Steamy Ubuntu Snaps & native Half-Life 2 on a Raspberry Pi 4

Ubuntu is testing Steamy Snaps, Neverwinter Nights grows an ARM, GODOT invades Epic, Half-Life 2 on a Raspberry Pi, and why you should stick with Windows for gaming.

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00:00 Intro
00:53 Fedorf verdict
01:34 Pedro eats soup
03:20 LGC on VHS
05:45 Pedro holds up a thing
07:54 Steam almost summer sale
11:01 Deck startup movies for points
12:59 Steam Tinker Launcher updates
15:51 Testing the Steam Snap
20:31 Jupiter Moons Mecha
22:43 MiLE HiGH TAXi
25:49 Neverwinter Nights Dev Build
36:30 GODOT in the Epic store
43:53 Twitch CEO nopes
53:06 DOOM 3 Retaliation
55:23 Half Life 2 on Raspberry Pi 4
58:31 Stick with Windows for gaming
01:04:55 Scrappage
01:20:46 $5 milkshake
01:22:20 Flying dangerous
01:24:12 Old PC parts

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • What did you buy?
  • Picked up a copy of Wolf Old Blood for $4.
  • 10% off Decks.
  • Anything I really want is the standard 25% off.

Steam Deck startup movies

  • One full year of the Deck not being available in AUS.
  • Gotta change mine to the entirety of shrek
  • I bought the turret one.
  • What to buy with 103K points.

Stinker launcher

  • Hedge mod manager will pull it’s own copy of 7zip if necessary now
  • Bunch of new options for gamescope including HDR mode, VR and some advanced options
  • The –list subcommand has a more human readable output
  • Games will now use the steam linux runtime if confiugred
  • Is the Hedge the hot new mod manager? I’m still using Vortex here.
  • Using the latest gamescope is a very good idea!

Steam Snaps

  • They want feedback using the protonDB standard
    • I’m glad they didn’t feel the need to invent their own. THIS TIME
  • You like containers for your containers?
  • Canonical has announced they are planning to move the Steam snap out of “Early Access” to stable soon.
  • As we turn around and ask, you have a Steam Snap?
  • Some versions of Proton will run games in bubblewrap whether you want it or not?

Steam: New Games

Jupiter Moons: Mecha

  • Roguelike card battle with a mech spin.
  • Yeah, I’ll try it!
  • I’m on board with Pedro here.


  • 6DoF Crazy Taxi?
  • I sent the dev an email about keys and they replied to say they’d like to address the issues the negative reviews are bringing up first.
  • Good on them!
  • I dig the 5th element look but based on the reviews the driving really needs work
  • Watching the trailer and assuming the devel has a few hundred hours behind the wheel, yikes.
  • It’s verified on Deck.
  • Reading the reviews it seems to be another case of a prototype released as a game.

Steam: Game Updates

Neverwinter Nights Dev Build

  • Aarch64 client, cartoon-like post processing shader, up to 8 multiclass ability, and a positive buttload of new scripting options
  • Moar things!
  • Aarch64 support kinda came out of nowhere. I’d really like to see that brought to the other beamdog ports. Or maybe even mythforce
  • The 3.0/3.5 rules had an XP penalty for multiclassing at 10% per excluding racial favoured class. Does that factor in here?
    • It used to with the original, you can define it in the .2da when you allow the max multiclass.
    • Also Prestige Classes didn’t count towards the XP Penalty.



  • More distribution channels for Godot is a good thing
  • It’s EGS so windows client only. Unless they ship all of the binaries
  • Use heroic to install Godot!
    • Can you install Heroic in Lutris?
  • The Godot build you can download from EGS is the exact same open source release as on other platforms unless it’s Linux because fk Linux.
  • I know Epic has thrown some money at GODOT but damn, that would have been a good line to draw in the sand.


  • Dude was one of the OG justin TV people and 16 years is a pretty solid tenure.
    • 2006 man…*crumbles to dust*
  • President of Twitch Dan Clancy is taking over.
  • Dude is leaving to spend more time with his fam.
  • That’s often code for fk this noise, I’m out.
  • Then again, 16 years is a solid run and he’s no longer running the show.
  • New guy has worked for NASA and Googs.
  • For 99% of streamers I doubt anything will change.

Doom 3 Retaliation

  • It’s been marked as possibly unsafe on Nexus mods
  • You can still get it on Moddb:
  • 2.1GB and it seems to come with a custom gamex86.dll, which is probably what’s causing Nexus Mods to put it on the naughty step.
  • Seems to work with Dhewm3 but the dial tone footstep noise got on my nerves real quickly.

HL2 on Pi

  • Thanks to one of the numerous source project engine leaks this dude was able to port and compile hl2 for aarch64.
  • Imagine being able to afford a RasPi 4.
  • Since when does botter run at sub 20 fps?

Stick with Windows

  • I guess every tech website is obligated to have one of these articles nowadays
  • I’m sure Microsoft appreciates the free advertising.
  • Another in the long list of articles answering a question nobody asked.
  • Nobody tm is suggesting you give up your Windows gaming rig for Linux.
  • If all you do on your PC is play the video games, keep the Windows.
  • WINE and Valve allows Linux users to easily play games on top of all the other cool shit we get to do with Linux.
  • Hell, the best mobile gaming device on the market runs Linux. Period.
  • Yes, yes, I know. You are getting ready to type an audio not working on Linux joke but that would be admitting you can’t get audio working on linux in 2023.
  • Not something you want to share with the general public.

