Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Life Of Ryzen

We say no to Wayland, Konversation enters the matrix, PulseAudio learns a new trick, and Venn builds a Ryzen powered render box. All this, plus your feedback.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro

Just say no… for now

  • As someone who spent over an hour hand calibrating 2 IPS monitors, people who use redshift anger and confuse me.
  • Serious question, why is Wayland still a tinker-toy in 2017?
  • Yeah, Fedora is at least trying to get it out there but “Step 1” for Fedora installs from now on is “disable Wayland”
  • Then we have NVIDIA not wanting to support XWayland.


Studio 3.0 gets 1337

  • zero glitches”
    • You know that’s a lie, that’s why you put quotes around it! Why even bother?
  • That webzone is straight out of the 90’s. Looping TY video must be the new animated *.gif.
  • I’m alway sintrested in audio production software for Linux but so many things scream NOPE!
    • Only available as a *.iso
    • No demo
    • You numbered a release 13.37


Lenovo fingerprint sensor (RTheren)

  • Basically, they took the Lenovo fingerprint readers and reverse engineered them to try and create a generic open floss fingerprint reader driver.
  • If laptops are to be sold preloaded with Linux, this kinda makes sense.


Pulse prefers USB

  • Support for 32-bit applications on 64-bit systems in padsp
    • Read 32 bit ALSA only games now work in 64bit pulse. Neat!
  • The default sink and source configuration is remembered better
    • Something tells me it’s still going to have a hard time with this
    • Better? BETTER!?
    • As somone with a fistfull of DACs the first thing I do every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday is reset all the input levels.
  • On that note, when are we getting a simple way to lock input/output levels?
  • Having USB and bluetooth devices preferred over internal sound cards makes sense in 2017.


Konversation 2.x – new UI, Matrix support (RTheren)

  • More similar to Slack/Telegram/WhatsApp and less MSN messenger.
  • Welcome to the 2010’s Konversation!
  • There’s a Flatpak incoming if you don’t want to build it from sauce.
  • Will provide support for the decentralized Matrix protocol.
  • Is this just a IRC client?


Speaking of Flatpacks

  • Flathub now has a nice little GUI showing everything available.


Living /w Ryzen (day 5)

  • Found a way to get sensors working with the MSI Tomahawk B350 (video guide incoming)
  • Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 memory will run @ 2933 with the latest BIOS update.
  • MOBO does not see NVME drives but Ubuntu installed to it nonetheless.
  • Stock HSF @ 3.7Ghz with V1.25.
  • Most of you having issues clocking with the stock cooler are feeding V1.3 to the CPU and that’s simply not going handle load.
  • Yes, I know AMD said it was a good voltage to start with and it is… just not with the stock cooler.
  • Updated to Kernel 4.12 and have not run into any gotchas.
  • Ubuntu 17.10 worked OOTB.
  • A/V encoding is jaw-dropping but even at 3.7Ghz /w a 980 gaming is, at best, passable.
  • By that I mean most everything is able to maintain 60 @ 1080 on 11.

Slice of Pi
Okay, Cardboard Box! (Stephen)

  • So this is Google Assistant built into a prefab cardboard box, right?
  • Can I make it say Muffin Button?
  • Free /w a Pi so why not pick one up.


Proper Pi Player (from Martin)

  • The developer was going to keep it closed source and charge for it. But Ubuntu MATE sponsored the development so that it is now free and open source.” – Martin
  • This has the advantage over VLC on the Pi that if you were to compile VLC with OpenMAX or MMAL support on a Pi, you could only play videos in fullscreen and you wouldn’t get any overlay GUI controls.


Do what now?


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