LWDW 289: 30 Years Of Mispronouncing LINUX

Linux turns 30! Mate 1.26 flirts with Wayland, hacking the AVID Eleven Rack, shouty XFCE desktops, and a POS Pi.

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00:00 Intro
08:20 Linux turns 30
12:35 MauiKit Frameworks and Maui Apps
16:50 Mate 1.26
20:05 Tenacity updates
23:10 Hacking the Eleven Rack
27:25 Evolution of the Linux desktop
36:50 Shouty XFCE with TwisterOS
44:40 A real POS Pi

30 Years of Linux


  • So exciting!  30 years ago today, on August 25th,1991 Linux was born!!! \:-D/
  • It was on that date that 21-year-old Finnish student Linus Benedict Torvalds made his now-famous announcement on the comp.os.minix news group:
    • “Hello everybody out there using minix – I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones.”
  • Happy 30th Birthday to Linux!
  • 30 years of dominating basically everything except the desktop.
  • We are the hipsters.
  • This article starts off right by burning up the GPL and how instrumental it was to the success of Linux. 
  • Linux has been big business for almost two decades and it has been fun watching the different uses people have come up with.
  • It dominates the supercomputer world, with 100 per cent market share.
  • It is even used more than Microsoft Windows on Microsoft’s own Azure cloud.
  • Desktop, not so much, we are the misfits, we are the +/- 3%. 
  • Gaming has been sorted for the mostpart but we still need to dumb down the audio bits so Windows desktop experts can figure out how to use them. 


Vvave 2 


  • Maui2 is the new stable version of the NXOS frontend framework.
  • The point seems to be to allow the one bit of software with that frontend to scale and transform correctly when it’s displayed on different devices/screens.
  • So you would have the one codebase for both the desktop and mobile releases of your software.
  • I have enjoyed the Debian based Nitrux OS, and their NX Desktop overlay on KDE Plasma and MauiKit apps.
  • I really like the Maui Index file manager.
  • It is so easy to bookmark folders, select multiple files from different locations, and how it previews files and shows their info.
  • Maui is what exactly, a KDE replacement that requires KDE?
  • I see plenty of apps so I’m guessing it’s more than that. 
  • Does this do a better job keeping things sane between mobile & desktop?


MATE 1.26


  • Yeh, after 18 month of development, the Mate 1.26 Desktop has been released with lots of new features, updated apps and initial Wayland support.
  • The Caja file manager has been updated and includes:
    • Support for formatting disk drives from the context menu.
    • And a new Bookmarks sidebar.
  • The Power Manager component offers users a new option to enable keyboard dimming.
  • And the Display dialog has a new option for display scaling.
  • And the new Mate 1.26 will probably be included by default in the upcoming Ubuntu MATE 21.10 Impish Indri release.
  • Speed calculator! 
  • Now with vastly improved integer factorization speed and recent computation history. 
  • Sorted some memory leaks in the screensaver. 


Tenacity cmake ..



  • It requires wxWidgets 3.1 and Debian 11 shipped with 3.0. 
  • Not going to tango with that. 
  • Replace libjack-dev with libjack-jackd2-dev as a dependency.
  • Nobody should be running Jack1 unless they have a specific reason.
  • Still, good on them for cleaning up the build system and updating the documentation. 
  • Will make it easier to package. 
  • I guess this is the popular fork?
  • Previous maintainer got 4chan’ed, so this must be the popular fork.
  • Looking forward to the stable binary, so I can use it as an alternative to Audacity.


AVID Eleven Rack 


  • The Eleven Rack is a “vintage” Amp modeler from AVID. 
  • 2009 counts as vintage now, right?
  • These things were £899 back in the day but in 2021 you can pick on up for $200 ish. 
  • This will let you load hundreds of presets from other users.
  • You can often find these NIB because (like the MBOX) for a time it was a cheap way to get protools. 


Linux evolution 


  • Wow, I have been using Linux for 28 years thanks to installing lots of Slackware floppy disks!
  • And so true Jack Wallen, the Linux desktop has come a long way, but I still rock classic Window Maker, Blackbox, and Enlightenment on my desktop!
  • And I love the modern productivity takes on Mate and Pop!_OS COSMIC!
  • I read this article and I remembered Ross Scott’s GUI video, which makes the argument that the old GUI design was much better.
  • Honestly, I’m glad GNOME is not the sole dominant DE anymore.
  • GNOME 3 was the best thing that ever happened to the DE development scene
  • Except for GNOME, itself. For that one, GNOME 3 was the proverbial straw that broke its domineering back.
  • There is a much bigger need for an alternative and that has promoted the development of the other DEs.
  • I like to think we have a healthier development now.
  • If nothing else, this gives me more ammunition to snark all over stuff.
  • The Linux desktop was perfected in 1996.
  • Thank you for attending my TED talk. 
  • I will not be taking questions. 

Slice of Pi



  • I was made aware of this from a video from Explaining Computers
  • You can install the UI standalone on x86 for Ubuntu XFCE variants like Xubuntu or Mint XFCE.
  • Also available on Manjaro XFCE X86_64
  • But you can also get the complete OS image for the Raspberry Pi and other ARM SOCs.
  • They even link to cutesy Pi cases: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EsotericAvenue
  • Great find Pedro!  I had heard of Twister OS, but didn’t know about the Twister UI until you posted it in our Discord chat.
  • And like a lot of good distros, Lutris is installed by default, and you can run it on your Pi via the x86 emulator Box86 that is preinstalled.
  • Also includes CommanderPi for easy overclocking of your Single Board Computer.
  • Just installed the Twister UI and love it.
  • Next I am going to install Twister OS on my Raspberry Pi 400!
  • What have you done to mah boy!?
  • Box86 I get but help me with the logic of Lutris on a Pi. 




  • It’s pricey but it does come with a 2GB CM4 and the baseboard.
  • Cheap if you are building a kiosk or POS. 
  • Cool!  I knew this would be a thing at some point.
  • We have the RasPi in a keyboard via the RasPi 400, why not in a monitor.

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