Unity3D 4.0 – Angry Bots Demo On Linux

This is a demo of Angry Bots running natively on Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit. The game loads without issue but I was unable to to configure my Logitech gamepad. Grab a copy from the download link and give it a try.

Note: 64-bit users should install ia32-libs-multiarch.


About: The default demo from Unity 3.4, this third person top-down shooter is well packed with gameplay. The player infiltrates a building filled with not very happy robots, which explode in many pretty ways when collections of fast moving bullets are applied. Optimized for Android and iOS, this game also runs very well on standalone builds and in a webplayer. Dependent on platform, the game will present the player with dual sticks for navigation, aiming and shooting or WASD and mouse.

Source: Unity3D Forums
Download: Dropbox | Torrent Magnet


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