Linux Game Cast 451: Cowboy Beep-Boop

DevilutionX adds support for Hellfire! CS:GO gets investigated by the FBI, Streets of Rage 4 DLC details revealed, unlocking vGPU functionality on Geforce and Quadros, and new Vulkan drivers for AMD.

Special Thanks To:
John (Monitor from the studio wishzone)



00:00 Intro
07:10 FBI investigates CS:GO
10:26 Proton GE fulscreen hacks
13:16 Vector developer nopes
15:31 Neon Wings adds multiplayer
17:36 SOR 4 DLC announced
19:56 Metric Racer
23:01 Shilling!
29:26 Unlocking Nvidia cards
33:11 Diablo and DevilutionX Hellfire
36:06 Updated AMD Vulkan drivers
38:26 Vulkan support for EDuke
39:41 Keeper RL Alpha 32
42:16 Fari tabletop
44:41 Whisker Squadron Kickstarter
47:21 Twitch off-service misconduct
51:26 Review: Hack Grid
01:01:06 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

CS:GO Miami

  • “The first part we’ll deal with quite quickly, because we’re dealing with idiots, basically,”
  • Let’s just hope none of them made a deal with Marcellus Wallace
  • Massive amounts of money and popularity will inevitably draw the attention of the people trying to make some money less than legitimately.
  • And eSports went unchecked for several years.
  • Ian Smith, the commissioner of the ESIC, says the commission is on the trail of “a relatively small but significant group of players.”
  • 35 Australian pros were sanctioned in January for breaching the ESIC’s rules on betting, ranging from a one year ban to five years.
  • Having solved all other crime.


  • Bunch of version bumps.
  • Sea of Thieves won’t crash now. That’s one regression fixed
  • They’re getting closer to nailing mk11 though. Now it only crashes if you try to skip cutscenes
  • Fullscreen hack! YAAAAAAY
  • The mouse stuttering fix in 6.3-2 was a welcome, unexpected addition too.

Steam: Game Updates


  • Homeboy just doesn’t wanna do it anymore
  • The game’s not going anywhere and apparently there’s enough gas in the tank to run things for another 5 years
  • The game was and will be free from the look of things, though there probably won’t be much of an incentive to buy the “donation pack” anymore
  • But now’s the time to get at least the free version on your library.

Neon Wings: Air Race – Multiplayer Beta

  • Back in episode 437 we…suggested that they implement online multiplayer
  • Seems like they listened
  • Right now they’re testing 4 players, but they want to go up to six
  • I look forward to this coming out of Early Access a lot more now.
  • The tech demo has multiplayer now, weeee.

Streets of Rage 4 DLC

  • Lightsaber & swordfish.
  • Jordan can play as his waifu.
    • It’s all I ever really wanted
  • I guess we gotta do this after Dhewm Coop

Steam: New Games

Metric Racer

  • As opposed to Firkin-Furlong-Fortnight Racer
  • Speaking of, it’s a racing game with no multiplayer. How is that a sell?
  • Requires mono
  • This episode of LinuxGameCast Weekly is brought to you by: Ship racing games.
  • As curious as I am to see what Imperial Scum Racer would look like, I did like Wipeout 2097 back in the Saturn days.
  • I have yet to find a game that felt that hefty and drifty like speed airships should.
  • Without going completely off the rails the other way like previous ones we tried.


Virtual Nvidia

  • Remember how we said you needed two gpus for passthrough?
  • The nonsense behind making this work is crazy.

DX 1.2.0

  • Ooh, hellfire support
    • I actually have a hellfire CD kicking around somewhere
  • The Bard (sorta rogue/wizard) and the Barbarian (Dual wielding) got turned on by default. They were in the original game, but they weren’t completed.
  • You can play it on the fuckin’ 3ds now
  • Streamed this version on Tuesday.
  • It’s a 6MB download that lets you play Diablo and Hellfire.
  • It’s really well done!

Navi VK

  • This is the new driver from AMD proper, the one you’re using if you’re not on RADV like the rest of the world
  • Hopefully this means that you’ll at least be able to run the new gen of AMD cards on Centos.
  • Rocking that sweet Add Navi12 support and plugging a couple of memory leaks.

