LWDW 266: A Real Linux Tablet!

7-Zip officially comes to Linux! Fedora changes their name to Fedora, System76 announces a dual-wielding desktop, and the JingPad A1 promises to be a Linux tablet that you might actually want.



00:00 Intro
08:42 7-Zip released for Linux
13:32 Fedora is now Fedora
17:52 Jingpad Linux tablet
22:57 Tuxedo XP15 Gen12
28:47 System76 Thelio Mira
37:07 LED keyboard network traffic
44:27 Freezer monitoring with Pi

Linux 7-Zips

  • After more than 2 decades, the popular open source file archiver 7-Zip is now officially available on Linux!
  • It’s command line only and in alpha, but the 7-Zip 21.01 alpha build for Linux is available for both x86 and ARM in 64 and 32 bit.
  • After years of using the unofficial p7zip for 7z archives, it is nice to use an official version.
  • And p7zip hasn’t been supported since 2016.
  • I always archive my files in tar.gz on Linux, but I have fond memories of using the 7-Zip GUI on Windows.
  • You can extract almost every file format known to man, AR, ARJ, RAR, LZH etc.
  • Never used it, never needed it but hey, if you do. 
  • Command line only. 
  • For an unsupported project, p7zip has been doing splendid.
  • 7-zip, the proper one supports quite a few package formats as Jill mentioned.
  • Including Windows .exes.
  • This could open up a lot of workarounds for getting Proton working even better when it comes to installing dependencies.
  • Downloaded it to the Pinebook and it is a self contained ELF and only depends on the core libs.
  • And it extracted everything I threw at it, .rars included.


Fedora name change (RTheren)

    • Fedora Core is now called Fedora Linux because Fedora… and reasons. 
    • Fedorf is the correct way to pronounce it. 
    • Why not Fedora GNU+Linux?
    • Here is a little protip: It’s going to be Called Fedora because that’s what people have been calling it since day one. 
    • “We are not a Vin Diesel movie franchise.”




A real Linux tablet 


  • I <3 that the detachable keyboard is included.
  • The PineTab’s keyboard is an extra $20.
  • It is also the first Linux tablet to have 4G/5G and come with a stylus.
  • We gave JingOS a mention a while back but now they have a hardware announcement. 
  • Yes kids, it’s the mythical Linux tablet, a device of legend. 
  • The real kicker is that it’s something you might actually want. 
  • 11” screen, 6GB RAM, 8-core CPU, and a 2K display. 
  • It even comes with a keyboard that you can do something with. 
  • No word on pricing but I expect it to be in the eleventy hundred dollar range. 
  • I for one would like to JingPad all the way. 
  • I really like the 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Something tells me this will be well past my price range, but I do like what they’re promising.
  • Guess the iPad looking distro/DE will have its own dedicated hardware after all.


Out of Stuxedo

  • Awesome!  With the TUXEDO Book XP15 you have a choice of a 1920×1080 144Hz or 300Hz matte finish IPS display or a 3840×2160 UHD 60 Hz glossy OLED screen.
  • And with the TUXEDO Book XP17 the same HD options as the XP15 + the choice of a UHD 60 Hz matte finished IPS display.
  • Glossy screens on laptops both blind and confuse me.
  • For something which you will probably end up using in less than ideal lighting conditions, why in the world would you have a glossy screen?
  • “Oh, but the colors…” What colors? You can see anything with the glare all over it.
  • Mini-rant over.
  • I hope Tuxedo sells a bunch of these.
  • They do a very good job with the software side of things and they do deserve a lot more clientele


System76’s New Baby

  • The System76 line of powerful Thelio workstation desktops just had a dual GPU baby, the Thelio Mira!
  • 4th Gen AMD Ryzen CPU, Single or Dual GPUs, up to 128GB RAM, and up to 4TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe.
  • The Thelio Mira sits in size and price between the classic Thelio and the Thelio Major and starts at $1,449.
  • Why are the RAM speeds capped at 3200?
  • I get the why on the ECC memory, but not on the unregistered RAM.
  • Ryzen 3000 and 5000 scale up to 3600MT/s with 1:1 clocks on both the RAM and InfinityFabric.
  • Why?
  • $1200 for a 3070.
  • Specced out a build for what I’d consider a replacement/upgrade for my current desktop.
  • $3’406… Ooof!


Maximum blink 

  • Cool, now you can create more bling bling on your keyboard, but this one is functional.
  • This, this is something you install to straight-up mess with people. 
  • Well, people who have LEDs on their keyboard, ick. 
  • If I see my caps lock LED blinking my brain immediately goes into Kernel Panic mode.
  • It’s neat, but no. Not for me, thanks.

Slice of Pi

Chilly Pi 

  • I can see this really useful to monitor the temperature of a fridge when the power goes out for an extended time.
  • If you have an old fridge that isn’t accurate anymore.
  • And to monitor Covid-19 vaccine freezers!
  • Instead of using the temperature sensor for the usual weather station type of project, here it’s a way to tell if the freezer is thawing.
  • Good way to keep the neighbors from figuring out where you keep the bod-… I mean, the ice cream?

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