Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Grilling Solus

Fedora 25 is out! System76 releases a new gaming laptop, NVIDIA forgets how to OpenGL, and we grill Ikey Doherty from the Solus Project.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan



  • I knew something was up when Rocket Cars was having trouble maintaining 60.
  • Lucky I haven’t updated the driver, I still haven’t re-enabled the Graphics Drivers PPA since the Yaketty upgrade which provides version 367 out of the box.
  • Admittedly I had to push the 1080 a bit more for it to present itself but it is there, too.



  • I have heard nothing but nightmare-fuel from people who have purchased their low-end lappys.
    • This isn’t exactly low-end
    • People who got mid and high end laptops seem pretty happy with them
  • No info about battery life but when you get a laptop like that, the battery you’re looking for is “long enough to go from a power outlet to the next one”
  • $7k is you want to go up to 9TB of SSD storage, blimey!


25 Rundown

  • The slowdown with 375 cards on 9X NVIDIA is real.
  • There is not a word about NVidia and AMDGPU Pro compatibility with Wayland
    • Yeah there is, those buggy drivers NVidia released supposedly bring you the option to do EGL in the standard NVidia config or the Vendor Neutral Dispatch.
    • As for AMD, they might release it at some point in 2017. Assuming they’ll support Fedora now, because they never did with FGLRX.


Hillary eats babbys

  • If you need an extension to sort fake stories I got some bad news for ya, son.
  • It’s a neat proof of concept and they have done a good job
  • But it’s something coming from a Hackaton, made by inexperienced students.
  • While the idea is cool, don’t go install this and expect significant results. Again: proof of concept


AMD nopes stock

  • So they knew even after the release of Zen things will soon tank.
  • ZZzzzzzz. Oh what? Oh Stock trading and AMD? Ok… Zzzzzzzz….
  • I see, sell while the stocks are lower so you have to pay less taxes.
  • Because AMD never does anything shady, right?



  • We shall switch next year.
  • Did you just assume CPanel‽
  • Seriously, what kind of tutorial is that? Who uses CPanel?
  • I do have plans to release a tutorial for setting up Let’s Encrypt on a Nginx reverse proxy.
  • Here’s a tutorial to teach you how to add Let’s encrypt to your WordPress website”
    “1. Open cPanel”

    • Wat?
  • I’m going to make a tutorial to teach people how to add Let’s Encrypt through Plesk, the first step will be to install Joomla!


Stable Antonio Lucio

  • aimed at power users”
    • In what moon universe, exactly?
    • You can change the background color, that’s what being a power user is all about
    • That’s “power user” in the sense you can be a Windows power user without working at Microsoft.
  • It syncs the background light generated by the Phillips Hue light strips, for the 2 people in world who use them.
  • In all seriousness, this is nice. I have considered getting some of those light strips since I never turn on the lights around the house while I’m sitting in front of this PC.
  • You also get Chromecast support, now.



  • How many minutes of battery life can I expect?
    • They say 9 hours
  • What happened to the KDE tablet?
  • I cringed after watching the first 3 seconds of the presentation video
  • The base model at $200 is quite a good machine for that price, I would consider getting one to replace my old Nexus 7
  • That is, if they make it to their goal. And with their target audience, I doubt they will.
  • They could have created an openSUSE tablet without marketing it to geeks
  • First true Linux x86_64 tablet” – Alright, that looks interesting!
  • Our plan now is to bring to the world market a tablet specifically designed and tailored for the openSUSE Leap operating system” – Alright, that LOOKED interesting.


Hasta la vista

  • Just earlier this week I was saying that Terminator was crashy and seemed unmaintained.
    • How did you manage to “Mir” Terminator?
  • Which made me switch to Terminix, a similar terminal emulator.
  • A less than a day after, Terminator 1.0 gets released!
  • This is the last release with GTK2 support and a release with GTK3 will follow soon.
  • A few hours after 1.0 release, version 1.90 was also released which is the same thing but GTK3 based.

Slice of Pi

  • Up to 30km/h and at least a 10 km range which is quite good!
  • Hope the battery doesn’t catch on fire like those hoverboards



  • My dryer was made before I was reanimated summoned born.
  • I just set a timer for 45 minutes. Cheaper and simpler.



  • That’s nice, knowing that there are some projects and modules that won’t work with a Pi 3 out of the box.


Click admin

  • Woohoo, I’m a click admin \o/



  • No, they see Linux as a system usable for cloud computing and containers. I makes more sense for MS to adapt their software to Linux rather than adapt Windows for the cloud and containers (which seems unlikely to ever happen).
  • Microsoft doesn’t care about Linux on the desktop, the only reason we got VS Code and Skype is because they’re Electron apps and Electron apps are cross platform by default.

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