LWDW 337: A little sparkle in your GRUB

Thunderbird Sync is ahead of schedule! FFmpeg adds support for AV1 decoding, Installing Davinci Resolve on Linux, and customizing GRUB for fun and profit.


00:00 Intro
04:43 Thunderbird Sync
08:27 Sparkle in your GRUB
12:27 FFmpeg 5.1
15:12 Installing Davinci Resolve on Linux
28:57 Pi powered guard duck

Thunderbird Sync (RTheren)


  • Ryan Lee Sipes, Community and Business Development Manager for Mozilla Thunderbird, just put out a tweet about a major new feature coming to the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.
  • Firefox Sync is working on Thunderbird, and it will be coming out officially very soon.  And it is ahead of schedule.
  • Email, calendar and contact accounts are syncing without issue in testing..
  • This is freaking awesome, and would eliminate the headache of bringing in multiple email accounts into a new instance of Thunderbird!
  • Not to mention all your contacts.
  • This announcement comes at the heels of the awesome Thunderbird Mobile announcement 2 months ago, and the new features in the latest version of Thunderbird 102.
  • Thank you RTheren in chat for posting this.
  • I’ve been dragging around the same .thunderbirb folder for years. 
  • If you have a lot of email accounts, it’s a must. 
  • Unless you try a new version of thunderbird and decide to roll back only to find it incompatible. 
  • This is going to fix that, I hope. 
  • It should be available in a few months in the beta channel. 

Pretty GRUB



  • I have installed themes before for GRUB in the past.
  • But I didn’t know about:
    • sudo apt-get install grub-customizer
    • With grub-customizer you can easily install themes, change the background image, font, font color and size, and even the resolution of GRUB.
  • Thank you Jacksaur for this awesome GRUB community themes list.
  • This is a collection of GRUB themes from Pling that the Jacksaur liked.  
  • There are a couple of tips for installing themes and adding custom fonts. 
  • If you like a theme, please do consider giving it a rating on Pling or starring its repo on Github.
  • YoRHa, CRT-Amber, and Billy’s Agent caught my eye. 

FFmpeg 5.1


  • FFmpeg 5.1 has just been released, and is the first official Long-Term Support release.
  • This is a major release that brings new features, new filters and other upgrades to one of the most powerful cross-platform, and open-source multimedia frameworks on the planet!
  • VDPAU AV1 hardware acceleration support for RTX 30 series graphic cards.
  • There are new video filters, including pixelize, colormap and multiply.
  • Before anyone gets too excited the AV1 hardware support is for decode. 

Davinci Resolve 18



  • As is tradition I’ve updated the Resolve guide. 
  • This is to install Resolve on Debian 11 because, well, that’s what I run and Debian is the base for a lot of other Linuxes. 
  • No, you can’t double-click your way through it and it requires opening using the command line. 
  • I also cover what Resolve does and does not work with. 
  • Like Intel iGPUs and AMD APUs. 
  • Plus a quote from a Blackmagic employee saying something along the lines of “good luck” getting it working with AMD GPUs in general. 
  • This year includes bonus instructions for HiDPI screens. 
  • Most of you don’t have 43” laptops so you need to embiggen the UI. 
  • I have you covered, fam. 

Slice of Pi




  • “The cackling of geese saved Rome”
  • This idea was spawned from a misapplication of self control. 
  • Him & his wife needed to protect their strategic supply of cookies… from themselves. 
  • The Defensive Duck was born. 
  • Raspberry Pi Pico, mini-speaker, LiPo battery and a motion sensor. 
  • CircuitPython. 
  • 3d model link in the notes. 
  • This gives new meaning to the saying so you can get all your ducks in a row! 

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