Vulkan Raze

  • VKDuke is a real boy now
  • I wonder how it’d play with Iron Furry
  • GZDoom but for Duke3D and relatives is out of Beta.

KeeperRL Alpha 32

  • The linux and windows saves are now cross compatible.
    • Why they weren’t in the first place confuses me
    • Feral?! Is that you?
  • “Added a ‘choose all’ button in the pillage menu.”
    • Cuz sometimes it’s too hard to choose what to pillage
  • Gobbos!

Fari Tabletop

  • Just wanted to throw this in there. It’s a different kind of Virtual tabletop for RPGs that don’t really use grids or minis
    • Specifically targeted at your FATEs, Blades in the Darks, Over the edges, stuff that requires lots of post it notes
  • It’s fully open sauce, so thats neat


  • From the creator of race the sun comes Nintendo gonna sue somebody.
  • That is very much a star fox font
  • I liked Race the Sun, wouldn’t mind one that has a bit more game to it!

Twitch after hours

  • This, this is going to become a shiteshow of epic proportions.
  • It’s a good way to get people hate-stalking streamers.
    • People are already doing that though.
    • That’s amature level shite compared to what’s about to happen.
  • Given the complexity of this particular banhammer, I figure they’re really only going to bust this one out of they feel they really need to burn a bridge to save PR Face.
    • This is Twitch.
    • The same company that didn’t bother to put a system in place to deal with DMCA takedowns because… reasons.
  • I look forward to when they pull this on someone with a lawyer on retainer.
  • I want an actual lawyer to pick this apart.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Hack Grid
Devel: Daisy Games
Engine: Godot
Price: £1.69 / $1.99 / $2.29

Wazzat: Hack Grid is a puzzle game & love letter to DOS gaming. Only one piece must remain on the board. Each type of piece has its own set of rules. Retro Sound Blaster 16 style audio will accompany you throughout the game. Hack the Grid!

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys over Curator Connect



  • It launches and fullscreen / windowed work.
  • You can nuke the hipster CRT shader, nice.
  • It’s full-metal programmer art but functional nonetheless.
  • If such a thing as beep-boop jazz exists this has it.
  • Performance was acceptable, putting Threadbooper under 3.9 to 4% load.


  • I made it to level 20, bitches!
  • Living proof that you can use brute force to get (at least) to that point.
  • By this time the game introduces one new mechanic, a free move slot.
  • It mixes things up a bit, but not much.
  • I look at a puzzle game like this, if I was being paid to play it for eight hours a day would I consider it work.
  • With Hack Grid, kinda.
  • On one hand I’m done with it after an hour but on the other, it’s $1.99.
  • It’s something I can always go back and tinker with if I need a mild brain scratcher.
  • Also, Aprils Fools is over, you can remove the Soundtrack available for purchase link on the store page.



  • Dear lord that fake CRT is atrocious
  • I’m pretty sure you could legit run this in your terminal, so graphically n o problem
  • The bloops are there, but you end up tuning them out to focus on the puzzles
  • Click and drag


  • Making me do topology this week was a baaaaaad idea
  • I’m already feeling pretty stupid, I don’t need the game making it worse
  • That said, they’re good puzzles
  • I mean, that’s it. That’s the review
  • It’s like 2 bucks, so if you want another puzzle game to torture your brain with, it’s a pretty easy sell



  • Runs out of the box
  • It VSyncs correctly at 144Hz, 2560×1440
  • You click and drag and everything moves.
  • I was worried when the UI didn’t show much in the way of feedback when pressing the buttons but in game it’s pretty clear which piece you’ve clicked.
  • It does sound right out a 486 with a SB16 and no midi expansion card.


  • I am a sucker for a good puzzle game.
  • And even though it only has 60 levels, I haven’t gotten past level 30.
  • Some levels you can finish quite quickly, others will have you trying to solve it via trial and error until you realize it’s faster to actually figure it out.
  • And you will feel real clever when you do, right up until the next really hard one comes along and knocks that idea right out of your head.
  • The music and general sounds were all the way down by default for me and, after recording the bit you’re watching right now, I muted them again.
  • For the price, I really can’t fault it.



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