LWDW 269: SCO Zombie Process

Xinuos (SCO) goes after IBM / RedHat! OBS 27 gets support for undo/redo, KDE Neon enables offline updates, and what happens when a MAC users spends six months with Linux?



00:00 Intro
03:26 SCO returns
08:11 OBS 27 RC1
12:11 KDE Neon offline updates
17:11 CPU Fetch
21:06 Six months with Linux
27:31 Search for old PCs
34:16 Automated copy with Raspberry Pi
38:56 Easy CPU govoner for Raspberry Pi.

Zombie SCO (Rtheren)

  • So after 17 years this old badger is trying to haunt our penguins once again.
  • In 2016, CEO Sean Snyder said, “We are not SCO. We are investors who bought the products. We did not buy the ability to pursue litigation against IBM, and we have absolutely no interest in that.”
  • Xinuos has fallen on hard times and is scraping to stay alive.
  • This lawsuite has no merit.
  • What exactly do they stand to gain with this?
  • SCO lost at just about every step of the way.
  • Xinuos had a chance to break off and go do their own thing, but they went right back to court.
  • I get that bad publicity is still publicity, but seriously, why?
  • Suit alleges stolen intellectual property in IBM AIX, and collusion with RHEL.
  • SCO v. IBM was still ongoing in 2011, when Xinuos (then UnXis) purchased SCO’s intellectual property. 
  • They also claim that IBM is out to destroy FreeBSD. 
  • It boils down to IBM & RH merger makes a company that no one can compete with. 
  • Taking the old antitrust route. 
  • The whole IBM stealing code from UnixWare & OpenServer will be tossed out. 



  • VST.2 support finally works on Linux. Kinda. 
  • The only suite of OSS VST Linux plugins I know of (LSP) fail to load their GUI. 
  • Can’t resize the GUI for JUCE based plugins. 
  • Two of my commercial plugins from ACM and Overtone load.  
  • Undo/Redo is now a thing and sometimes works. 
  • Added support for Wayland on Linux. 
  • This includes a new PipeWire capture source when using Wayland.


Neon Offline

  • ZOMG it’s just like Windows 10! 
  • At least that’s what the panic brigade is on about. 
  • Nice!  You can do the updates in the terminal as well:  pkcon update –only-download && pkcon offline-trigger
  • It is just like Windows 10 in the sense that ChromeOS is just like Windows 10.
  • Windows actively breaks its own background services in order to preload updates.
  • This is exactly what Neon is trying to combat.
  • You can update everything, but nothing will break.
  • Have you tried launching a game after updating the NVidia drivers without rebooting?
  • If this works as intended, you will be able to keep launching new games and do everything as though nothing happened until you reboot and everything gets updated.
  • Fedora 34 is doing the same, at least on the KDE spin.
  • Yes, much like Windows 10 you’re gonna have to reboot for all updates.
  • But unlike Windows 10, you don’t have to do it because your system isn’t actively breaking itself for the sake of updates.
  • Considering how bad KDE has been with updates breaking basic functionality until you log out and back in, this is good.
  • And as I’m writing this, I have the prompt to reboot to finish the updates.


CPU Fetch

  • If you like using neofetch to show off your system specs with a pretty screen capture, then you will love cpufetch too!
  • It’s like the terminal neofetch but instead of showing you your system info and distro logo, it shows you your CPU architecture info with the CPU brand logo.
  • Cpufetch supports x86_64 CPUs: Intel, AMD and ARM.
  • And works on Linux, Windows, macOS and Android.
  • Our LGC Discord chat has been having fun showing off their CPUs with this one!


Linux adventure

  • I had to force myself to continue reading after the line “I am an extreme power user, to the point that many of the keys on my keyboard don’t do what the keycap says.
  • That’s exactly the kind of pretentious condescension that gets the people who could fix the issues to immediately go back on their browser and move on.
  • Yes, the GUI experience on Linux for a “power user” (i.e. someone who clicks next really well, literally in this case) is lacking to say the least.
  • KDE comes close but it has so many other issues, especially on NVidia cards, that the complaints about Intel tearing are minimal by comparison.
  • The more I read the more I think he’d better off with Windows.
  • “I feel like I need to clarify that this is an article aimed at Mac users who are considering a migration to Linux in hope of a more polished system.”
    • Sooooo morons? 
  • “macOS does some DNS magic or something and the network feels much faster.”
    • Na, you somehow ended up on StackOverflow trying to fix something there is a GUI tool for. 
  • At the end of the day MAC is for the ultimate End User ™, Linux is for whatever the polar opposite of that is.  
  • Linux is meant for those of us who love to tinker.
  • The user creates the polish to their needs with customization.
  • We like building our own framework of productivity, and it doesn’t need to have GUI polish.


Finding for Old Frogs ;-)

  • Awesome!  This is FrogFind.com, which is an HTML text based search engine enhanced for low powered vintage computers created by ActionRetro on YouTube.
  • Sean from ActionRetro created the 68k.news HTML text site for Google News for vintage computers we talked about last week!
  • FrogFind is powered by the duckduckgo search engine.
  • Testing has been done on Netscape 1.1N and 2.0.2, as well as a few 68k Mac versions of iCab, but will work with any older text or gui browser, ala lynx or Links2 etc.
  • Again, like last week, thank you Sean from those of us who collect vintage and old computers like my SPARCstation 5 pizzabox computer to my left!

Slice of Pi

Copy Pi

  • A DIY way to plug in multiple USB storage devices and just copy them around.
  • The original project this person found used RSync and a very simple GUI 
  • Now that it works with DD, it’s just a matter of getting a progress bar to let people know what’s up.



  • I went looking for something like this and it took a minute. 
  • This will give you a nice little ncurses menu for setting the governor. 

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