Debian At 30 and No More Distro Hopping! – LWDW388

Debian celebrates the big 3-0, Window Maker gets its first release in three years, measuring audio latency on Linux, and a homebrew Gothberry Pi.


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00:00 Intro
00:33 Blink-o-tron keyboards
04:01 Broadcast capture cards
03:34 AJA Kona and OBS
05:50 Debian at 30
08:05 Using Debian in the studio
15:15 Window Maker lives!
18:32 Who uses Window Maker?
21:58 No more distro hopping
22:33 Linux and audio latency
28:22 Gothberry Pi

Debian turns 30 today!

  • Debian, Linux’s foundational OS, turns 30 years old today, August 16th, 2023!
  • DebianDay parties are taking place in Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, South Africa and in more countries around the world.
  • DebianDay is celebrated each year on August 16th, but this one is special because Debian’s 30th birthday is today!
  • Debian was founded by Ian Murdock who first announced it on August 16, 1993, and he initially called the system “the Debian Linux Release”.
  • Although the first release came out on September 15, 1993.
  • I started using Debian in October of 1993, and had been using Slackware Linux when it came out that same year in July.
  • I have been using Debian installed on literally hundreds of machines, both new, old and vintage in my computer collection, because it supports almost every architecture of computer I own!
  • I was using Debian with the Window Maker desktop when I first started doing LWDW over 5 years ago.
  • Last month Slackware hit the big 3-0 and another old timer joined the club. 
  • I run Debian day in, day out. 
  • Why? Because it stays out of my way and gets work done. 
  • You get a solid platform to build on with 2/4 years of support. 


Window Maker 0.96.0 (Beastwick)

  • And speaking of running Window Maker, my favorite free and open source window manager for the X Window System that I am using right now, has a new release, Window Maker 0.96.0!
  • It has been over 3 years since the last release, and there are some cool new features for the NeXTSTEP inspired X window manager:
    • Window Maker now supports hot corners, so you can send your mouse to a corner of your display and have it execute a command.
      • In WPrefs, “Hot Corner Shortcut Preferences” can be used for configuration or by manually adding a “HotCorners” key and value to “YES” in the ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WindowMaker file.
    • And for taking screenshots there are new keyboard shortcuts you can configure in WPrefs “Keyboard Shortcut Preferences” tab, including “Capture a portion of the screen”, “Capture a window” or “Capture the entire screen”.
    • Improvements for full screen applications.
    • Also, there is a new option added for keeping the dock on the primary display head.
  • I love installing Dockapps on Window Maker for viewing hardware stats, clocks, sound mixers . . .
  • In fact dockapps are the original inspiration for desktop widgets.
  • Thank you Beastwick for posting this news in Discord chat.


Measuring round-trip latency in Linux

  • What is round-trip latency?
  • Audio go in, computer go brr, audio come out. 
  • For 90% of you it really does not matter. 
  • For my fellow 10% crew, well, it’s really really important. 
  • We need to monitor live audio post effects. 
  • Be it vocals or MIDI keyboards, latency can mess you up. 
  • Did I mention it includes benchmarks?

Slice of Pi

Blackberry Pi

  • Goth Raspberry. 
  • Welcome to the TSAs worst nightmare. 
  • PAcked with a Pi 0, blackberry keypad, and Raspberry pi camera NoIR. 
  • Even has a Spectrum inspired case for good measure. 
  • And a nice touch, the GPIOs are directly accessible from the top of the lcd screen for easier connection.
  • I love that it looks like a Speccy and a Blackberry merged into one.
  • It is a SpeccBerry!

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