LWDW 213: See The Bling Bling

The era of distribution-specific laptops begins! IRC gets a GTK3 makeover, PLEX alternative Jellyfin looks towards the future, OBS is getting a proper browser source, and we’re launching a new show.



04:31 Linux Distro Laptops
09:01 Fancier Laptops in the UK
11:06 OpenSilver
14:16 Jellyfin 10.5.0
17:06 GTK3 IRC
20:36 Resolve 16.2
24:26 OBS 25 RC4
27:41 Interfacing Linux
34:31 Antibiotic Pi

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Linux Distro Laptops

  • Linux distributions are starting to see the benefit of selling branded laptops, not only in marketing and helping to brand their distros, but monetary benefits as well.
  • This includes the Pinebook with Debian, System76 with Pop!_OS, KDE Slimbook with KDE, Purism Librem with PureOS and the Dell XPS Developer edition with Ubuntu.
  • Marketing hardware with open source software installed to the average consumer is a lot easier than just marketing the ideals and use of free software.
    • What the average computer user “would care about is that fancy laptop, sold at a reasonable price. You see, consumers respond much better to tangible goods than they do ideals and something that requires them to do more work.”
  • Jack Wallen, great article!
  • Honestly, I think you have answered the age old question in the Linux community on how to market Linux!
  • I like laptops.
  • I really do not mind if people actually do make a bunch of Linux stores to sell Linux laptops with their distro of choice.
  • It’s still not going to fix the whole “fragmentation” issue, it may even make it worse in the eyes of those people.


Fancier Laptops in the UK

  • Took them a while!
  • Also, why is the linux version once again getting gimped with fewer hardware customization choices?


Opensilver (eMpTy)

  • Thank you to eMpTy in chat for this one.
  • We have a new alternative to Silverlight, OpenSilver, which is an open-source reimplementation of Silverlight that runs on current browsers via WebAssembly!
  • Wonderful, and it’s about time!!!
  • This is not just a plugin, but a whole development framework.
  • No more need to install a plugin into Firefox etc. and make websites think you’re using Internet Exploder ;-)
  • And, worse, have it mess up your dependencies on your system via Pipelight!
  • Anything is better than pipelight and since, technically speaking, Silverlight is still supported, this could very well help you get those pesky legacy sites up and running.
  • While good for legacy don’t you dare use this to create anything new. 


Jellyfin v10.5.0

  • Open sauce attempt at Plex? I’m okay with this!
  • There’ll be some catching up to do on that particular front, but I hope they get there.
  • An open source alternative to PLEX, and a fork of Emby, Jellyfin v10.5.0 has been released.
  • It is one of the best FOSS media players available and has had a huge number of updates since we reviewed it on LWDW last March.
    • Improved UI, theming and font integration in the web client.
    • A new details page layout which puts the artwork of your library front and center.
    • Cleaned up lots of code.
    • Support for AMD AMF hardware encoding.
    • Full hardware acceleration for Raspberry Pi.
  • Welcome to 2020 where my Plex server sits unpowered in the basement. 
  • That said, this has been and continues to be a valid alternative to the closed-source PLEX.
  • Still needs some work done on mobile. 



  • You brought GTK3 into the IRCs
  • You just know the purists are going to hate it.
  • I actually don’t mind it! Looks a bit Telegram-y but that’s all fine and dandy as far as I’m concerned.
  • I absolutely love that it has an URL preview feature.
  • I still love using IRC, but it is nice having the bling that is available from other clients, like Discord.
  • Having built-in theming is always a plus.
  • I rather enjoy watching the kids or those new to Linux screech in anger and confusion, unable to understand why so many Linux projects use IRC.
  • Use, Discord, use Slack, they say.
  • IRC existed before them and will exist after #XKCD1782.
  • Granted, we have a Discord, but we’ll never get rid of our IRC. 


Resolve 16.2

  • Proper 32-bit BWAV support! 
  • It also fixed an issue in my Interfacing Linux template when exporting images.
  • Way to go Resolve!  All these audio enhancements are better than what is offered in Adobe Audition.
  • New editing features including loading and switching timelines.
  • Improved media pool with faster copy and paste of clips.
  • New color grading features including smart filters and more.
  • Improved file format support for new cameras and standards.


OBS 25 RC3

  • That’s right kids, we’re finally getting a browser source. 
  • Pay attention to the build instructions. 
  • “Don’t download this build, it’s awful.”
    • LOL
    • That’s only for Windows. 
  • YUY2 (packed 4:2:2) output support is not in the RC but initial support is being worked on.
  •  Fixed a crash with PulseAudio on Linux.


Interfacing Linux EP01

  • Do you want to get into home recording, on the cheap?
  • I’m going to do what I can to take some of the mystery out of what works with Linux. 
  • Soundchecks, latency tests, and a detailed breakdown of Jackbox. 
  • And this is needed, I give you exhibit A.
  • Really wish I could have come back with a definitive list.
  • I’m going to be testing old stuff, new stuff, strange stuff, and have a good time doing it. 
  • Latest episode is up for Patreons. 

Slice of Pi

Science pi


  • Instead of using custom hardware that’s often very expensive, the Pi has enough brains to drive most of the imaging process.
  • And the software to do it is open sauce!

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