Firefox is removing support for FTP! Microsoft buys NPM, homemade rotary cell phones, and Linus shares his tips for working at home. Then we chat with Michal Hrusecky from Turris.



04:35 Firefox removes FTP
07:15 Firefox media controls
10:16 Open-source ventilators
13:31 Rotary cellphone
17:11 Debian Dog
19:31 Microsoft buys NPM
22:16 Torvalds work from home advice.
27:26 Interfacing Linux: Digi 003R
30:31 Interview: Michal Hrusecky Project Leader at Turris
35:41 Shameless self promotion
37:42 Pine Pi

Colour key – Jordan Jordan Jordan

Firefox removes FTP

  • Just like Chrome. 
  • Nobody ever uses FTP, until you do. 
  • Still have wget.
  • The Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) with per file encryption is superior to HTTPS in some ways, but never quite took off.
  • I keep Filezilla on my laptop for just this purpose. Just to be sure…



  • CHrome already had introduced external media control support, so it makes sense.
  • It took a while too and several broken extensions later.
  • This is a nice feature to have, and I have been using the volume up and down from my keyboard in Chrome, which is very convenient.


Open Source Ventilators

  • Any anesthesia machine made in the last 30 years is able to deliver oxygen (O2) and inhalation anesthetics to a patient. 
  • Open Source Ventilators is a team of volunteers working very hard and quickly to develop a low-cost and open-source ventilator to help save lives and aid the recovery of COVID19 patients.
  • In one week they built a prototype that will be validated as a solution to the global ventilator shortage by Irish authorities as early as next week.
  • They are looking for contributors in all disciplines and skill sets and you can register on their website.


Rotary mobile 

  • Do you want to out hipster even the most hipstery hipster?
  • Turbo dialup hipster!
  • Imagine using this in public! :-D
  • There is definitely a market for this, especially for our seniors who just need a phone to make calls.
  • And people who have a hard time using touch devices, who have low vision, and need a phone that is more tactile.



  • DebianDog is a very small and lightweight Debian live distribution shaped to look and act like Puppy Linux.
  • This is a great fork of PuppyLinux, but one that uses apt-get instead of its own package manager.
  • And one that doesn’t use the root account with full privileges by default.
  • I had used MintPup a few years ago, and am enjoying playing with the DebianDog derivatives, including the free of systemd BusterDog.
  • I have to give this one a try on one of the older laptops.


MS npm

  • Microsoft is gobbling up all the things.
  • Microsoft intends to integrate GitHub and npm so that developers will be able to trace a change from a GitHub pull request to an npm package version that fixes it.
  • Right after this advertisement.
  • It is sad to see that we will not have one of the major package managers standalone anymore, but will this be good for NPMs growth?


Linus on work from home

  • Procrastination takes many forms. 
  • Cleaning is the most beneficial.
  • And I enjoy playing and petting my kitties when on break.
  • I also do stretches and sometimes go for a walk and exercise.
  • I like the idea of tracking time, and also will write notes. 


Open source router interview 

Slice of Pi

Pine Pi


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