LWDW 243: Pooprietary Modules

Tiling windows with xdotool, OSX emulation on Linux, a $50 Jetson Nano, and Mint 20.1 solves the Chromium conundrum. Notes & Timestamps



05:06 Hacktoberfest woes
08:26 Ubuntu 20.10 beta
11:36 Mint 20.01
15:51 Tiling windows with xdotool
20:01 Newpipe .20
24:06 OSX emulation on Linux
27:11 Cheap Harrison Mixbus
29:56 Power shilling
32:11 $50 Jetsons
36:06 Tri colour e-ink dashboard

Thanks Harry 

  • Yes, improving documentation is a great way to contribute to an open source project
  • This is just spam to get a t-shirt!
  • I know we live in a consumerist society, but it’s a T-shirt
  • You can’t blame one guy, this has been going on since 2012/13.
  • GitHub responded by saying you can now limit interactions for a period of time by going to your project settings › moderation settings › interaction limits.
  • And DigitalOcean responded by saying that @Hacktoberfest 2020 is officially opt-in only for projects and maintainers.


Ubuntu 20.10 Beta

  • Ubuntu 20.10 Beta, the precursor to Groovy Gorilla stable available later this month, is now available to download.
  • I am so happy you can now rearrange app icons in the Applications Grid in GNOME 3.38.
  • And now there is a restart option in the main system menu.
  • And there is no more Tweaks tool required to enable battery percentage from the Settings app.
  • Make sure to go test the ISO and file bug reports!
  • I hate that they’re still catching up on basic functionality when it comes to GNOME, instead of improving the rest of OS.
  • It ships with kernel 5.8 so don’t install it if you have Blackmagic hardware. 
  • There is no new desktop wallpaper!


Linux Mint 20.1 + Chromium

  • Linux Mint 20.1 “Ulyssa” is planned to arrive just before Christmas.
  • The Chromium web browser will now be packaged through the official Mint repositories.
  • Since project leader Clem had removed the ability to install Snaps on Linux Mint, installing Chromium has been cumbersome.
  • Mint 20.1 includes the WebApp Manager called ICE, which can turn a website into a standalone desktop application.
  • And instead of Electron wrapping all the things, your website application can run with Firefox instead of Chrome.
  • ICE was the big selling point for PeppermintOS back in 2015.


Xdoot Windows manager

  • For when you don’t like the default keyboard shortcuts for tiling windows in your DE.
  • I use xdoot to control the Steamdeck and it works, sometimes. 
  • I had a similar xdotool script which made it so I could move a window between monitors with a simple keystroke, keeping size and relative coordinates.
  • But KDE already has that built in so I just changed the keyboard shortcut to match what I was used to.


Newpipe .20

  • If that means not having to deal with VLC on android, I’m alright with this.
  • NewPipe not only has YouTube search, but a beta PeerTube and SoundCloud search as well.
  • You can create YouTube playlists without having to be signed in, although that option is available.
  • I have used NewPipe before, but am now using it even more since I got the update on F-Droid a few days ago.


OSX Penguins 

  • You can use clang/llvm from xcode / command line tools.
  • Working on GUI app support. 
  • Nice!  We have needed the ability to run macOS apps on Linux easily.
  • This beats running a macOS VM to run apps, especially when more complex GUI support comes along.
  • Last commit was less than a month ago, promising!


Cheap 40gig

  • For when that proprietary HP network card has just too good a price on eBay.
  • Considering you can get 2X dual port 10-gig for $20.  
  • If you missed out on the cheap Mellanox ConX-2’s back in the day. 
  • This is great for when your LAN on motherboard card doesn’t have a place on your motherboard.
  • I have an HP Proliant blade server with a FlexibleLOM network card I have used for rendering.


Mixbus on the cheap

  • Harrison has Mixbus for $20 to celebrate 45 years in the pro audio industry.
  • That’s 78% off the regular price. 
  • Paul Davis is behind most of the code if you’re wondering why it looks like Ardour. 

Slice of Pi


  • Half off with, well, half the ram. 
  • I’m guessing these are better for training our fair and just robotic overlords? 
  • And at $59 it’s hit a sweet spot of under the cost of a Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB at $75 and just lower than a Raspberry Pi 4 GB at $59.99!
  • The Nano 2GB uses a 64-bit quad-core ARM A57 processor running at 1.43GHz and is complimented by a 128-core Nvidia Maxwell GPU and 2GB of DDR4 RAM.
  • Fewer USB 3 holes and USB-C charging. 


E-Ink Dashboard PI

  • This is a Raspberry Pi E-Ink Dashboard written in Python 3.7.
  • What is unique about this RasPi dashboard, is that it makes beautiful use of the white, red, and black colors offered by the Tri color Waveshare 2.7inch E-Ink display HAT for Raspberry Pi!
  • The dashboard displays date info, weather info, internet speed and Covid-19 info in a visually appealing way.
  • Black and red icons and lettering on a white background, with an easy to read font.

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