LWDW 317: Matrix VOIP & ITX ARM Motherboards

Linux Mint 21 packs spicy Cinnamon goodness, Anbox demos a cloud based smartphone, native Matrix VoIP with Element Call, and a 8-core ARM powered monster in ITX form-factor.



00:00 Intro
08:09 Linux Mint 21
10:59 Cloud-based smartphone
18:14 Matrix VOIP with Element
24:39 Firefox updater for Debian
32:29 ITX form-factor ARM
38:14 Emails

Linux Mint 21


  • There will be some great new features coming to Linux Mint.  Starting with the Linux Mint 21 release due out later this year.
  • It will be based on the much anticipated Ubuntu 22.04 Long Term Support Jammy Jellifish release.
  • Linux Mint 21 will ship with a newer Linux kernel, Mesa graphics stack, GCC, and GNU C Library.
  • But will also have a newer version of the in-house developed Cinnamon desktop environment.
  • Cinnamon 6 will probably be used, and it’s window manager and JavaScript interpreter will be rebased on a more modern version of GNOME’s Mutter window and composite manager.
  • This should really help speed up the interface.
  • Once biggie is the adoption of the Blueman GTK+ Bluetooth manager as a drop-in replacement for the Blueberry Bluetooth configuration tool.
  • RIP BlueZ, hello gnome-bluetooth. 
  • Should be handy for you nutters trying to get BT headsets working. 


Anbox Cloud Phone (RTheren)


  • This is something very interesting, Canonical has announced they are collaborating with Vodafone.
  • And Vodafone is testing Canonical’s new Anbox Cloud technology.
  • Anbox Cloud is a software stack that allows for the implementation of running the Android operating system in the cloud by moving all the processing to a virtual machine.
  • The prototype Cloud Smartphone will be showcased on Vodafone’s stand at MWC 2022 in Barcelona.
  • And this phone will demonstrate the concept of a smartphone running entirely on the cloud, while leaving basic functionality on the device.
  • Like the camera, location or available sensors.
  • Pretty soon all our computers and devices will just be thin clients, even our mobile phones.
  • Ssh -X on the go. 
  • Do you want 97.32% of your mobiles functionality to be reliant on SOLID network connectivity? 
  • That’s right, a software stack that allows for the implementation of running the Android operating system in the cloud by moving all the processing to a virtual machine.
  • Now your telco provider can keep everything up to date for you and your workplace can keep thighs locked down and tracked. 
  • But hey, you can play games… remember Stadia?
  • Telecommunication providers can also create innovative value-added services based on virtualised mobile devices.


Matrix phone


  • I have been looking forward to using Element Call as another open source alternative to Jitsi.
  • Element has been using Jitsi as their webRTC client.
  • Introducing Element Call: the world’s first decentralized voice and video conferencing app powered entirely by Matrix!
  • You can run it against your existing Matrix homeserver.


Updated Firefox


  • This is awesome!  For years I have been downloading the latest Firefox tar.bz2 from Mozilla’s site for Debian.
  • Then moving it to opt and creating a symlink.
  • And you get autoupdates :-D.
  • By default Debian ships ESR so this is welcome news to anyone living that “I wonder if there was an update” life. 
  • Element Call is built entirely on Matrix: it doesn’t need any additional servers to get going.
  • Works on mobile & desktop. 
  • Dark theme, screen sharing, and link-based calls. 
  • Not yet optimized – it uses a lot more CPU & bandwidth than it should.
  • You can’t select your output audio device yet.
  • Limited to ~8 participants

Slice of Pi



  • Now you can build an ARM based computer in a standard Mini-ITX case.  But at what price?
  • This is the dream. 
  • A wicked powerful ARM AIO in ITX format. 
  • I fear pi powered computing has warped us because I want this to be somewhere in the $300 range, it won’t be. 
  • 8-core, 32GB RAM, 8K enc/dec, PCIe3.0 x4. 
  • POE. 
  • M.2 & SATA. 





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