NVIDIA powered Wayland and Thunderbird on Android

Fedora 36 launches with super Wayland powers! Thunderbird threatens to release on Android, miners defeat NVIDIA’S LHR, installing apps with Deb-Get, and a super-slick LED matrix for your Raspberry Pi.



00:00 Intro
07:27 Fedora 36 feature roundup
11:07 Thunderbird mobile
15:03 NVIDIA LHR defeated
21:08 Introducing Deb-Get
24:58 KDE Connect official on the Apple store
31:38 Ultimate LED matrix Pi

Fedora 36


  • After 6 months of development, Red Hat’s Enterprise Desktop distribution Fedora Linux 36 is out!
  • And it includes GNOME 42, with full support for GTK4 apps.
  • The latest Linux Kernel, 5.17.
  • And, wait for it, Wayland for Nvidia users!
    • Yes, Fedora Linux 36 includes the enablement of Wayland sessions by default in GDM, the GNOME Display Manager for users with the NVIDIA proprietary driver.
  • Fedora Linux 36 is running super smooth for me on one of my Ryzen computers with an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti.
  • All the Fedora Spins have been updated as well to include the most recent versions of their default desktop environments, including:
    • KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS
    • Xfce 4.16
    • LXQt 1.0
    • Cinnamon 5.2
    • MATE 1.26


Mobile Thunderbirb (Rtheren)


  • I wish Thunderbird had a mobile app… a decade ago. 
  • At this point moving from Gmail seems daunting. 
  • The developers of one of the best open source email clients, Thunderbird has announced that an Android version of Thunderbird is coming soon.
  • We will hear more details in a few weeks.
  • Same here Venn, this is exciting news, but I am already established on Gmail and K-9 Mail for Android.
  • Although this announcement does make me think about changing, especially since I use Thunderbird on desktop daily!
  • Thank you Rtheren for making us aware of this!
  • I want a clean, fast & slick email alternative to Gmail. 
  • If Firefox on Android is anything to go by I’m not holding my breath.   
  • Still, I remain optimistic. 




  • We had a good run. 
  • Some are speculating this came from the Nvidia leak. 
  • If you were unaware, Nvidia released a total of 12 or 13 LHR cards to combat crypto. 
  • Nobody told the miners and scalpers because they bought them anyway. 
  • It was a token effort to begin with.  
  • Before the pandemic and limited hardware availability we had the mining craze jacking up the prices on cards.
  • Hopefully this won’t lead to another surge right when I am looking to buy an RTX 3070 or 3080.
  • The RTX 3070’s aren’t down to MSRP yet, or $499 :-(


Wimpy’s Deb-Get


  • 3rd party apt repositories exist. 
  • They are not going away.
  • deb-get provides a curated index of software available for Ubuntu.
  • PPA?
  • The wonderful and amazing Martin Wimpress, former Ubuntu Desktop Lead, and lead of Ubuntu Mate, has created a great new tool.
  • It is called Deb-Get which is ‘Apt-Get’ for 3rd-Party Ubuntu Software.
  • It lets you install .deb installers from third-party repos and PPAs as well as websites, Github, and more, all from the command line.
  • And with the ease of use of our beloved Apt-Get command line package manager.
  • Like regular apt, deb-get is able to handle installing any dependencies required by the software to run.
  • As long as those dependencies are in the Ubuntu repo of course.
  • And it can also handle updates, upgrades, removals, purges, cleaning, and searching.
  • Once you install it, it is easy as run deb-get list, to see the software available to install using it.
  • Then install software by running sudo deb-get application.




  • The official iDevice app for KDE Konnect. 
  • Requires iOS 14.0.
  • Does not collect data. 
  • End-to-end TLS encryption.
  • I often use GSConnect, the GNOME version of KDE Connect for Android. 

Slice of Pi

Matrix Pi 



  • An impressively comprehensive dashboard for his 64 x 32 matrix.
  • Programmed the dashboard with Python in conjunction with Hzeller’s RGB matrix library.
  • What sets this apart is the slick case and display stand. 
  • Plenty of features like displaying phone notifications, controlling Spotify, and more.
  • Should be able to run htop. 
  • Code & CAD on the github. 

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