LWDW 220: Fedora M’lappy

Fedora is coming to Lenovo laptops! Debian purges ancient drivers, Kdenlive gets Pixar powers, and Microsoft sets a release date for Edge on Linux.

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Fedora 32 Workstation
Fedora on Lenovo laptops
Disabling Snaps in Ubuntu 20.04
Debian EOL old drivers
Kdenlive 20.04
Edge for Linux release date
Shameless self promotion
Pi cat
Pi Scope

Fedora 32

  • Tim is still working hard to get Pipewire ready to replace all the things. 
  • Lots of Jacks apps are already working with PipeWire.
  • I need Pipewire support for the following, OBS, Audacity, Ardour, Discord. 
  • It’s already (kinda) in Chrome. 
  • PulseAudio support is still a hot mess but hey, so is PulseAudio.
  • Some other things changed as well, I think.
  • Getting Firefox working better on Wayland is a major milestone.
    • The Wayland version is now as stable as the X11 one.
    • WebGL HW acceleration support now default on Firefox Wayland.
    • PipeWire support for webRTC conferencing on Firefox Wayland.
    • With Firefox “we finally could move on from ‘make it work with Wayland and PipeWire, to ‘lets take advantage of these new pieces to make Firefox on Linux better’.”
  • Oooof! Dropping that bit of HomeD right at the end there… 


Fedora on Lenovo

  • This is very exciting, for Fedora, for the newly IBM/Redhat merger and for Linux users in general.
  • As I have talked about before on LWDW, having another major-brand laptop with Linux preinstalled will help bring the adoption of Linux to the desktop.
  • Thinkpads getting in bed with IBM again… heh.
  • ThinkPad P1 Gen2, ThinkPad P53, and ThinkPad X1 Gen8 laptops, possibly expanding to other models in the future.
  • Why oh why are you not enabling the Nvidia binary driver by default?


Disabling Snaps in Ubuntu 20.04

  • Deb files now install snaps. 
  • If you don’t want Snaps you could just install Debian ;-)
  • If you run that command I mentioned in the last episode, you’ll just have to do unmount the /snap/core* files.
  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say if disabling Snaps is the first thing you do Ubuntu might not be the right distro for you. 


Debian nixes legacy drivers

  • At the beginning of the month, the Debian team named “X Strike Force” (it maintains packages for the X Window System) decided to pull out a number of old drivers from the Debian repository.
  • Including the r128 video driver for the more than 20 years old ATI Rage video cards, and the drivers for Mach 64, Savage, Silicon Motion, SiS, Trident GPUs, and input drivers for Elo touchscreens, MuTouch to name a few.
  • This is very troubling to me for many reasons.
  • For one, I run Debian on most of my old and vintage hardware I collect, and enjoy the ability to run the latest and greatest software, albeit slow, on my aging machines.
  • But the major reason, Debian has always been the swiss army knife of operating systems and runs on everything, even retro hardware.
  • And it is because of this support, that nonprofits like Kids On Computers can maintain old laptops and computers for schools in third world countries.
    • 1. They should be using a RasPi. 
    • 2.  Never mind, they are using the Raspberry.
    • KOC still has to maintain the hundreds of old laptops and computers already deployed 11 years ago, and doesn’t have the ability to change them all out for Pis because of the politics and economics of these impoverished remote locations for which they are deployed, including Africa, South America etc.
    • Those seem to be running Ubermix so they should not have any worries. 
    • For multiple LinuxChix LA KOC installfests we installed AntiX and Debian on some of the first laptops that were deployed.
    • AntiX and Ubermix are easily upgraded. 
  • As someone who is on the board of a nonprofit that refurbishes computers if anything over 10yrs old comes in it’s sent to recycling. 
  • Yes, thankfully there are lots of other distros that will maintain compatibility for older hardware, but having Debian remove legacy support from which many other distros are based on is scarry.
  • RIP my Elo touchscreen that I haven’t used except that one time I loaded Google Earth on it. 
  • It’s a gang of 20 year old video hardware and input devices no longer in use.
  • The r128 drivers getting booted will force some people to not install a newer version of Debian.
  • Maybe that’ll force that crowd to get creative and maybe fork the driver and develop it further.
  • Maybe even my T42 will be able to get some better graphics support.


Kdenlive 20.04 

  • Still chokes on h.265 in the timeline, hard. 
  • That’s on a 24-thread Threadripper. 
  • But hey, there is an Appiage for you to try out and I always do. 
  • Kdenlive 20.04 is out, with lots of new features, bug fixes, and interface improvements.
  • New multicam editing interface allows you to select a track in the timeline by clicking on the project monitor.
  • One of the major new features of this release is the added import and export support to Pixar’s OpenTimelineIO interchange format allowing interoperability with Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Avid, and even community support for Maya’s Sequencer.
  • Motion tracking received lots of improvements and new tracking algorithms.
  • The zoom bar for keyframes is a welcome feature, as they are sometimes very hard to see.
  • And, yeh, the Effect Groups are back, which allows you to create your own effect combinations and use them across different projects.



  • It’s like htop on hGH.
  • Bit much for my taste but still neat to look at.
  • I love that it shows the usage / stats for the CPU (including temperature), memory, disks, network and processes.
  • There’s a lot of wasted space for the sake of pretty dot bar graphs.
  • I guess efficiency was never the point here.


Super Paper

  • XFCE support, neat. 
  • Would rather a pip, or Snap?
  • Pixel density correction, bezel correction, perspective correction and manual pixel offsets for fine-tuning
  • Or just set your background to a solid colour.
  • One of my favorite functions of superpaper, being able to save monitor profiles on DEs that don’t support profiles in their display settings, like Mate, Budgie and LXQt.
  • And, you can span wallpaper on KDE and XFCE!
  • Span your wallpaper across DE’s which don’t support it.
  • I wish MATE would actually let me have different wallpapers per screen.


Incoming Edge 

  • And you thought they forgot. 
  • Hope it runs better than IE5 on Solaris. 
  • See you in July. 
    • That’ll be an odd birthday gift…
  • 2020 is full of nightmares. 
  • Last October and November, we talked about Edge coming to Linux and Microsoft developers asked the community to take a short “Web Development on Linux Survey.” 
  • The results of the survey were positive enough that Microsoft felt that developers would like it for testing on Linux.
  • And it is almost here . . . and we are on the Edge of the precipice . . .

Slice of Pi

Speedy Pi 

  • That kitteh ran at 10 MPH on that thing!
  • Couple of magnets, a pillbox cut in half and a kitteh with a will to run.
  • Oh and a Pi Zero, duh!
  • I have actually been watching a lot of videos on TikTok of cats spinning on these cat wheels, and they are quite entertaining ;-D
  • Tracking your cats distance and speed with a RasPi could be a new TikTok challenge? :-D


Micro Pi

  • This is a level of overkill I can approve of.
  •  Amazing!  This would be a great science class for a school, teaching how to build the microscope and then using it!
  • The creator Yuksel Temiz is looking for other creators to improve on his idea.


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