LWDW 214: Pi Sized Ryzen

Debian 11 prepares to chill, Only Office gets a massive update, AMD needs a kernel maintainer, and a Pi sized Ryzen R1000-based SBC. Then Jill has a chat with Georg Link, PhD Director of Sales at Bitergia and with Ana Jimenez Marketing Specialist at Bitergia.



05:31 AMD looking for kernel developer.
09:16 Only Office 5.5.
11:51 Debian 11 code freeze.
14:21 Less Pass
17:31 Interfacing Linux Episode 2
19:26 Nonverbal communication app
22:41 Bitergia interview
33:46 Shameless self promotion
35:51 Ryzen Pi
38:51 Pi Signage
41:36 Pi Imager
43:31 Ubuntu Server Pi
46:06 Emails

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

AMD Hiring 

  • A person, one, singular. 
  • You know AMD split their GPU stack, right? #CDNA.
  • Take a look at the Me diagram. 
  • This will be for compute, not RDNA. 
  • Yeah…
  • With a focus on compute the need for a Linux person becomes rather essential.
  • I hope the end user (gaming) drivers will see performance improvements but I won’t be holding my breath.
  • I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this could lead to more development on the Direct Rendering Infrastructure, and maybe DRI-4.0, because DRI-3.0 is 6 years old.


Only Office 5.5

  • I did not know OnlyOffice existed right up until I read this.
  • ONLYOFFICE Editors v.5.5 is now available!
  • This great Microsoft Office alternative includes the ability to compare documents, a Scale to Fit option to make your spreadsheet fit a printed page, and an easy to use presentation editor.
  • Wonderful, it is nice to have another great office solution, and one that is focused on online collaboration, via their own ONLYOFFICE or ownCloud and Nextcloud.
  • It even supports old unsupported Linux distros, Ubuntu 12.04 etc.
  • I installed the .deb, but there is an AppImage, Snap, Flatpak and TAR.GZ as well.
  • OnlyOffice used to be Teamlab office, and its name was changed in 2014.


Debian 11

  • Hard freeze will take place in 2021.
  • Full freeze mid 2037. 


Open-source Lesspass 

  • That’s interesting!
  • Instead of a database it calculates your password based on your username, the website and the master password.
  • Nailed it!  One of the reasons I haven’t used Keepass or Lastpass in a long time is I never can remember my passwords, and the need to sync devices.
  • Having a master password from which other passwords are created via compute instead of generating and storing random passwords like the other options is brilliant.
  • You can use the web site, or for greater security, a Firefox or Chrome extensions, an Android app, and my favorite, a command line interface.


Interfacing Linux #2

  • Fresh 2007 firewire interface goodness on Linux. 
  • AKA my $100 interface wrecks yours, loveningly.  
  • I’ve set up a review system on the webzone. 


Nonverbal communication 

  • Getting an OS to convey information without words is pretty challenging.
  • Also, as someone who has railed non stop on that other podcast we do about how video games are best when they convey narrative with no text on screen, I fully support this initiative!
  • Proprietary software, whether it be for the non-verbal or the visually impaired can be hundreds to thousands of dollars, and more open source options are needed in this space.

Slice of Pi

Ryzen Pi 

  • I want an 8GB version, if it’s under $200. 
  • Should be able to adapt a mpcie > pcie thing, 3D a case and shove a fw card under it. 
  • Jackbox Mini. 
  • Damn. 
  • Like Venn says, if this hits that sweet spot around $200 it could be an inexpensive desktop replacement, and a great option for a beowulf cluster.


Signage Pi

  • Fully integrated digital signage solution for not a lot of money, considering the alternatives.
  • The Xibo Player Open Source Digital Signage Player is a wonderful software option, but requires more time to get it up and running and setting it up on hardware, so if you don’t have the time buy a Linutop.


New Pi Imager

  • There is a new Raspberry Pi Imager program for imaging your microSD card for the Pi.
  • This will definitely make it easier and faster to install a distro, whether it be a Raspbian or Ubuntu image on a RasPi.
  • The UI is simple and is a lot like using Etcher.


Ubuntu Image (RTheren)

  • Something to use the imager with. 


Android Downloads


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