LWDW 248: Insult My Intelligence

KDE text editor Kate is turning 20! GIMP 2.99.2 introduces support for GTK3 and Wayland, DELL adds a Kernel level kill-switch for webcams, and Davinci Resolve 17 (beta) comes to Linux.



00:00 Intro
05:05 KDE editor Kate turns 20
08:28 GIMP 2.99.2 supports GTK3
11:58 Dell adds kernel-level camera kill switch
14:28 Running Windows apps with winapps
17:08 DaVinci Resolve 17 beta released
21:53 DaVinci Resolve 17 Linux install guide
24:13 Improve command line typing skills with mltype
27:50 Easy way to suspend Chrome tabs
29:44 LXQt 0.16.0 adds new themes
32:24 Shilling & shameless self promotion
34:49 RISC OS 5.28
36:54 Argon One M.2 Expansion
39:19 Emails

Elder Kate

  • I have been using Kate for years, and it has been one of my goto editors.
  • Well, Kate and gedit as well.
  • Kate is among the first things I install in KDE systems.
  • I can’t be arsed to type kwrite when I can just type kate.
  • Bit fancy for my taste. 
  • Always liked the ability to open a terminal. 


GIMP 2.99.2

  • GIMP 2.99.2 marks the first step towards GIMP 3 based on GTK3 user interface toolkit.
  • GIMP 2.99.2 unstable build is ready for testing, and is the first towards the long-anticipated GIMP 3 release due sometime in 2021.
  • It is a huge release based on GTK3 rather than GTK2 UI toolkit, which the current stable build uses.
  • Native support for Wayland.
  • And because of GTK3, GIMP can now support HiDPI displays natively, which follows your system wide HiDPI scale settings.
  • There is multiple layer selection support, as well as the ability to interact with and apply changes to the multiple layer selection.
  • New GIMP extensions, in the .gex format, make it easier for artists, developers and users to install custom brushes, splash screens, patterns, dynamics and plugins.
  • Hotplugging input devices is a big one!


DELL Kill switch

  • Welcome to the brave new world. 
  • Dell is introducing a kernel-level kill switch for A/V.
  • It even has hotkeys. 
  • There is no timeline for now since the things are under development.
  • This will only be for new Dells shipping in 2021. 
  • Something something tape. 


Win Apps

  • RDP into a VM with MSOffice running and the mimetypes and integration with GNOME will be taken care of.
  • That… That seems excessive.
  • Being able to use Microsoft Outlook easily in Linux is huge, especially for the standalone app, which enterprise often relies on, and for those businesses not using Office 365.


Davinci Resolve 17

  • I kinda want the DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor and they are throwing it in free.
  • The $3K DAW controller got a solid laugh out of me.  
  • Still waiting on support for control surfaces on Linux. 
  • The $500 replacement keycaps were a good jok… wait. 
  • Open plugin SDK toolkit for encoder developers.
  • New HDR color wheel and grading tools.
  • The effects, titles and transitions created in the Fusion page can now be used in the edit and cut pages.


Installing Resolve 17 on Debian & Ubuntu

  • As is tradition here is the new version of Davinci install guide for Ubuntu and Debian.
  • This will guide you through setting up makeresolvedeb, installing nvidia drivers, and creating the package.  
  • I look forward to the unrelated youtube comment and questions. 


Not My Type

  • Typing trainer targeted at programmers
  • Typing of the Dead this is not
  • What I need is a VT with google docs level autocorrect. 
  • There is a pretrained model for Rust so the kids will love it. 
  • This should help in those rare situations when you are unable to copy pasta from Stack Overflow. 
  • Machete don’t pip. 


The Great Suspender

  • It’s actually sad that we need a tool like this, but I am happy there is one!
  • Whitelist specific urls or domains that you do not want to suspend.
  • Configurable behaviour when browsing offline or on battery power.
  • A Power keys section is added to the config dialog for customizing the actions of power, suspend and hibernation keys.
  • Detects tabs playing audio and can prevent them from suspending.
  • Don’t use tabs as bookmarks?


LXQT 0.16

  • Just six months after the LXQt 0.15 release, the lightweight QT desktop environment LXQt 0.16 has been released, with lots of improvements and bug fixes.
  • Three new themes, Clearlooks, Kvantum and Leech.
  • PulseAudio Volume Control bug fixes.
  • Improvements to LibFM-Qt/PCManFM-Qt file managers.
  • LXImage Qt now supports resizing images, as well as supporting more image types.

Slice of Pi


  • I am so happy I can continue to geek out with RISC OS and run the vintage ARM based Acorn software on my Pi!
  • And it’s still being updated.
  • And there have been updates and improvements to !Paint, which, when it came out, was way ahead of its time.



  • If you bought the first Argon case and would like the M.2 over USB expansion bit at the bottom, now you can!
  • I got all excited and BAM! USB3.

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