LWDW 276: Nerd Jewelry

Audacity has a new CLA that nobody likes, Freenode begins hijacking channels, DMCA takedown notices for downloading Ubuntu, and controlling OBS with a Raspberry Pi powered StreamDeck.



00:00 Intro
04:30 Freenode highjacking channels
09:00 New Audacity CLA
14:20 DMCA for downloading Ubuntu
18:00 Nvidia retires 600/700 drivers
23:25 1.44MB of Linux with Floppinux
26:55 MSI Dragon center for Linux
31:25 New systems added to Libreboot
35:10 GIF overlays for your terminal
40:15 RasPi powered Decklinks for OBS
45:50 New POE for the Pi
50:55 Phineas bling for your Pi

IRC Drama roundup

  • This guy, wow. 
  • Lee seized over 700 channels because they mentioned libera.chat in their topic.
  • This includes projects like openbsd, wikimedia, FOSDEM, etc.
  • Whatever strategy Lee is applying is impervious to logic. 
  • Yes, abuse of power very much describes what’s happening here to a T
  • And pretty much cements the complaints the previous staffers had as fact
  • And paints the crown prince of questionable business practices as the unmistakable bad guy.


Audacity GPL

  • Will Audacity remain open-source?



  • Get the popcorn! 
  • “We detected some bittorrent traffic! You’re a filthy pirate.”
  • It would be nice if Canonical Legal gave them and the claimant a good smack.
  • Google the hash 4ba4fbf7231a3a660e86892707d25c135533a16a. 
  • One of the results is for “Rebirth 2016 hdrip” from 5 years ago.
  • It’s now showing the Ubuntu info.


RIP 600/700

  • The 750 and Ti will remain supported, since those are Maxwell cards.
  • And if the 470 branch is to become the new long lived branch, that 770 or 780 will keep you going through the drought.
  • The good news being that NVE0 support in nouveau is pretty much baked minus SLI and power management. 


Floppy Penguins

  • There is a market for 1.44MB thumb drives. 
  • You think I’m joking. 
  • Dude is a day walker *hissis*
  • Project had to run the latest kernel, ability to mount more floppy,  include support tools, and have documentation. 
  • You have the whole breakdown of what it needs to work.
  • That’s… that’s impressive!


MSI Dragon center 

  • If you are going to release a GUI app for fan control you might want to include a, ya know, screenshot. 
  • Supports fan control (auto basic boost). 
  • Has a graph. 
  • Widget is in alpha testing. 
  • If you managed to get your mitts on one of the OS-less MSI laptops and installed Linux on it, this is probably something you want to try.


Libreboot new lappies 

  • Acer G43T-AM3 (desktop)
  • Lenovo ThinkPad R500, Lenovo ThinkPad X301 (lappy)
  • 18 systems so far, not bad. 
  • The x301 is a nice thinkpad
  • Leah offers to sell preflashed laptops but there are none in stock at the moment, that I could see.



  • Can you make them randomly make noises?
  • Asking for a potential victim friend. 
  • Now you can have your waifu in all manner of uncomfortable positions splayed all over your X11 windows.


Pi Powered Stream Deck On Linux

  • The correct way to use your Streamdeck on Linux with OBS. 
  • You’re going to need a Pi3 or 4 if you plan to go that route. 
  • You can run Companion on anything, including your PC for a localhost connection. 
  • No more annoying window focus issues. 
  • 5min video and a handy step-by-step guide on the webzone. 
  • This will work with the babby Streamdeck all the way up to ze big Chungus. 
  • There are tons of connections for controlling IOT, lighting etc. 
  • Work has been started on a connection for Ardour / Mixbus. 

Slice of Pi


  • Still $20. 
  • Runs cooler… don’t tell freza. 
  • I can deliver 25W of the devils electrons. 
  • I have A poe device in the studio. It’s the wifi access point. 
  • Still have trust issues. 
  • 25W is right along the spec for 802.3at.
  • With that much power you can drive a PI4 at full tilt with all attachments without a problem.


Ouch Pi 

  • CNC aluminum hotness. 
  • At least it has fins on the top unlike the Argon one. 
  • I would still go with the Argon one. 
  • Lot more for a lot less. 
  • $70 for two CNCed chunks of aluminum is probably not stupid extensive all things considered.
  • But yes, you’re paying for the metal and CNC work.
  • I guess the use here is for rough industrial environments where you want to keep the moving parts and dust ingress to a minimum.

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