LWDW 378: Neural Amp Modeling with Linux and LibreOffice gets a Flat

RedHat is winds down support for LibreOffice, simulating guitar amps with NAM, spoopy ASCII text with Calligraphy, and mangling video with the recurBOY.


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00:00 Intro
02:07 RIP Reddit
05:20 Danger cup
07:19 RH winds down support for LibreOffice
15:15 ASCII art with Calligraphy
18:47 Neural amp thingy
30:00 Mangle video with the Recurboy

Flat Office 


  • Flatpak will be the recommended way to get / install LibreOffice on RHEL and Fedora.
  • The interesting part is
    • We are adjusting our engineering priorities for RHEL for Workstations and focusing on gaps in Wayland, building out HDR support, building out what’s needed for color-sensitive work, and a host of other refinements required by Workstation users.”
  • A focus on professional graphics features certainly makes sense.
  • Red Hat has been a large contributor up to now, about as large a contributor as Collabora by commits. 
  • Global menu, Hi-DPI and VCL theming don’t work from the official flatpak on the latest KDE+wayland according to some. 
  • Another great use of containerized software.
  • Using Flatpak apps is a good way to transition apps from X11 to Wayland.




  • And speaking of Flatpaks, here is a fun ASCII Art app available as a Flatpak!
  • Calligraphy lets you easily turn your text into cool ASCII banners.
  • Just type in a word or sentence, like LWDW, select a style, and whala!  You have an impressive ASCII Art text that you can use online to impress your friends.
    • Or me and Venn in our Discord chat! ;-)
  • There are lots of art styles that you can choose from:  graffiti, rounded, chunky, dotmatrix, cosmic, mini, pebbles, poison doom (Of course) etc.
  • Calligraphy is a GUI frontend to pyfiglet, which is a pure Python implementation of Figlet.
  • Figlet is a command-line tool used to generate ASCII text blocks, which I use quite a bit.
  • But Calligraphy is easier to use and doesn’t require you to remember the command line arguments for the different art styles like Figlet does.


NAM: neural amp modeler




  • If you play guitar or bass you’ve probably played around with amp modelers. 
  • Up until now that meant breaking out guitarix and fiddling endlessly. 
  • Until now. 
  • Neural Amp Modeler is a free amp profiler based on the Neural network emulator for guitar amplifiers and it is available as a LV2. 
  • You can profile their amps, stomp boxes, and any other gear. 
  • Or you can browse for other crunchy tunes on tonehunt. 
  • This thing sounds great and I had a fun time playing with it last week. 
  • The plugin works with Ardour and Reaper nightly. 
  • Decision paralysis becomes a thing with a quickness and be prepared to burn and hours tinkering. 

Slice of Pi

Psychedelia Pi 



  • You used to need a lot of equipment to be a video DJ, and create live video effects in time with hypnotic beats.
  • But now you can do it all with a Raspberry Pi Zero and a recurBOY.
  • The recurBOY is a Raspberry Pi Zero video instrument, and a modern video synth with all of the bells and whistles, and small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • With cyberboy666’s recurBOY you can trigger clips and run shaders to create and manipulate sd video.
  • You can have fun mangling video using old school analog psychedelic affects combined with digital effects with its knobs and pots.
  • It has four modes: video, shader, effects, and external input.
    • Video mode plays videos straight off of the SD card through the recurBOY’s composite video out.
    • Shader mode lets you program your own shaders using the GLES shader.
    • Effects mode overlays your shaders on the video that’s playing.
    • External mode allows you to plug in a USB video capture card or a webcam.
  • And you can plug in a MIDI controller and control it all externally. 
  • The recurBOY uses fully open source hardware and can be purchased as a kit to build yourself for €90, or pre-assembled for only €135 pounds.
  • Although, currently it is out of stock.
  • The Raspberry Pi Zero is not included due to supply shortages, so you will need to buy one separately when you can find one.

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