LWDW 307: The Lost Linus Tapes

A 24-year-old Linus gives his first talk at a major conference! OpenAI assisted command line suggestions, Italian court enforces the GPL, and the top Linux distributions of 2002.



00:00 Intro
07:51 Italian court enforces the GPL
11:46 Lost Linus tapes
15:46 Audacity gets super speed
18:21 Krita 5.0
21:01 AI command line suggestions
24:06 What is Gobo Linux?
32:51 High quality PDM to USB microphone
39:21 Emails
41:31 Top Linux distros of 2002

Open enforcement 


  • Good. 
  • Judge ordered them ro remove the offending code. 
  • The whole “copyleft is not enforceable because we don’t believe in it argument” is complete poopy.    You don’t get to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to agreements
  • This wasn’t  really that.  
  • They were former employees redistributing GPL code without listing modifications or crediting the original authors and ignored the C&D.
    • And not listing changes or mentioning the original author. 
  • They ignored a friendly termination notice
  • Sets a fine to be paid by the defendants (at the expense of each infringer) amounting to 100 euro for each day of delay in complying with this measure until the fifteenth day after notification of the measure; and 300 euro for each day of delay after the fifteenth day after notification of the measure.
  • Can anyone find the source repo for Dynamic.ooo?


Lost Linus tapes


  • 24-year-old Torvalds was giving his first talks ever at a major conference and he was nervous. 
  • Only 40 people showed up for “An Introduction to Linux” and “Implementation Issues in Linux”.
  • I’m working on clean307ing these up. 


Audacity 3.1.3


  • Appimage can find ffmpeg on Debian now. 
  • Added new shortcuts for looping.
  • 50x faster load times is always nice
  • Bug 2103 seems kinda critical


Krita 5.0


  • Firefox can apparently have some problems with their appimage download link
  • Storyboard editing mode seems like a neat addition
  • Record your sessions in app


Take 2


  • AI assisted command line flub fixer / suggester. 
  • The AI generates mostly wrong solutions, but some of the generated solutions are kinda useful.
  • Thef*ck uses strong syntax but fix it might be better then the semantic aspect is important.
  • I guess it’s  handy to track down missing dependencies 




  • This is a neat take on a distribution
  • /usr /opt and /bin are really just holdovers of an environment when your operating system shipped on tapes and storage was at a premium.
    • /bin /sbin are good examples of this. 
  • This does away with that notion entirely.  
  • Everything is under /programs and versioned accordingly.
  • If you set your LD library paths properly, having shit in this configuration works.
  • Installing each package into its own directory and maintaining symlinks into that directory structure.
  • Works kinda like NixOS’ FHSUserEnvs. 

Slice of Pi

PDM to USB microphone


  • This dude didn’t like their cheapo microphone and decided they can do one better with an RP2040 and a pulse density microphone.
  • You can yoink a RP2040 for $1 so smoking one is not painful. 
  • Mic is going to run you another $2. 



Red Yarn


  • Going to summarize this one. 

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