LWDW 288: Intel announces ARC™ and Debian 11 hotness

Debian 11 is live and ready for public consumption! Intel teases ARC™, Thunderbird 91 gets a speed boost, Pine announces their e-ink reader, Twitter plans to decentralize, bypassing Nvidia LHR, and a progress report on Linux for the Apple M1.

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00:00 Intro
07:39 Introducing Intel Arc
13:59 Bypassing Nvidia LHR
17:14 Debian 11 release
23:49 Thunderbird 91
30:29 Kdenlive 21.08
34:19 Pine PineNote
42:39 Linux on Apple M1 progress
45:24 Decentralized Twitter
54:34 Ieee1588 hats
58:19 Emails

Intel Arc


  • Intel is walking into one of the most favourable GPU markets in the history of ever. 
  • If they can execute they will gain real market share in the discrete GPU game. 
  • They are planning a launch sometime between Jan/Mar of 2022.
  • Intel Arc graphics products built on gaming-first Codename Alchemist SoCs will be available in desktops and notebooks.
  • They even have a $50 ARC jersey for sale. 
  • Are the encoding artifacts in the videos also meant to showcase the capabilities of the new GPU?
  • Because they looked a bit crunchy.


NBMiner v39.0


  • NBMiner 3.9 unlocks ~70% of 30 series mining performance!
  • No more pesky LHR getting in the way of your mining operation. 


Debian 11


  • Celebrating 28 years of being the best Linux distro ever created because it’s the one that I’m currently using. 
  • I’ve been tracking Bullseye on most of the boxes in the studio for the last six months. 
  • No major hiccups minus the odd little issue of not being able to install wine32 on Threadbooper. 
  • Ships with Kernel 5.10.
  • Oh, it wasn’t out yet?
  • I’ve been running Debian 11 proper on the T42.5 for a long time now
  • Vendor neutral printer support over USB is going to make a lot of people’s lives a heck of a lot easier going forward.


Thunderbird 91 (RTheren)



  • The big one seems to be the multiprocess rendering.
    • That’s good too see with old chuggy birb. 
  • There’s also proper .ics and webcal: protocol support now
  • I suppose the new account wizard is better now too, but that was always the barest of bones, so anything would be an improvement.
  • Have they sorted the HiDPI nonsense?
  • Where I don’t have to crack open a config and download an extension to make it work correctly?




  • Performance, speed ramps, masking effects, UI improvements, and general fixes. 
  • For the love of babby FSM auto add tracks. 
  • Everything I record has between 3 and 7 audio tracks. 
  • While not new, having the experimental nvenc is a step in the right direction. 
  • Avg rendering with .265 is around 145/50.  
  • Free advice, the default decay time on the audio meters is useless and should probably come with a seizure warning. 




  • 60Hz must be a mistake.
  • If not, the battery life will be OLED’ish. 
  • E Ink is efficient only when you are not refreshing constantly.
  • When I saw that I thought “you know what? If I’m gonna get something with eInk, might as well be from Pine”
  • Then I looked at the price and said “You know what? I can just get one of the tiny ones for the raspberry pi”


M1 progress report 


  • In true Apple fashion, the GPU isn’t a straightforward thing.
  • So there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to both reverse engineer the rendering side and handle the display controller, which is separate on the M1, to provide proper GPU acceleration.
  • There’s also work on the installer, which is kinda crazy but very much appreciated


BlueSky (DAC)



  • Jack be noble Jack be decentralized. 
  • Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media. 
  • Twitter was kinda open back in the day, member. 
  • They are hiring. 
  • I want to see decentralized social something work for once. 
  • Then again I don’t have an issue with Twitter. 
  • Like Reddit, it’s what you make it. 
  • Not the other way around. 

Slice of Pi



  • New Pi hat handles PTP as defined by IEEE1588.
  • If you’re somewhere without interwebs and need something to keep the times accurate, this may be a way to do it.
  • However, it seems to be in the “Get a quote” pricing model.






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