Installing Hollow Knight Pale Court MOD on Linux

The fanmade MOD Pale Court is out with new bosses, new artwork, and new music. Let’s get it installed on Linux.

Note: You can install the Pale Court MOD using the native version of Hollow knight but you may experience the same graphical corruption shown in the video.

Hollow Knight
Scarab MOD installer


In Steam right click on Hollow Knight > Properties > Compatibility > Force Steam Play. Now select the latest Proton version and allow it to update. 

2. Download from latest release of Scarab and place it in a folder named scarab. 

3. Extract into the scarab folder. 

4. Doubleclick on Scarab to launch the app. 

5. In the app search for pale court and click install. 

6. Launch Hollow Knight from Steam and play the waiting game. 

7. Confirm the MOD loaded by checking in the upper left of the screen. 


Open Scarab, select installed from the menu, and uninstall all the things.  


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