LWDW 375: Stop Using X11!

Asahi developer would like you to stop using X11, System76 Scheduler hits 2.0, firewire audio on Linux, and a Pi powered stomp-box.


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00:00 Intro
05:21 Stop using X11
16:38 System76 scheduler and Cosmic updates
22:18 Firewire audio on Linux
27:02 Pi powered stomp-box

Stop using X


  • This makes sense for the M series. 
  • They originally shipped X because it was faster with software rendering. 
  • Now with somewhat working GPU drivers Wayland is the way to go. 
  • Unless you need accessibility tools like Orca. 
  • Those still have some showstopping bugs. 
  • That said, are people really insistent on using X with an M-series MAC?
  • MACs aside, why do we think the Wayland transition is taking so long?
  • We can blame Mir and NVIDIA but it has to be more than that, right?
  • Mir was being pushed from 2013 to about 2017.   
  • That gives us 5 years  to present of pure Wayland development time
  • We have seen a lot of progress since then.   
  • Gamescope, wine on Wayland, actual Nvidia support as of 2021
  • Pipewire also plays a significant contribution to Wayland adoption as well as the Linux av stack moves forward 
  • I think one cause of the slowdown on Wayland adoption might be because we have sexier fish in the Linux graphics pond.  
  • Wine, dxvk and their ilk are absorbing a lot of the brain power that would normally be dedicated to something like this.
  • Even XFCE is getting in on the game
  • And that’s a big one for me in terms of Wayland adoption. 
  • I’m not a fan of relearning my desktop every decade. 


Cosmic Progress


  • It looks very Macintoshy.
    • i76 in more than a couple of ways. 
    • Having control over the hardware / software stack. 
    • I’ve always wanted to see what would happen if someone tried that with Linux and looks like we get to. 
    • Gotta bring back that wood grain aesthetic some how
  • Panels!  They’re like docks and taskbars
  • The iced library is being integrated with accesskit to handle accessibility stuff
  • Speaking of orca, it does work in cosmic
  • Orca is now running with Cosmic but only in the sense that it launches. 
    • Thanks Wayland. 
  • I like the idea of a system scheduler. 
  • Something that gives the focused window more to work with. 
  • You can open GIMP in classic mode and mess with it. 
  • The real question we want answered is are you using Linus Tech tips as a major QA user story?   Is it Linus proof?


FireWire on Linux


  • Are you looking for a retro way to connect your vintage audio interfaces?
  • Unlike camcorders or HDDs firewire audio interfaces are worth using in 2023. 
  • With kernel support until (at least) 2029. 
  • Audio quality hit a plateau around 2003-5.
  • Basically, we figured out how to do ADC / DAC.  

Slice of Pi

Pi Pedal 



  • Ever want to build a homebrew stomp box?
  • Granted, you can only stop on this one once. 
  • That’s why there is a handy Android app to control it. 
  • Using wi-fi direct of all things, neat. 
  • PiPedal uses LV2 audio plugins only, huh. 
    • No midi instruments or anything with control voltage 
    • They need to have no Gui dependencies too.  Which is most, but not all of them 
  • It does come with a few plugins from the ToobAmp plugin collection.
  • Installation comes in the form of a *.deb. 
  • This does require a Pi4 and in this brave new world that doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheaper than buying a traditional stomp box. 
  • If your interface has midi ports you can rig I up to actual pedals

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