LWDW 318: Blender Is So Mainstream

Blender 3.1 gets a gang of new features, AMD enables support for Ryzen 5000 CPUs on 300-series motherboards, 7 inch mini-laptops, and a RISC-V powered thermal printer.



00:00 Intro
06:09 Blender 3.1 hotness
12:49 Return of the 7″ laptop
20:24 AMD will support 5000 CPUs on 300 motherboards
29:29 Quartz64 Pro
33:44 RISC-V powered DevTerm kit

Blender 3.1


  • Blender, our favorite open source and 3D computer graphics software, has just had a new release, version 3.1.
  • There are so many awesome new features we won’t be able to cover them all!
  • Cycles now has a Metal GPU backend, contributed by Apple, which takes advantage of hardware accelerated renders on macOS.
  • There are 19 new nodes:
    • Including an Extrude node for extruding objects directly in the node editor.
    • An Arc node for creating incomplete circles.
    • And a Vertex Neighbors node which gives access to the number of vertices and faces connected to each vertex.
  • Blender 3.1 brings performance in Geometry Nodes to the next level.
  • Many nodes are now multi-threaded and use less memory.
  • Exporting .obj files is now orders of magnitude faster thanks to porting it to C++.
  • I was having a look at the latest benchmark and ran across the meta analytics. 
  • Didn’t expect the OS breakdown
  • Welcome to mass adoption of FLOSS software. 
  • Blender is mainstream in the OS breakdown. 

Itsy bitsy 



  • OMG!  I have been wanting one of these!  I had put this one and the 8 inch Chuwi MiniBook in my AliExpress Wish List a few months ago..
  • This is even smaller and cuter than my Asus Eee PC 701.
  • Or this rare orange Eee PC knock-off made in France called the Lexibook Laptop!
  • The Celeron J4125 is a little less than half the performance of a Ryzen 5 3600. 
  • Eye melting 1024 x 600 pixel touchscreen display.
  • Headphone jack! 
  • 8GB RAM and a M.2 slot. 
  • Going to run you around $300. 
  • I’ve included a non data scraping link in the show notes. 

AMD 300


  • Tossing this in because Linux users love them some AMD. 
  • We can thank Intel for releasing their recent budget oriented CPUs.
  • After a future AGESA UEFI update, AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs will be supported in 300-series motherboards.
  • Assuming that your board vendor issues such an update.
  • While I wouldn’t recommend plopping a Ryzen 7 5800X3D into a budget board from 4 years ago, you could. 
  • Jackbox, the PC running the audio for the show has a B350 board and the biggest baddest APU it can handle is the R5 3400G. 
  • These little guys still demand $200+ on the used market. 
  • Welp, for a few bucks more I could snag a AMD Ryzen 7 5700G if MSI does the thing. 
  • That’s where things get a wee sticky. 
  • Motherboard manufacturers would much rather you buy a new mobo. 
  • Even if they add support things could be a bit squirrely. 
  • This is awesome!  
  • AMD has been so good about backwards compatibility on motherboards with their Ryzen processors.  Saves us $$$!

Slice of Pi

Quartz Pi (Rtheren) 


  • $300 and bring a coupon. 
  • That’s right, open to developer orders for now. 
  • 16GB RAM and 64GB of expandable eMMC.
  • 4x A55 and 4x A76 cores clocked at 1.8GHz and 2.4GHz respectively.
  • 4 core GPU based on the Valhalla architecture.
  • So they are releasing this?
    • A sample cost is $249 with a shipping lead time of just 7 days.
  • I would recommend waiting a few months and see how the software stack matures. 
  • The QuartzPro64 will only be available publicly when BSP (Business Service Provider) releases are in good shape.
  • Pine64 will announce QuartzPro64’s availability on their Telegram, Matrix and Discord channels and on their social media in the coming weeks.
  • Thanks to RTheren, our Advisor in chat, for posting this news.

DevTerm Kit R-01


  • This is the DevTerm Kit R-01 from ClockworkPi that you can build.
  • The DevTerm is an open source portable terminal for every developer and Linux nerd.
  • The DevTerm is an A5 sized notebook with a 6.8 inch ultrawide IPS screen, and a ClockworkPI mainboard.
  • But what makes this DevTerm Kit special is that it has a RISC-V processor, and is the world’s first 64-bit RISC-V portable terminal!
  • So back in November of 2020 on LWDW 250, we talked about the DevTerm ARM64-bit kits.
  • You can buy the DevTerm Kit R-01 for $239.00.
  • But be warned, ClockworkPi states:
    • “Please Note
    • DevTerm R-01 is a highly experimental model and requires some experience with Linux system & FOSS. We strongly recommend all beginners to choose other models.”

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