LWDW 242: Covered In Gnomes

Gnome celebrates 20 Million downloads from the LVFS! Lenovo launches a gang of Linux powered Thinkpads, a WSL alternative for users who prefer MS-DOS environments, and OBS 26 learns how to browser.



05:01 20 million downloads from FVFS
08:26 Web-based S.M.A.R.T. monitoring
12:36 Lenovo Linux-ready Thinkpads
17:31 Elementary OS Slimbook
20:56 DOS Subsystem for Linux
23:06 3mux
26:46 RecordRTC
30:06 OBS Studio 26
35:12 Open Stage Control for Ardour
36:42 Windows XP source leak
41:32 Argon On M.2 Pi case
46:32 Emails

20 Million Firmware

  • We were just talking about this. 
  • The Linux Vendor Firmware Service started in 2018 and is now 20 Million downloads strong!
  • Richard Hughes, without your tireless work with the LVFS and vendors, desktop Linux wouldn’t be where it is today.
  • Take the latest news with Lenovo launching 30 models of their computers with Linux preinstalled.
  • You created the framework for that to happen.  Congratulations!!!



  • WebUI for smartd S.M.A.R.T monitoring.
  • Handy for that remote server on the other side of the room. 
  • Living in electric SSD land I don’t really pay attention to SMART. 
  • Also, Docker?
  • I would rather just run a service natively on my machine instead of relying on a container.
  • Looks like in the scrutiny yml file you can send push notifications via Discord, Telegram, Slack, Teams and other social networks.


Lenovo launches Thinkpads 

  • In July we had talked about Ubuntu 20.04 LTS being certified to run on Lenovo laptops and workstations, now Lenovo will be selling 30 of them with Ubuntu 20.04 preinstalled!
  • Lenovo knows its Linux user base, whether for AI, development, cloud or desktop, and that it is growing.
  • Thinkpads are the most loved and used laptops in the Linux community.
  • Linux runs beautifully on them, and they are so easy to upgrade and work on.
  • And you will see more of us toting Thinkpads at SCaLE than any other manufacturer, and that includes Apple :-)
  • Giving Dell a run for the money given the selection of laptops and desktops.
  • Though an XPS an X1 carbon is not!
  • When you ask work for a System76 laptop this is what you end up getting. 
  • Does it have a keyboard with tux instead of the windows logo?


elementary OS Slimbook (RTheren)

  • At this point you need to pay money to help them test their OS.
  • I’mma pass.
  • I love that elementary OS is targeting laptops in the sweet spot, $400-600 range.
  • Via the Slimbook and Star Labs laptops.
  • It makes sense with the popularity that elementary OS has with new Linux users to have lower priced hardware.



  • Is this memes? 
  • Instead of DOSEMU for Linux, this is “LINUXEMU” for DOS ;-)
  • Now you can run Doom Linux in DOS!


Terminal multiplexer

  • Will this stop me from having a dozen terminal windows open?
  • Making tmux a bit friendlier is not a bad idea at all 
  • but with Konsole doing split terminal windows, I hope I won’t have to use something like that.
  • I like that it uses keybindings like the i3 window tiling manager.
  • Would be great to use with Pop!_OS and Regolith Linux distros and their i3 integration.
  • Maybe 3mux will get me to switch from Extraterm.



  • Even lets you record gifs directly.
  • Firefox pops-up the screen/mic/cam sharing box.
  • RecordRTC is WebRTC JavaScript library for audio/video recording of your camera, screen, and mic audio.
  • It can be used locally, server side, or just from the web link posted above.
  • Works beautifully!  Just tested it in Chrome and Firefox on my phone :-)
  • You can record up to Ultra HD video resolution, PCM audio and 60fps.
  • I saved my video to disk, but you can also upload to YouTube.
  • I have played with similar web based audio recorders before, but this one does video too!


OBS Studio 26.0

  • Fixed an issue where the browser source could crash when browsing files.
  • Fixed an issue with “always on top” sometimes not working with projectors.
  • Fixed an issue where cameras using V4L2 would not respond correctly to pan/tilt controls.
  • Fixed an issue where a user’s preferred language could not be detected correctly 
  • Please keep in mind the only officially supported version is the OBS PPA. 
  • I’m curious to know if they have finally added the browser and the RNnoise hotness. 
  • Both are available if you build from source. 


Open stage control 

  • Ever wanted to control your DAW from your tablet or phone?
  • Something you might not know about is the web server that comes with Ardour 6.x. 


XP source

  • Wonder how much code made it into Win10. 
    • Technically still on the NT kernel, right?
  • Speaking of which, I need the WINE peeps to have a look at it so we can have anti-cheat software sorted for Proton.
  • Doesn’t surprise me a bit, especially since Apple with OS X and Microsoft with Windows and DOS were essentially trying to copy Unix and the Xerox Alto.
    • It’s a good thing they did, Xerox had no plans to bring it to market. 

Slice of Pi

Chonky Pi 


  • That USB passthrough looks a bit jank for the M.2 SATA, ngl!
  • Full size HDMI is much better and less likely to break.
  • Though that’s a full on computer at this point.
  • Needs active cooling!




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