Linux Game Cast 467: Steamy Decks & 3DFX

3DFX returns from the dead! Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection is coming to Steam, Proton GE adds support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), and why installing Windows 10 on your Steam Deck will end in tears.

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00:00 Intro
07:57 New looks for the Steam client
11:57 XWayland for Steam Deck
14:42 Malware on Linux
18:52 Windows 10 on the Steam Deck
21:17 Steam Deck scalpers
25:52 Feral cancels their Linux port
30:42 No Linux support for Trine
34:42 Proton GE gets FSR and resizable BAR
37:32 New Steam Tinker launcher
40:07 Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection
41:57 Slipgate devs get $0 million in funding
44:27 Retro Arch Linux fixes
46:37 Rust returns to Linux
48:12 Carrion prototypes
56:32 3DFX returns from the dead!
01:02:07 AMD RX 6600
01:07:12 DXVK enhancements
01:09:17 Lutris gets support for FSR
01:12:02 Orbiter Space Flight Simulator open sourced
01:13:57 20 years of Dwarf Fortress
01:18:27 Review: Color Breakers
01:25:52 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

New looks for beta

  • You may remember the fancy download screen someone found a while back and how they claimed it was likely to be used with the SteamPal.
  • Well, it’s here and the GabeGear will only start shipping later on in the year.
  • No more LD_preload spam from trying to load 32 bit libs into 64bit processes or vice-versa.
  • New Soldier runtime update, which is the one that “prefers system libs”.
  • And the pressure vessel can actually see /usr/share/nvidia now, should make for some NVidia improvements and added functionality.
  • You can drag and drop your download order. That’s nice.

Wayland on Deck

  • So Mr Loup-garou is coming with some elaboration
  • The games will be running through gamescope, which can do a lot to improve performance on xwayland
  • I wouldn’t be surprised to see some wine on wayland stuff get fast tracked into proton
  • 1280×800@30 is apparently their minimum performance floor and is probably better for the devices’ battery life if you actually wanna use it on the go
  • I do want to try gamescope for desktop use.
  • Anything to rid me of KWin compositing.

Malware on Deck

  • The more I think about it the more I hope the Gabe Gear comes with a chromeOS like powerwash feature.
  • Pressure Vessel makes a bit more sense now.
  • If the newmad is successful, we could definitely see some targeted malware for the device, although it’d probably come from sketchy mod sites.
  • It’s running arch, so most software you would want is available via the official repos or AUR, but if joe user really wants from Well, you can’t control for people who choose to walk into traffic
  • The average user will not have much to worry about unless VALVe themselves allow malware into the store or the workshop.
    • Hey man, write this to an SD card, pop it into your GabeGear and you can play (insert game here) for free.
  • Which has already happened… more than once.

Don’t even think about it

  • We’ve been over this but it’s good for the general populous to know.
  • If your plan is to slap Windows on the Deck you have a bad plan.
  • It will be the reverse Linux adventure that we’re all familiar with.
  • Can I get this Linux PC to run Windows?
  • Strange times.
  • Why are Windows nerds obsessed with trying to install their hacker OS on everything?
  • We’re going to be seeing a lot of people who claim they can’t be assed with Linux go out of their way to get assed with Windows.
  • I for one look forward to Gamer’s Nexus doing it for the specific reason of maintaining their testing “habits”(?)
  • Yeah, while I’m sure you could cobble some windows drivers together for most of the more exotic components shipped on the steamdeck, I really don’t think its worth the effort

No scalping

  • Does have me thinking.
  • How well will Valve handle the demand if these things get crazy popular?
  • Will it be like the never really in stock Switch?
  • Don’t worry, ebay will let these guys back on when it’s available, thus driving up prices and scarcity for no fucking reason
  • All VALVe needs to do is maintain the Steam account requirements they’ve had.
  • It’ll make scalping a lot slower and if certain actors start tipping their hand on how many puppet accounts they actually have, then VALVe can sack them all.
  • This isn’t like Amazon, Newegg, etc., where people could buy 20 of a thing with a brand spankin’ new account.
  • Valve showed how straight-up easy it is to kneecap scalpers.
  • It’s not a perfect solution but if any retailer could have implemented something similar during the shortage but they chose not to because $ is $.

