LWDW 321: Mastodon gets an edit button

Mastodon unlocks the ability to edit toots! Wacom shows off two decades of Linux support, Thunderbird enters the Matrix, and 2,639 Windows 10 floppies.

Special thanks:
David (inc pledge)
Zeno (inc pledge)
Anjune (new patron)



00:00 Intro
04:05 Wacom loves Linux
10:25 Mastadon gets an edit button
13:35 Thunderbird 102
19:50 Reaper MIDI with ReaLearn
25:25 Making a Win10 boot disk in Linux
34:45 ZX Spectrum Raspberry Pi 0W

Linux Luvs Wacom


  • Wacom pen and tablet devices have excellent Linux support and are enjoying broad adoption by artists and designers using Linux platforms, and they will continue to update and maintain their drivers.
  • Wacom devices are being adopted in many Linux enterprise environments beyond the creative industry, including finance, banking, medical, and public sectors are commonly adopting Linux solutions with pen-based workflows.
  • Thanks to Wacom’s partnership with Red Hat, they have been able to see Wacom device support and adoption across many Linux distributions.
  • Including:  CentOS 8 Stream, Fedora Workstation 35, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
  • And they recommend using the GNOME 3 desktop.
  • Wacom knows their audience:
    • “Along with the standardizing of support for popular applications, Wacom is seeing a number of other reasons that the graphic design industry is choosing Linux. Some graphic design shops are using homegrown tools that are custom built for Linux, while others have IT teams who are focused on the security and scalability offered by open source platforms.”
  • Wacom has been supported on Linux for years, since at least 2002.
  • Even my Compaq Concerto 486 tablet, one of the first touchscreen tablet computers from 1993, had Wacom support in Linux.
  • Remember when touch screens were novel, small, rare, and wicked expensive?
  • Wacom tablets kept the small & expensive bits. 
  • That Cintiq Pro 32 in the post is over $3K. 
  • Back in 2016, Wacom updated their kernel driver so it can readily support new Wacom products without patches.
  • Wacom developers have been contributing to kernel drivers since at least 2002.
  • They make a good point about deploying a gang of workstations. 
  • That Windows license adds up. 


Mast 3.5


  • Will have to wait until all the Mastodon servers are upgraded to 3.5 before it shows up in the web app. 
  • What am I talking about? The ability to edit posts. 
  • Don’t worry, the original and previous versions of the posts are saved and remain accessible through a history view. 
  • Media attachments are no longer dependent on the order they were uploaded. 
  • New explore page for popular posts. 
  • 887 commits by 23 contributors between June 3, 2021 and March 30, 2022.
  • Cool, you can edit posts now!  Something I have wanted on Twitter for years.
  • The original and previous versions of the posts are saved and remain accessible through a history view.
  • And people who have previously shared the post get notified about any edits.
  • We have been using Mastodon here at LGC for quite some time, and I have been noticing more people using it and I have been getting more followers recently.


Thunderbird 102 (RTheren)


  • The upcoming Thunderbird 102 will be a major upgrade with many new features and a much more modern UI, and is targeted for release on June 28, 2022.
  • The new Spaces Toolbar helps you keep a variety of activities separate in the form of icons in the left sidebar.
  • The new more modern look of the address book should help you easily find your contacts and interact with them.
  • And initial out-of-the-box support for Matrix, the decentralized chat protocol.
  • And one of my new favorite features, a new Link Preview Card, for when you add a link in the email composer, you can choose to convert it into a rich link preview.
  • So I have been using Thunderbird since the early years of Firefox when it was included as part of the Firefox suite.
  • Thank you RTheren in chat for bringing this to our attention!




  • MIDI CC learn is something every DAW attempts to do, poorly. 
  • Ardour / Mixbus get it mostly correct. 
  • Reaper is hopeless with motorized faders out of the box. 
  • Enter ReaLearn2 
  • ReaLearn is a VST instrument plug-in for the Digital Audio Workstation REAPER which works in REAPER only.
  • Controller presets, conditional activation, projection … and much more.
  • I can now use one control surface in Mackie mode while using the other in MIDI CC. 
  • ReaLearn is via ReaPack, a sort of “app store” for REAPER.


Win 10


  • I found myself having to test a bit of faulty USB hardware. 
  • It would not respond to a setup address, much less accept one. 
  • Before sending it back I needed to be 100% that it was not a bizarre Linux quirk. 
  • I needed to test it with Windows + official drivers. 
  • I spent an evening trying “solutions” and naturally the last one worked. 
  • Shoutout since this is one app that can actually make a bootable Win10 USB thumbdrive. 
  • There is one nasty bug. 
  • Woe hangs on the ‘install-grub’ step and this is a known bug since 2019.
  • It can take between 2min & 1hr to complete. 
  • This one is nice because not only does it allow you to use an existing Windows Installation disc, but a Windows disk image of your own install as well.

Slice of Pi

Slice of ZX PI (RTheren)


  • Shoving a Pi0W into a cassette case. 
  • 16 seconds later it boots Fuze ZX Spectrum emulator. 
  • After attaching a chonky heatsink. 
  • Keeping with the proud tradition of haphazard tinkerers with little electronics experience.
  • His next challenge: a 1980s boom box with drop-in cassettes that boot up and play games from different iconic home computers!

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