LWDW 237: Beep-Boop Pads

Happy 29th Birthday to Linux! Wayland gets Nvidia powers, Fedora has a guide for budding musicians, and reverse engineering the Corsair H150i RGB PRO XT for fun and drivers.



04:36 Linux turns 29
08:11 Corsair H150i RGB PRO XT
11:31 Unity joins Blender
13:51 System76 Bonobo returns
18:56 Musical Fedora
25:41 Future of Mozilla Deep Speech
27:51 Nvidia comes to Wayland
34:41 Jungle Pi
37:11 Emails

Linux turns 29! (RTheren)

  • I felt old when Debian turned 27 last week, but yesterday our favorite OS, Linux, turned 29! \:-D/
  • On August 25, 1991 Linus Torvalds on the comp.os.minix news group states:
    • “I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu)”


How to get Linux drivers

  • Another fine example of how you get Linux drivers, don’t release them. 
  • Granted, your product ™ is going to be reversed engineered. 
  • Great job Harry Gill!
  • Lots of Linux users did this with the Corsair RGB keyboards a long time ago, and made great drivers for them.
  • Something tells me that’s not far off from what they did to get the NZXT Kraken AIOs working on Linux too.
  • Maybe not with Rust for the end software side, but yeah.


Unity joins Blender

  • I knew this would happen soon, Unity Technologies has joined the Blender Development Fund as a Patron Member :-)
  • After all, the Unity game engine has supported the import of Blender files for 10 years.
  • And Blender files are used heavily by game developers.
  • This announcement comes as the virtual computer animation conference SIGGRAPH is being held.
  • All things considered, Blender has already given Unity plenty of profit in the form of Assets in the Unity store.
  • Nothing wrong with giving back a little bit.


76 Bonobos 

  • At 8.38 lbs, this powerful workstation is actually much thinner and lighter than previous models!
  • It looks like a very similar form factor to my Asus ROG laptop beast.
  • Now we’re just waiting for an AMD Threadbooper option ;-)
  • Ah, yes! The WHY laptop.
  • Why would you buy this when they themselves offer a Serval WS with a 3900 Pro, or Tuxedo’s version of the same laptop which offers up to a 3950X?
  • Configuring similar systems with a Ryzen 9 Serval and Intel i9 Bonobo, with 64GB of RAM, 2TB NVMe, and GTX 2070, the Serval is $2927 and the Bonobo is $4071.
  • I picked those options because, as we discovered, System76 is one of those companies not quite offering 1-1 options for their Ryzen vs Intel systems.
  • I don’t think they have much of a choice if they’re just rebadging Clevos but on the desktop it seems a bit meh.


Fedora music 

    • Music composition on Linux has come a long way since the early days of Dyne:bolic Linux being used for the Ars Electronica music festival in 2005!
  • “Editors note: A real time Kernel is necessary for audio recording on your PC, especially when doing multi track recording.”
    • It’s nonsense like this that stops people from wanting to record with Linux. 
    • You most certainly do not need a RT kernel for multitrack recording. 
    • I say that as someone recording 10 tracks live right now, using a low-latency kernel.
  • A hard RT kernel (like the ones shipped with Debian) will not work with your Nvidia, AMD-GPU Pro, Blackmagic, or Mellanox drivers. To name a few. 
  • All that said, if you can, use a RT kernel because more better is still better. 
  • If you are going to be using MIDI you need a kernel compiled with a 1000Hz timer frequency.
  • grep ^CONFIG_HZ /boot/config-`uname -r`
  • Oh, have you been missing notes and having disconnects? That’s probably why. 
  • I build my own but strangely Ubuntu offers a low-latency kernel with a 1K timer. 
  • If you are recording live; stick with Ardour. 
  • If you have a USB recording interface, may FSM have mercy on your noodles. 
  • Run this https://github.com/raboof/realtimeconfigquickscan


Deep Speech still going 

  • Not sure what the future is with the DeepSpeech project, with the restructuring and layoffs at Mozilla two weeks ago.
  • DeepSpeech was the first project of The Machine Learning Group at Mozilla.
  • I have been keeping up with this open source speech to text project since its announcement in 2017.
  • I have several blind friends in the Linux community looking forward to this, as well as myself.
  • Thank goodness 1.0 is going to be released soon!
  • The realist in me wants to say they’re just waiting for 1.0 to announce they’re dropping it.
  • I want Mozilla working on stuff like this, not VPNs. 


Nvidia gets Wayland powers

  • I do love me a good hack.
  • Should be ready in about 10 years.  
    • Just in time for Wayland support on the desktop, then.

Slice of Pi

Jungle Pi 

  • For something called SAFEProject, not having HTTPS on their site is a bit ironic.
  • You can get some Zen sounds by listening to the different points on: http://acoustics.safeproject.net/06:00/10/51503
  • Also, those are not shielded from cell phone interference.
  • I was listening to one of the streams and heard the telltale sound of GSM interference.


Experimental GPU 


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