LWDW 331: Thunderbird Goes Mobile And Foxy Cookies

K-9 Mail joins the Thunderbird family, Firefox rolls out total cookie protection, System76 is working on a new keyboard, death to IE 11, and adding an audio jack to your Raspberry Pi 400.


00:00 Intro
00:39 RIP IE 11
08:39 Thunderbird mobile / K-9
14:49 Firefox total cookie protection
19:59 System76 is working on a new keyboard
23:14 RasPi 400 audio jack with DACBerry

Thunderbird mobile (Strider & RTheren)



  • So last month when me and Venn talked about a mobile version of Thunderbird coming soon I said:
    • I am already established on Gmail and K-9 Mail for Android.
    • Although this announcement does make me think about changing, especially since I use Thunderbird on desktop daily!
  • Well, now I don’t have to worry about making the choice between Thunderbird and K-9 Mail on Android because K-9 Mail is going to be merged into Thunderbird.
  • Yes, K-9 Mail Joins The Thunderbird Family.
  • And the name itself will change and adopt Thunderbird branding.
  • But before that happens the developers will bring K-9 Mail into alignment with Thunderbird’s feature set and visual appearance.
  • This way the K-9 developer gets funding and Mozilla gets an email client on Android. 
  • New features coming to the mobile email client include
    • Thunderbird account auto-configuration for account setup
    • Synchronization between Thunderbird’s desktop and mobile clients
    • Folder management improvements
    • Message filter support
  • Getting Thunderbird spam filtering into K9 would be a value add. 
  • It will sync with firefox sync. 
  • K-9 will continue to get updated but exist in its own listing.

Foxy Cookies


  • Firefox’s strongest privacy protection to date, confining cookies to the site where they were created, thus preventing tracking companies from using these cookies to track your browsing from site to site.
  • Total Cookie Protection creates a separate cookie jar for each website you visit.
  • In theory this should allow cookies to function without being able to track the user. 
  • Just the thing for the privacy enthusiast in the audience. 
  • People have said will break Zendesk integration with Jira so heads up. 
  • Third party single sign ons could be affected because reasons.  
  • Total Cookie Protection turned on by default is awesome!
  • It is moments like this that I really want the open source Firefox browser to dominate the Web once again.
  • Now I don’t have to go into the Privacy & Security settings to customize my cookie options, and I feel more comfortable not having to use a New Private Window.



  • System76 currently supplies products in Europe, but does so from its distribution centers in the US, which involves high shipping and import costs.
  • AKA getting a System76 PC across the pond is expensive. 
  • This isn’t going to change that, yet. 
  • System76 is taking a page out of the doing it right manual by starting small in order to see where the gotchas are. 
  • They are currently looking for storage space to set up a distribution center. 
  • Potentially in the Netherlands. 
  • The tracer-round product will be an updated clicky clacky blinky box. 
  • System76 is going to have a new distribution center in Europe, and is also working on a new Launch keyboard.
  • System76 will first start distribution of its Launch open source mechanical keyboard from its European center, as they say that is a lot easier to do then to start the distribution of their laptops and desktops because of restrictions and higher costs.
  • System76’s new keyboard is called the Launch Lite.
  • The Launch Lite will be a 65% keyboard, minus function keys and a USB 3.2 hub.
  • But it will be smaller and cheaper than the current Launch Keyboard, which is $285.00.

Slice of Pi

DACBerry 400



  • Powered directly from the GPIO header so no extra cables or power supplies are needed, keeping all USB ports on the Pi 400 free for other uses.
  • SNR is acceptable for something in the $20 price range. 
  • Does not work yet on kernel 5.15. 
  • TRRS 3.5. 
  • Higher quality than most of the USB dongles out there.
  • And you don’t have to rely on USB dongles, Bluetooth audio devices or listening to sound thru the 2 micro HDMI ports.
  • This adds functionality to the Raspberry Pi 400 that the Orange Pi 800 has that we talked about last week.

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