LWDW 254: Clearing The CentOS Stream

Xfce 4.16 is ready for public consumption! The latest version of Kdenlive comes packed with exciting new features, a Raspberry Pie filled with lasers, and we chat with Joel Pauling, Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat about the future of CentOS Stream and some of the FUD surrounding it.



00:00 Intro
04:40 XFCE 4.16 is released
08:46 GTK 4.0
12:03 IceWM 2.0.0
15:03 Kdenlive 20.12
18:58 Pine64 in 2020
24:28 Ubuntu Touch OTA 15
28:08 Interview with Joel: Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat
01:11:28 Pew pew Pie
01:15:23 Jaffa Pie

Xfce 4.16

  • RIP GTK2. 
  • Support for fractional scaling was added to the display dialog. 
  • Xfwm4 got some love in the area of compositing and GLX. 
  • Alt-Tab is no longer multi-monitor. 
  • New default wallpaper. 
  • If everything works right you shouldn’t notice much of a change, which is good.
  • It will be available in Debian Unstable shortly and should find its way into Bullseye.
  • Improvements to the GLX compositor are very welcome.
  • I like the new icons, I like the flat icon themes usually and this one looks nice.
  • If you’re looking for a WM that gets out of your way while maintaining a few creature comforts give XFCE a try. 
  • XFCE Settings now includes a new tab in the About Xfce dialog listing basic system info details like CPU, memory, etc.
  • Thunar now lets users pause file copy/move options and queue file transfers.


GTK 4.0

  • If I was going to be mean, I’d say that the GTK 4.0 release looks like it will just introduce back some of the functionality they removed moving from 2 to 3.
  • But since that’s actually a good thing I’ll just say that it’s about time.
  • Then again, I could leverage the same criticism at KDE.
  • Though, if this GTK 4.0 release holds up it may have better GPU support for the DE than KDE currently does.
  • The developers will continue to support and update GTK 3.0, but GTK 2.0 has officially reached end of life and will have one more final release to come.
  • So everyone should port their applications from GTK 2.0 to 3 or 4.
  • Not all the libraries have been ported yet, such as vte, webkit and gtksourceview, but should be available soon.


IceWM 2.0.0

  • Wonderful, I am so happy to see that one of my favorite classic lightweight window managers, IceWM, just got a big update, 2.0.0!
  • I got the new version up and running.  It is very stable, and am enjoying the retro CrystalBlue, Helix and win95 themes ;-D
  • IceWM is one of the most easily themeable X window managers on the planet!
  • The team removed support for the old and obsolete _WIN_PROTOCOL properties.
  • They add support for the Imlib2 image rendering engine as an alternative for the gdk-pixbuf-xlib rendering engine.
  • The Imlib2 image rendering engine is now the default, but this can be set at configure time.
  • Time to load up IceWM on one of the laptops to try the new shinies.


Kdenlive 20.12 (RTheren)

  • One of my big complaints about Kdenlive is that finding the effects can be tedious and are not organized well.
  • This release has fixed that, and finding video effects is easier, are now labelled, grouped, and organised more clearly within the UI.
  • A ‘deprecated’ category is present to group together ‘buggy effects’, which will probably be removed in the future.
  • Same track transitions, Subtitling tool, Organized effects, and a boost in timeline performance are the big ones for this release. 
  • Some of the things planned for 2021 include. 
    • Advanced trimming tools.
    • Audio routing.
  • They hope to see improvements in hardware acceleration and GPU support but that’s all in the hand of the MLT developers. 


Pine64 in 2020

  • From my part, this was probably a very good year for Pine64.
  • I dropped the dosh for both a Pinebook Pro and Pinecil.
  • And if this keeps up, I might drop some more on the PineTime once that’s widely available.
  • I have been on the waiting list for a PineTab.
  • After an initial PineTab release, the pandemic delayed shipments of the PineTab, and they are waiting for LCDs and Digitizers panels to produce them following the Chinese New Year.
  • Despite the global pandemic, this year was such a good year for Pine64!
  • They were invited to become Arm’s strategic ecosystem partner, which is a real distinction and privilege.
  • Not to mention all the new devices released this year, such as several PinePhone Linux Community Editions:  Manjaro, KDE Plasma and Ubuntu Touch.


Touch OTA 15

  • The UBports Installer is an easy to use Ubuntu Touch graphical installer that works on Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • The Ubuntu Touch OTA-15 release now has official and stable support using the Ubuntu Touch Installer for lots of new devices:
    • Google Pixel 3a, F(x)tec Pro1, F(x)tec Pro1 X, OnePlus 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.

Slice of Pi

Laser Pie

  • Laser focused, no bulb, fanless and low power is a great combination!
  • I am curious about the Nebra AnyBeam Monster Ball.  
  • Nothing says stability more than being contained in a ball!  LOL ;-D
  • Limited to 720p.
  • $267 
  • That’s a steep price tag!
  • Then again, external projectors tend to be pretty pricey
  • Unless you’re buying an older model second hand, but that will be 720p too.



  • I just want to make sure we are clear, it’s the ‘Pigate’. a gate of Pi, get it?! 
  • And there is no way it came from that movie or that syndicated series based on the movie.
  • That’s quite the bit of 3D printing. 
  • Pi and a couple of hats. 

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