a big run. 




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