LWDW 238: My friend Haiku

Htop 3.0 is ready for production! OBS releases a hot new beta, Microsoft has a problem with plain-text email, and leaving Mac for Linux.



03:32 Using the Linux kernel’s Case-insensitive feature
08:07 Nvidia 30 series recap
13:42 Blender 2.90 with NV Link
16:12 Htop 3.0
18:37 OBS 26.0 RC1
21:52 PinePhone updates
25:22 From Macbook to Thinkpad
29:42 ACM510 Compressor
33:07 Microsoft takes issue with plain text
38:14 Shameless self promotion
39:09 Mini gaming Pi
42:24 Trash can Pi


  • In all fairness you have to explicitly format your ext4 partition for it to support case-insensitive files.
  • I’m sure, if you start from a fresh install with it enabled, you probably will appreciate it.
  • It may be a bit more difficult to adjust if you change, say your game drive to CI ext4.
    • It’s going to be really difficult since there is no way I’m using that. 
  • The hardest part will be having to remember NOT to use case sensitivity.
  • And feel like I’m using DOS ;-)


Nvidia 30 Somethings 

  • We restreamed the live event yesterday. 
  • The 3090, 80, and 70 were on show. 
  • Only the 90 and 80 get the new moon cooler. 
  • The 3070 at $599 is going to make AMDs life difficult. 
  • Wished it had at least 10 gigs of memory RAM. 
  • Sooo is Ampere using the same Turing NVENC chips?


Blender 2.90 (mfoxdogg)

  • NVLink support for CUDA and OptiX.
    • Just in time for that 3090 announcement
  • Blender 2.90 is a big release and builds on the polish of 2.80, with lots of improvements.
  • Updates to the EEVEE and Cycles renderers, modeling, animation and modifiers.
  • Faster motion blur rendering with Intel’s Embree CPU enhanced ray tracing.
  • There is a new Denoising panel to enable the Intel denoiser in the 3D viewports in this release.
  • Thank you mfoxdogg for letting us know about this new release!


Htop 3.0

  • Wonderful!  It was time for an update :-)
  • There is a new display option to show CPU frequency in CPU meters.
  • vim key mapping mode!
  • From the outside it looks like nothing has changed, this is good. 
  • This is from the new group of maintiners. 


OBS 26 RC1

  • New RNnoise hotness is enabled if you build the bits. 
  • Can’t make much use of it on this end since a non-insignificant range of my voice is inhuman and RNnoise registers it as silence.  
  • sRGB. 
  • I think the browser should be included in this one? 
  • I’ll wait for the PPA release
    • Second link, brad. 
  • Made a hot little video showing off the RNnoise plugin. 


PinePhone Manjaro (RTheren)

  • In July Pine64 released the Community Edition of the PinePhone postmarketOS phone and Convergence Package, and now we have the same phone models and kit, but with Manjaro Linux preinstalled.
  • This really has been a beautiful approach by Pine64 for testing software on their hardware.
  • Just ship with the distro the user wants already installed!
  • And then they can easily play with other Linux distros by booting another image from an SD card.
  • Seeing how Manjaro didn’t last a week on my Pinebook Pro, I hope their phone implementation is a bit better.


1 Year of Thinkpad 

  • The beloved Thinkpads are the mobile toolkit for the Linux community.
  • I have recommended them to developers switching from Macs.
  • Once you find the great open source alternatives to proprietary software on Linux, there is no going back!
  • Not everything has an open-source alternative / equivalent. 
  • Battery life is still an issue, but then again I’m pretty sure that thinkpad is not overheating as much as Macs do.
  • Can’t debug Safari or do iOS/macOS development, given. 
  • Touchpad is not close to the Mac.
  • Hey, it doesn’t spin like a dustbuster. 



    • Oh look, a flexible, console-grade channel compressor with analogue warmth and character.
    • And it’s only for Linux. 
    • It’s an enhancement on his OverTone plug-in. 
    • The developer got my money because of 
  • “There aren’t any plans for cross-platform at the moment (with Ardour6 and increasingly solid Linux support now available from some commercial DAW developers, I’m really hoping that Linux can – finally – begin to take its rightful place for pro-audio). So in a way this is my bet on that happening.”
  • Well that, it has a good sound, and it lacks a photo-realistic skeuomorphic UI.


The plain text barrier 

  • Yeah, you know what… good. 
  • Step 1. MS cocks up their plaintext support in Outlook.
  • Step 2. MS claims the plaintext workflow is too difficult to use, as it requires using a different email client than Outlook.
  • Old ASCII email looks the same on everyone’s monitor and is very robust.
  • As well as being more secure.
  • How hard is it really to use Thunderbird or Squirrelmail? ;-)
  • Also having that barrier to entry demonstrates technical prowess.
  • It’s a lot like why here at LGC Venn had us using IRC to communicate.
  • This looks like an attempt at “Extending” after fully Embracing the kernel.
  • Also, trying to shove your own way of thinking down another project will not exactly ingratiate you to those people. 
  • Moral of the story, MS of all companies should not be handing out advice when it comes to software development. 

Slice of Pi


  • Beautiful!  We have talked about how cool it would be if there was a mini version of an ATX case for the Pi.
  • Now it just has to be a bit bigger to accommodate Pedro’s RasPi 4 ICE Tower Cooler ;-)
    • Yeah, I’mma need that scaled up to full Pi size and maybe like a miniature Lian Li O11 Dynamic.


Trashy Pi 

  • If your trash collection service doesn’t have a scheduled day, yeah this is awesome!
  • It does not scream exterminate, useless. 

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