LWDW 218: Grilling With C

AV Linux has a new release! System 76 goes full-lemur, WindowMaker gets an update, and open-source virtual backgrounds for webcams.



04:43 Lemur 76
07:03 GNOME community challenge
08:48 AV Linux
12:33 Window Maker 0.95.9
15:33 Git turns 15
18:13 RT quick scan
21:48 Fast FAT
23:58 Open-source backgrounds
27:58 Shameless self promotion
29:38 BBQ Pi
23:13 Pi ventilators
34:13 Emails

System 70 Lap

  • Up to 14 hours of battery life per charge
  • 10th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7
  • Up to 40GB Dual Channel DDR4
  • System76 Open Firmware with Coreboot
  • Up to 4TB NVMe drives
  • Open FW is all very good, but how about them Ryzens?
  • At only 2.2 lbs, it packs a punch!
  • And you can connect two monitors to it, via HDMI and USB-C.


Gnome Community Challenge

    • I have been looking forward to talking about this wonderful event!
  • “The GNOME Foundation, in partnership with Endless, is proud to announce the inaugural Community Education Challenge, an exciting new opportunity to engage beginning coders with the free and open-source software (FOSS) community.”
  • They are looking for individuals or teams to submit creative, fun and engaging ideas to encourage new coders and developers to contribute to the FOSS community and stay engaged.
  • It is a 3-part challenge offering $65,000 in cash prizes and other rewards to the winners of each phase:
    • Phase One: Written proposal with entry description and team background
    • Phase Two: Proof of Concept
    • Phase Three: Sample Project
  • Phase One is now open for submissions till July 1, 2020 and can be submitted online from the link in our show notes.
  • At SCaLE 18x I talked to Melissa Wu, the Program Coordinator at the Gnome Foundation, who told me all about the challenge and stayed in contact with me.  I let her know I would tell the community all about it on LWDW.


AV Linux new release 

  • This is a good distro that has most of the right bits flipped for RT audio production.
  • The new hotness is based on Debian Buster with a 5.4 RT & low latency kernel. 
  • Nuked KDE.   
    • The ‘K’itchen sink was making the iso a chonky boy.
  • Updated noise repellent.
  • Several years ago, when I first tried this distro, I had played around with the Cinelerra-GG Video Editor and noticed how stable it was in AV Linux.
  • The AV Linux user manual is one of the best and most detailed that I have ever seen for any distro.
  • NVMe support for even lower access latency.


WindowMaker 0.95.9

  • Yeh, it has been more than 3 years since the last stable release, but now WindowMaker 0.95.9 is here, with lots of bug fixes, improvements and visual cleanup!
  • There are lots of updates to the WPrefs configuration window, including a new advanced option to ignore decoration changes from clients in the advanced tab.
  • I have had issues with apps like Steam crashing, because there is a bug in wmaker with apps that do not use window decorations by default.
  • Also system fonts are properly read in the font configuration panel now, and are not visually garbled.
  • And there is a fix to missing appicons after restarting Window Maker.
  • WindowMaker is one of my favorite X window managers and I have been using it since the late 90’s, because I love living the NeXTSTEP and OpenStep lifestyle.
  • SwitchPanel is now more configurable.
  • New user configuration directory environment variable.
  • libXmu is now an optional dependency.


15 years of GIT

  • Ctrl+F Microsoft yields no results.
  • There goes my interest!
  • The Git distributed version-control system and collaboration changed the way developers, and the world build software.
  • Linus not only created Linux, but built an open source framework for maintaining it.


RT quick scan

  • Do you have pips & pops in your audio like Pedro did on Monday?
  • This handy little script will point you in the right direction. 
  • It’s even good for checking if you forgot something obvious. 
  • Like allowing access to HPET. 
  • I got less “Not goods” than I expected:
  • This worked great for me, especially since I am using a newly installed distro that still needed some tweeks.
  • And like Venn said, forgetting something obvious, like setting CPU Governors to ‘performance’ on my Ubuntu Mate install.


Fast FAT

  • Bad article title is bad!
  • Increasing the speed of the legacy FAT16/FAT32 file system reads and writes is most welcome, especially for using digital cameras and for accessing EFI partitions from our computers.
  • This is only for FAT?


Virtual green screen 

  • Using Tensorflow, numpy to make an image mask. 
  • Pyfakewebman and v4l2loopback to make the virtual device.

Slice of Pi


Pi Ventilators (RTheren)





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