Linux Game Cast 542: Post-Apocalyptic Day Care

Valve is working on HDR support for Proton! Fallout 2 goes 3D, Alienware tries to one-up the Steam Controller, and FreeCol hits 1.0!

Special thanks to:
Basil – 36x resub


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00:00 Intro
02:06 AI powered sound bar
02:45 Steam Wrecktangle build complete
06:48 LinuxGameCast on alternate formats
11:54 Pedro still has that funky controller
14:33 Steam Award winners
19:42 HDR support for Proton
23:07 WTF is “Valve Event Upload”
26:22 Local Steam repos
35:41 ARC Battlemage in 2024
46:55 Alienware Nyx controller
51:51 Fallout 2 3D
55:43 FreeCol 1.0
58:01 CatacombGL on Linux
1:00:17 Panda Punch
01:14:51 Steam Deck exclusives
01:18:09 Acquisition

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Awards winners

  • Elden Ring is tough, but at least it’s not very fun.
  • The cat game, really? How the hell was that innovative?
  • I’m not hating, just curious.
  • Neon White did something different.
  • GOW is legit in the story department.
  • NRACF beat out Vamp for best game on the go.
  • Spooder man looked like a 3D spooder man game.
  • One of our last perpetual EA games (Project Zomboid) was beat out by Cybertruck for labour of love.
  • Best on the go should have been Vampire Survivors
  • And innovative gameplay should have been Dome Keeper.
  • Dome keeper being one of the games on that list we all actually played, yeah I’m a little sad it didn’t win. It certainly deserves it
  • Death Stranding for game on the go is out of left field.

HVR (RTheren)

  • HDR support would be kinda cool since most people have HDR monitors.
  • Froggyboi Joshua Ashton, previously of D9VK fame, now major contributor to DXVK and VKD3D, presents HDR on Linux.
  • Since there are no native games that can take advantage of proper hardware HDR, this seems to be for Proton only.
  • Source games could do software HDR, if you play Half-Life 2 Lost Coast with the dev comments enabled it will specifically point out the HDR.
  • I look forward to games that will be even more difficult to see.
  • Game of Thrones and Hot D kinda soured me on it. Everything is too fuckin’ dark

Steam event

  • Spin the wheel of booga-booga for the first time in 2023.
  • SteamDB person found it to be a sort of cloud upload which can be used in store pages.
  • Ricochet 2 INCOMING!
  • I’ve seen some tubers saying it’s the next Orange Box but who knows.
  • It will probably be CS:GO on Source 2 instead of Right 5 Alive 3.
  • Give me a non-vr Half-Life: Alyx.
  • The long awaited release of Codename Gordon 2: Gord harder
  • Someone in the twitter thread brought up that this might be a way for individual games to do events

Local Deck

  • This is rumours of something I kinda wish steam would do in general. If I already have the game installed somewhere, why not just copy it over
  • I do this with scp/rsync anyways when I install games that I want to play on the TV box. It would be nice to just be able to do it natively through steam.
  • Valve already has this tech up and running for quite a while.
  • It’s called Steam Cafe.


2024 Mage

  • Would be nice to have some GPUs at the low end, that’s for sure.
  • There might be a 75-100W part in Q3
  • And a enthusiast-ish, up to 225W, battlemage GPU in q2 2024.
  • 2024 for the Mage is late and will put Intel into another fky situation.
  • AMD and Nvidia will have their current-gen low end options out by then.
  • If Battlemage can compete with whatever the 4060 equivalent is for $300 it stands a chance.
  • Thing is, people are not good at waiting.
  • 2024 Might be a little too late but if prices stay the way they are, intel may still have a competitive opening as people still aren’t jumping to buy new cards

The controller that says Nyx

  • Keep this thing under $50 and we can talk.
  • Ask Valve how people felt about the lack of a d-pad.
  • At least it has 2 analog sticks.
  • It’s got two fukkin’ scroll wheels!
  • Alpakka better get started on their new revision. I want 8 scroll wheels

Fallout Person 2

  • A very early very rough tech demo of an attempt to make Fallout 2 first person.
  • I wholly support this particular effort.
  • Though given how … overprotective Bethesda is with their trademarks, I suspect they may want to change the name to FOPS2 or something along those lines.
    • FalloutOhBoy has a nice ring to it.
  • Runs in a browser pretty well so I’m gonna assume godot
  • Gotta go into the options menu to set it to english. Otherwise you’re living that polish life

FreeCol 1.0.0

  • 20 years later they decided to drop the beta and just call it 1.0
  • And it’s backwards compatible.
  • This is a clone of the old microprose colonization game
  • This comes with some fancy new graphic tiles and some AI improvement
  • Bug fixes and the escape key can now be used to close most panels.
  • Most.
  • The AI can now construct docks. This doesn’t end well.