RIP Feral Linux

  • Anyone want to pretend they didn’t see this coming?
  • Looks like the Total War contract is up
  • Although I do gotta say, how bad is it when it seems to be easier and more performant to re-engineer an entire OS and graphics API than port a specific game to linux
  • I know Feral didn’t have the resources or funding that valve and the open source community does, but still.
  • You have to imagine by now they have the tooling in place to poop these Total War updates out with ease.
  • This is Feral saying that wee bit of effort is no longer a viable business.
    • I mean, that’s kind of all they had linux wise at this point and that’s got narrow appeal
    • Maybe we’d see an F1 game, but that WB contract is gone and they dun ran out of tomb raiders
  • Don’t expect to hear much from them on the Linux front.
  • Upside, they will have plenty of M1 and Tegra ports to keep them going.


  • The native ports were never that great.
  • They came out during a time when we took what we could get and were grateful for it.
  • I do wonder if Trine 3 would have been better if Proton had been a thing.
    • Proton doesn’t magically fix busted games
    • You say that but last week we found that you could at least play it properly
      • Play it period. There’s a subtle difference. I’d argue that trine 3 has some more fundamental issues

Now with BAR

  • The bar does a whole lot of nothing on Horizon Turbo Ginger.
  • Granted, that could be a Nvidia thing.
  • Didn’t try the FSR.
  • There’s some creative symlinking to better support cloud saves
  • That is a very good use of FSR.
  • Use it as the default upscaler and apply Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (á lá VkBasalt) to reduce the fuzziness.

STL 6.13

  • Wow this adds a bunch of stuff
  • Support for ingame camera overrides
  • Support for forcing UE4 dev consoles
  • A steam deck UI prototype
  • A per-game ability to null route all network traffic so that you don’t have to worry about games phoning home
  • There’s also some vr stuff
  • The config diff menu is very useful if you’re trying to replicate the setup on another machine.
  • VkBasalt is now the same as if you were using it separately, since FSR basically does the same thing already.
  • And this version adds the initial FSR support, like everything else.

Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection

  • From the person who also created Half-Life2 Update
  • This one is supposed to be a remaster so it may be worth replaying past the “Ooooh, shiny” moments.
  • Ross Scott is gonna be in this one, not as Freeman. Which will be a little weird.
  • Valve has been cool with remakes going up on their store, so unlike any given nintendo or games workshop fan content, you’ll likely see the end of this

10Mil portals

  • That’s a healthy injection of wet stinky cash for a F2P game.
  • Someone was using a 16bit Int to store concurrent player numbers.
  • I mean, the default connection for a redis server is something like 10K, so setting it to 65K was already a pretty big increase
  • Moral of the story, sometimes you’re not ready for media coverage that sends thousands of people to try and access your shit. The Oprah Effect/Reddit Hug of Death in action

RetroArch 1.9.7

  • They finally fixed the issue with xdg-screensaver where retroarch would start messing up.
  • Apparently the fix is to set a window title
  • They have it running on a GBP looking GBA knockoff.
  • That’s mighty impressive!

Rust returns

  • I’ll take “things I would never have seen happening” for $200 LeVar.
  • Hold on, I need to book a train ticket to go clear out the ice from my place in Hell.
  • Snowball fight at the summer cottage indeed.
  • Hey, as long as he has to do the minimum work required, garry’s always onboard

Carrion prototypes

  • That’s kinda cool.
  • You can now play some of the prototypes for carrion to see how the game changed.
  • It’s always fun to see how a functioning mechanic gets turned into a game.
  • I remember seeing how Braid started out as a block.


3DFX is BACK!?

  • Yesterday a new account @3dfxofficial posted something that can only be described as an epic troll, clever marketing, or bold, damn, claim.
  • What makes this ever so spicy is that Nvidia allowed the 3DFX trademark to lapse in 2016.
  • Like you, I want 3DFX to rise from the grave and be all “player 4 has entered the game yo!” but na.
  • I was reminded about a post on HH from Feb showing off the homebrew Voodoo 5 6000 PCI.
  • Dude was getting boxes made for a production run so I would wager this is a bit of clever marketing on his part.

Amd card

  • Remains to be seen if that MSRP holds.
  • If it does, you’re paying for a 3060 which performs similarly to a 3060ti, without NVEnc, DLSS, or any other fancy NVidia stuff.
  • I hate that 400USD is the mid range now and it don’t even get you a whole playstation worth of compute
  • Hopefully they stay in stock.
  • Welcome to 2021, where the budget cards cost $379.
  • It’s a rounding error faster (in most cases) than a 3060 with 4GB less memory RAM.
  • It all comes down to availability.
  • This was the card the 3060 was designed to compete with but Nvidia jumped the gun by a wee bit.
  • I have also heard from the internet rumour mill that Nvidia has been sitting on 3060 chips waiting for this release.

