LWDW 232: Procmon For Linux

Thunderbird 78 has a dark side, PinePhone gets a package, Microsoft releases ProcMon for Linux, and Konsole learns a few new tricks.



07:10 PinePhone convergence package
11:50 Thunderbirb 78
17:00 Star Lite III Linux laptop
20:55 PipeWire session manager update
24:15 Konsole in 2020
28:40 dotbare . manager
33:20 ProcMon for Linux
37:15 Shilling
40:26 3D Camera Pi
43:41 Emails

PinePhone Convergence Package

  • We had a nice discussion about this in the LWDW aftershow last week.
  • I thought the dock would sell well despite the wires.
  • This is the same paradigm for laptop docks that extend functionality.
  • PinePhone with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC storage as well as a compatible USB-C dock. 
  • $199.
  • Putting any views on the failed dream of convergence devices aside, don’t you think it’s a little early to start selling accessories? 


Thunderbird 78

  • The Thunderbird UI has continued its modernization from the 68 release.
  • This includes the compose window redesign and account setup window.
  • As well as vector icons for folder lists that help scaling in HiDPI and color customization.
  • And a new dark theme that even works when reading and writing emails.
  • I see a lot of mentions of Windows and Mac.
  • There’s not a single mention of Linux in the article proper, just the first comment.
  • You finally learned how to dark mode? 
  • Have the newer versions figured out how to HiDPI yet?
  • I would like to see a focus on performance. 
  • Let’s be honest, most people using Thunderbird use it because we have needs that go beyond those of a browser. 
  • I will take speed over pretty any day. 


Star Labs Star Lite MK III (RTheren)

  • This is a wonderful middle range, performant and portable Linux laptop.
  • And at only $426 USD, a great price!
  • It’s a Pentium with 8GB of RAM, that probably explains the sub $500.
  • I guess that’s as high as they can go with a fanless design.


Wire plumber 

  • Wire Plumber is like Catia for Pipe Wire. 
  • Work is continuing with Jack integration. 
  • The big thing (for me) in this release is this that it’s using D-bus goodness to arbitrate the capture of audio devices between PipeWire and JACK.
  • If a JACK server is started while PipeWire running or is found already running when PipeWire is started, WirePlumber releases the audio device that JACK wants to control and sets up the PipeWire JACK source & sink nodes so that audio in PipeWire is routed through JACK to access that audio device.
  • That’s going to get rid of a lot of friction when I end up moving my audiochain to Pipe Wire. 
  • I’m going to need an update on the Netjack1 protocol running with Netjack2.  



  • The KDE Terminal Emulator Konsole has lots of progressive features, and some new ones in the works.
  • Konsole has a lot of nice features that I usually use in a file manager.
  • Image thumbnails, copy file path and open with a specific app.
  • Broadcast groups and split windows!
  • Gimme that and I’ll stop using Terminator.



  • Manage all of your git dotfiles with fzf and setup profiles.
  • Just wanted to throw this in because I was looking for a thing and there thing was. 
  • Like dude says, no symlink. 
  • This will come in real handy to manage any dotfiles in your system.


MS Top

  • 20+ MB for a CLI system monitor. 
  • That’s borderline impressive. 
  • Needs libncurses5 libtinfo5 on Debian 10. 
  • And you have to run it with sudo. 
  • All I get is a blank window with menu options. 
  • It uninstalls well. 
  • I have heard complaints that it doesn’t work in Fedora.
  • And it is not in the AUR.
  • But it’s still early days for ProcMon for Linux.
  • 57.7MB installed.
  • How about an update to the Teams client for Linux, Microsoft?
  • That’s the one Microsoft thing I actually use on this box.

Slice of Pi

Camera Pi 

  • The idea is to make the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera look like a Camera using a 3D printer.
  • I’m all for it but keep in mind, despite the hype, the Pi camera is not that great. 


Camera modules

  • The reason people are not scrambling to build cases is simple. 
  • It’s a $50 12.3 megapixel Sony IMX477 sensor.
  • Fun and absolutely recommended for a hobby project but you’re going to get better images with a modern smartphone. 

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