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Scrappage
Devel: Geekspree
Engine: Unity
Price: £4.29 / $4.99 / $6.49

Wazzat: In this unforgiving roguelite twin stick shooter, death awaits you behind every corner. Fight your way through hordes of monsters, eliminate bosses and loot their valuable items and body parts. With them you can enhance your own body, unlock powerful skills and create your own unique builds.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • It has everything you need to run out of the box.
  • Windowed and fullscreen, graphic and volume sliders, rebindable controls…
  • A message from the devel in the option menu to join his Discord to report bugs.
  • 60 at 2160p in the 3060.


  • Welcome to another episode of live die top down.
  • Ayup, it’s That Game ™ again.
  • Have you been looking at Vampire Survivors and thinking, hey, if we could somehow suck all the joy out of this and add some annoying bugs we just might have something?
  • Well here ya go!
  • It’s a roguelike top-down shooter that becomes bullet hell out of left feild.
  • I say that since the first enemies with ranged didn’t bother showing up until level 3 or 4.
  • Then I beat a boss and was killed to death by another.
  • Then I purchased a gun that three shotted that boss.
  • Did I mention the 5 levels (so far) I completed without playing them?
  • You pop in and BAM, done.
  • Now if that bug could be mixed with one that provided a bazillion currency units.
  • Oh, killed another boss because he got a case of the stucks.
  • The game gets a wee easier when you are reminded about the level system while digging around in the menu trying to find a way to activate the drone you just bought.
  • Also, Scrappage is the second game in contention for the 2023 WT absolute F were you thinking when designing those menus award.
  • At the end of the day it’s the typical developers first game that shouldn’t be on Steam take #1713.
  • But it is so instead of pooping on it here’s a bit of advice.
  • You can’t put it back into Early Access so embrace the jank.
  • Better yet, real online multiplayer and allow others to embrace that jank in stereo.



  • Launches OOTB on the PC and on the deck
  • Hold 60@UHD
  • The controls are sanely mapped. Standard twin stick trigger shooter
  • Oh yeah those assets are canned like baked beans son
  • It actually has some graphical options which is nice
    • Speaking of, they have a vampire survivors mode if you only want one stick
    • Also support for touch controls
  • This game is buggy AF. Twice my movement got shut off and one of those times the boss glitched out and I couldn’t hit them, but for some reason I was getting infinite lifesteal and just couldn’t die


  • Schmups aren’t usually my jam, but I can respect a well designed and executed one. Assault android cactus, etc
  • This one is just OK
  • You have a standard roguelike level progression that gets you money that you can use to upgrade your mans
  • Kill enough enemies and you can start upgrading your starting layout
  • And that’s where all the broken shit is. I got one powerup that just murderfucked bosses
  • But like any game that relies on randomly generated overpowered loot to flatten it’s difficulty curve, it’s pretty feast or famine
  • You’re either getting some busted ass shit that lets you cruise through levels or you’re just scraping by
  • The enemy AI isn’t really all that challenging. They all b-line it towards you. The slight twist is how the game keeps spawning enemies from behind you so that you’re always surrounded, even if you cleared the area you came from. And otherwise those enemies stay ded
  • Speaking of busted, this game has a bug where randomly I’ll just win a map directly after starting it. The first time it happened like 3 times in a row. Then it was only once or twice a run
  • Difficulty in this scales by becoming a bullet hell. And if you don’t got the good loot to deal with it, then you’re SOL. So the aforementioned victory bug left me with no money for upgrades so I got slaughtered once I finally got to play cuz I didn’t have level appropriate gear
  • Not a bad mechanic entirely. Hades implements something similar very well
  • But the rest of the game has to not be a brainless slog, which this kinda is



  • It launches out of the box on the desktop and the Deck on the Beta branch.
  • Menu traversal with the dpad has similar issues to RUSHAWAY but the right and left triggers seem properly mapped, so I don’t think this one was intentional.
  • Ended up playing with the mouse and keyboard.
  • You can rebind all the keys including on the controller, including setting the same button to fire both weapons at once.
  • It feels weird that something which makes so much sense in terms of accessibility is still so rare these days.
  • So many games just flat out refuse to let you overlap binds like that.
  • The graphics scream “Hello, I’m from the Asset Store!”
  • You could play me the background music and say it was from Cyberpunk and I’d believe it.
  • Doesn’t seem to fit except those levels you’re killing robots.


  • It starts real frustrating
  • Your character is slow and the one weapon you have has the fire rate of a 40mm single barrel anti-aerial gun and the projectile manages to be even slower than you’d expect.
  • It’s basically impossible until you unlock the random weapon upgrade at the start and the game takes pity on you.
  • Pity in Scrappage has the form of a shield made out of a stop sign.
  • Why is it pity? It gives you +10 regen.
  • Then you can progress
  • I’ve made it to the 8th or 9th level when they sandwich you with “Superior Fights” back to back.
  • I’ll be honest, the shooting doesn’t feel very good. Your character being as slow as they are at the start is terrible. The fire rate of the starting gun is god awful. And some enemies are just straight up bullshit.
  • But I like it.
  • Maybe it’s the soulslike enjoyer in me trying to find the proverbial hump to get over and finally git gud.



Hate Mail:

Danger fly


  • Kingston. 4yrs. Fibre card.
  • PSU 13 years
  • In the computer the cpu heatsink, in active use connected to the computer the Duet 2.

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