DXVK Speed Blox

  • Roblox’ll now run better on nvidia gpus
  • Actually, there are a bunch of nvidia fixes for Risen, Far Cry 1, EDF and GTA4
  • Locking rewrite and some dx9 fixes and some cleanup for old unsupported mesa versions
  • It’s now at the point where they have to actively look into specific games and work around all the specific bs each one is pulling.

Lutris 6.13

  • The lutris managed version of wine now has a fshack and non-fshack verrsions if you wanna try and take advantage of FSR without wanting the full proton shebang
  • For all the non-Steam games and epic excwoosives, you get to enjoy both the fullscreen hack and FSR.
  • It’s a good time to be playing videogames on Linux.
  • Keep in mind FSR only works with games that make use of DXVK/VKD3D or utilize native Vulkan.
  • Fix for the Origin logins.
  • Fix for the GTA5.

Orbital Flight open sourced

  • No linux version
    • …yet
  • MIT license so everyone can do whatever they want.

Building dwarfs

  • The one game that started the trend of highly complex and elaborate mechanics in otherwise simplistic looking games.
  • If you’ve heard us talk about Tales of Maj’Eyal or seen any video about Caves of Qud, this here is where the insanely detailed mechanic inspiration comes from.
  • The dev brings up the drunken cat bug.
  • The game is actively tracking spilled drinks and the collection of those spills by passing objects (cats) and there’s an ingestion-while-cleaning scenario which tracks all of it, thus making the cats drunk.
  • That makes Dark Souls with its stupidly complex unexplained mechanics look like a Fisher-Price toy!

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Color Breakers
Devel: deleon
Engine: Unity
Price: £11.39 / $14.99 / $17.49

Wazzat: Color Breakers is a chaotic 1-4 player local and online multiplayer co-op coloring game where players need to work together in each of the levels to complete as many paintings as possible.

Mandatory Disclosure: The dev sent us keys



  • Launched out of the box.
  • Picked up the XcloneXs controller.
  • Windowed mode.
  • Easy 60 @ 1080 and 2160.


  • Single player is draw against the clock while dealing with random fuckery.
  • I would say it’s good for practice but you grab shit and draw.
  • Seriously, one thing this game has going for it is accessibility.
  • I jumped into multiplayer with Jordan without having RTFM.
  • It took me about 30 seconds to put 2 and 13 together and we got going.
  • Draw the pattern shown while putting out fires, dodging traffic, and rotating boards that sometimes split.
  • All of this while doing your best to colour within the lines.
  • Having player 2 keeps things interesting since it’s team success and failure.
  • Multiplayer works via room codes but it would be really nice to have some type of lobby.
  • It’s a fun little party game that makes you think.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds 60@UHD, but it’s not graphically demanding. Low texture world
  • Very minimal graphics options, but then again, you’re painting pixels
  • Controller works, with the most generic button prompts


  • It blows when you’re on your lonesome. Colour in between the lines on a clock
  • The controls are just loose enough that you’ll mess up every now and then
  • You don’t stand a chance once the game starts throwing curveballs at you like shaking levels or moving platforms
  • This is where players 2-4 come in
  • Throw that in and you have yourself a semi-entertaining time
  • One Problem I do have is that it goes by trine 3 rules. Gotta collect enough stars to advance, meaning that you and your squad better get good at guessing squares
  • I can see this being okay for a party game or a post stream thing, but the staying power goes away once you can’t really fail your way to success.
    • Which I argue is a pretty necessary attribute in a party game, considering you’re expecting one or more of your players may be inebriated while playing



  • It launched out of the box
  • It holds 144 at 2560×1440
  • The graphics do their job and I’m sure the decision to make certain bits hard to see in some levels was intentional.
  • Had to enable Steam Input for the DualShock/DualSense to work properly, the XInput controllers all work fine.


  • It needs multiplayer, this one
  • Without it it’s just a bit too much on the side of frustrating and boring.
  • WIth more people it means more pencils drawing what you need and you can get through the drawings much quicker.
  • It also allows for multiplayer specific shenanigans, which do add a more organic element to the fun.
  • Not a bad game by any chance but you will want multiplayer to fully enjoy it.



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