CatacombGL 0.5.4 Beta

  • Oh hai linux support
  • They tested it on a raspberry pi which I would say is way better than testing in a VM
  • The border flash colour is now magenta in Catacombs 3D.
  • Migrated over to that newcomer cmake.
  • Builds on Debian 11.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Panda Punch
Devel: Ninja Rabbit Studios
Engine: Construct maybe? (something NW.js based)
Price: £4.99 / $4.99 / $6.49

Wazzat: Panda Punch is a puzzle platformer game in which you have to control a red panda and save the world from evil alien robots.

Mandatory Disclosure: The publisher Ratalaika Games sent us keys

Venn:get off ma lawn


  • There is an ancient Vorlon saying. Roughly translated it goes as so.
  • WHAR Linux binaries?
  • Yeah, kinda botched step one out of the gate, Brad.
  • If you advertise that on your Steam page and don’t deliver that’s an insta 1Chair game.
  • But let’s go through the motions.
  • It does in fact launch with Proton 7.
  • You have options for sound and volume.
  • We have now exhausted the options list.
  • Controller support only exists courtesy of Steams keyboard mapping function, thingy.
  • Granted, that worked out of the box with the Xbox one S controller but all of the button prompts were for, you guessed it, the keyboard!
  • It’s a hipster-pixel game, the 3060 was able to manage it at 2160p 60.


  • About the game proper, well what nice things can I say.
  • The pixel art looks nice for what it is. Nothing amazing but it’s not pre bought assets and or programmer art.
  • Soundtrack is SNES era inspired albeit on a morphine drip.
  • Level design is serviceable and the health drops are spread out reasonably well.
  • You can’t speed up the dialogue boxes at the start of the game and some of us can read slightly faster than the speed of smell.
  • It’s got them bugs.
  • 20 minutes in and my halfway point save respawns me after I dropped a box on some spikes making it inaccessible.
  • I can walk over to the next screen and look at the box I need, still stuck in a pit, with some spikes.
  • Noped out right there.
  • This is the second game from Ninja Rabbit Studio. The first being Micetopia in 2022.
  • Like Panda Punch it looks nice but 11 of the 13 reviews are negative.
  • I dare say you could swap them out for Panda Punch reviews and maintain a 98+% accuracy rate.
  • At the end of the day, even if PP was a good game (it’s not) I would tell you to avoid anyone selling their Windows only title as supporting SteamOS + Linux.
  • Be it accident, negligence, whatever.
  • Not someone you want to do business with.



  • Launches OOTB with proton 7.0-5. No worky with experimental it seems
  • Yeah, so the thing about this being a linux gaming podcast is the whole playing the linux versions of games is the whole point
  • Like, if it was just your plan to have support via proton, just say that up front. We wouldn’t have reviewed your game and you wouldn’t have get panned for it
  • No press is bad press i guess
  • No graphics options, no windowed mode. At least it runs in gamescope
  • Keyboard prompts
  • The soundtrack is pretty retro
  • The graphics get the point across


  • It’s just kinda meh
  • It’s not particularly challenging, all of the levels involve punching bad guys, moving boxes on to switches, punching switches and so on
  • The levels are actually pretty straightforward, the routes are just convoluted jumbles of the previous elements
  • You can upgrade your health and punch but that basically requires scraping through all the levels for coins and PP thingies
  • It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not gripping gameplay
  • This reminds me a bit of the myriad of bootleg platformers that populated memory on famiclone combo carts
  • Really the issue here is the competition. This is basically hipster pixel princess ruby, except even that game varied things up> Here the levels just get longer and longer
  • So do the elevator wait times



  • No Linux executable for this browser game which claims to be a Linux game
  • No reply from the Publisher on the lack of these either.
  • The actual release date was December 16 but the last update to the depots was on November 3rd.
  • It does hold 144 at 2560×1440 with Proton.
  • No actual options to speak of outside of the audio sliders and language select.
  • Seems to only have achievements for the first section of the game map.
  • Controller works but I was only getting keyboard button prompts.
  • No controls listing or option to change them, -1 chair.


  • Short answer: No.
  • Long answer:
  • Imagine if you were to combine literally every platformer you’ve ever played and only keep all of the overlapping mechanics.
  • All of the interesting one-offs, gone!
  • All of the slight twists on the genre to try and set it apart in a sea of cheaply made platformer the likes of which 3 came out on Steam since I started writing this bit, nowhere to be found!
  • To say it is the literal definition of a generic, bog-standard platforming game, would be doing a disservice to standards in generic stagnant bodies of water.
  • Personally, I can’t find a singular redeeming quality here.
  • Heck, the more I play the more it screams “Unfinished!”



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