LWDW 257: Vertical Gnomes

Asahi brings Linux to the Apple M1! GNOME changes something and everyone panics, cross-platform CLI and Python drivers for AIO liquid coolers, and controlling browsers tabs from the command line. All this plus your emails.

Special thanks to:
Zeno (new patreon)
Basil (inc pledge)



00:00 Intro
05:06 Gnome 40 drama
09:31 Asahi Linux on Apple M1
12:26 Nvidia GPU driver security update
17:11 RIP Flash
21:31 CLI for AIO liquid coolers
25:31 SMS from the terminal
28:31 Controlling tabs from the command line
30:41 Special thanks & shameless self promotion
34:26 Intercom Pi
36:31 Octo H2O Pi
40:16 Emails

New looks for Gnome

  • The masses are not pleased
  • Most of the complaints appear to come from people worried about 40 breaking their workflow. 
  • I just don’t understand why they’re so insistent on switching from vertical workspaces.
  • I’ve always looked at Gnome a home desktop DM, not something geared towards productivity.
  • I am really looking forward to the new changes!  It is time for a refresh!
  • And for those of us who use vertical monitors, it’s nice to know that the GNOME 40 layout on them will still work as usual.
  • It looks like GNOME is going to be even more macOS like.
  • I did say breaking away from the previous design without giving people the option to not do it wasn’t going to go down well.
  • That’s how you ended up creating Cinnamon and MATE in the first place, and no one learns.
  • Thank you for the validation, again…


Asahi Linux on M1

  • Asahi Linux is the new Linux port for Apple Silicon Macs created by Hector Martin.
  • Including the 2020 M1 Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.
  • The goal is to not just make Linux run on the machines, but make it polished enough for a daily driver.
  • Martin wants to create a friendly community for the project, with documentation, a GitHub wiki, and IRC chat.
  • And make it easy to contribute to.  All skill levels are welcome.
  • Or you can support the project on Patreon or GitHub sponsors.
  • Hector Martin is the same guy who fixed Jack on OBS. 
    • I already liked that person, I’m becoming a fan of him very quickly.


Nvidia security update (Rtheren)

  • This is the part of the show where I once again suggest learning how to install Nvidia drivers from the *.run file.
  •  This is a big one, and glad it got fixed:
    • “NVIDIA GPU Display Driver for Linux contains a vulnerability in the kernel mode layer (nvidia.ko) in which it does not completely honor operating system file system permissions to provide GPU device-level isolation, which may lead to denial of service or information disclosure.”
  • On Tuesday the latest driver was still the Jan 7 one. Is that the one with the fix?
  • The one available in the Graphics Driver PPA in Ubuntu is the 460.32.03 version, which does have the fix.


RIP Barry Allen

  • Seriously, what still uses Flash in 2021?
  • Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!
  • Flash player is dead!  Adobe is officially blocking all content from running in the Flash media player! 
  • Microsoft ended support on December 31, 2020.
  • The most recent Google Chrome and Edge come without Flash support, as well as the next Mozilla Firefox browser 85, due on January 26.
  • Now to convince the NHS to get rid of it.
  • RIP FutureSplash Player.
  • I’ve outlived Java applets, Realplayer, and now Flash. 


Liquid RGB

  • Ran across this looking for a way to nuke the LED bling on the Corsair.
  • Venn needs a rainbow vomit killer ;-D
  • The ASUS Strix RTX 2080 Ti OC and EVGA GTX 1080 FTW GPUs are experimental and have partial support on Linux.
  • As well as the Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 RAM.
  • Controls fans, pumps, and LEDs on a fat chunk of the big AiOs available.
  • And also controls LEDs in a bunch of other devices.
  • pip install is best install



  • That could be handy for testing. 
  • Uses Upmasked temporary SMS service in order to receive the messages.
  • Having a free of cost SMS phone # could be a game changer for someone who can’t afford a classic phone service, even if just temporary.
  • Also for emergencies, and if your phone gets lost.
  • I often send SMS messages from Gmail on my desktop, so having a # available to receive on the desktop is handy.
  • That’s also nice if you don’t trust a certain service or if you suspect the powers that be are snooping your phone.



  • Control browser tabs from CLI for fun and profit.
  • For those that have more than 10 tabs open at a time ;-)
  • I’m disappointed.
  • It doesn’t scream mildly sexual epithets or crush beer cans with its forehead.
  • This isn’t a proper bro! 

Slice of Pi

Intercom Pi

  • For when you want that retrofuturistic intercom to have more processing power than most airplanes.


Water Pi 

  • I mean, it looks neat. 




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