Ubuntu Touch gets support for WebRTC! Nala makes apt pretty fast, multitrack recording with OBS, and XFCE vs KDE.



00:00 Intro
08:37 Ubuntu Snap vulnerabilities
11:12 Ubuntu Touch OTA-22
06:07 Nala for apt
20:27 XFCE vs KDE
27:22 Multitrack audio with OBS
33:27 Sarcastic Pi

Snap PSA


  • It has been patched but update your Buntu systems. 
  • Allowed attackers to elevate the privileges of a basic account all the way to root access.
  • The team did not explain if the exploit comes in the form of malware, or if it took a different approach.
  • My Ubuntu system I test Snaps on has been patched.
  • On my Ubuntu computer that I am using now as my broadcasting rig, I uninstalled Snaps backend long ago.
  • And I am not using the Chromium snap.


Touch OTA 22



  • The UBports Foundation has just released Ubuntu Touch Over The Air 22.
  • This is the UBports open source Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system for all supported Linux smartphones and tablets.
  • This release has some important updates to pave the way for new features:
    • They have added FM Radio support to allow for real analog radio listening on supported devices.
    • The FM Radio app will be in the app store in the next few weeks.
    • Ubuntu Touch now has WebGL support, which allows for faster 3D rendering.
    • And one of the most important new features that I have been looking forward to:
      • Now there is camera support in the Morph web browser to finally allow users to make video calls!
  • Ubuntu Touch now works out of the box on the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T cell phones.
  • My OnePlus 1 and OnePlus 5 are going to be happy with these updates.
  • Existing users of Ubuntu Touch on Stable channel (which is selected by default in the UBports Installer) will receive the OTA-22 upgrade by using the Updates screen of System Settings.
  • About 40 devices have official support for touch. 


Nala for apt


  • Nala is a great frontend to the apt package manager in Debian or Ubuntu.
  • Nala’s goal is to make the apt commands like installing or upgrading easier to use, and nicer on the eyes.
    • Nala does this by not showing redundant messages and formatting the packages better.
    • And using color to show specifically what will happen with a package during install, removal, or an upgrade.
  • But one of my favorite features is that it supports parallel downloads, unlike apt which only supports one download at a time.
  • The Nala fetch command will choose the fastest 3 mirrors and write them to a file, for faster downloads.
  • And includes some of the features that I love from Fedora’s dnf package manager, and Arch’s pacman.
  • Like, at any time you can call nala history to print a summary of every transaction ever made.
  • Nala is a front-end for libapt-pkg. 
  • Yeah, the only benefit I can see for my use is the Parallel Downloads. 
  • The nala history command could come in handy for the “alright, what changed” breakage moments.  
  • Deb and Arch packages available. 
  • I see that it’s running in Konsole on the gitlab page but I think it would work a wee better in xfce4 term. 




  • Someone is about to be wrong on the internet. 
  • XFCE and KDE are both great desktop environments.
  • If you want a bit more eye candy with lots of customizability go with KDE Plasma, and if you want a more minimal and lighter weight approach go with XFCE.
  • I am on XFCE right now, and have always loved the Rodentia desktop.
  • Stability, even KDE fan humans know who wins this one. 
  • Memory and Resource Utilization: Team mouse. 
  • Desktop Customizability: I’m going to give this to KDE since there is more stuff to play with. 
  • Performance and Speed Optimization: XFCE, probably. However it’s 2022 and even low end hardware should be able to handle either. 
  • Desktop Navigation: I think both allow you to do whatever you want. Unlike Windows 11. 


OBS recording hax


  • Start with a demo. 
  • This can happen while recording podcasts or anything with more than one audio source. 
  • Recording on two tracks allows you to easily fix levels in post. 

Slice of Pi

Sarcastic Pi 


  • LoL!  This definitely makes typing a combination of UpErCaSe and lOwErCaSe letters easier! ;-)
  • I would wear the button out, best I don’t have one.

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