Fedora Powered Apples and Networking PipeWire – LWDW 387

Fedora Asahi Remix is open for testing! Audio over IP with PipeWire, remembering VIM creator Bram Moolenaar, and free Raspberry Pi’s for Seattle residents.


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00:00 Intro
00:38 Bikers & bandwidth
03:33 Video projects in the works
06:12 Linux overtakes MAC on Steam
08:01 Fedora Asahi Remix
11:58 Audio over IP with PipeWire
20:41 Remembering Bram Moolenaar
26:11 Free Pi’s in Seattle

Fedora Asahi Remix


    • A more polished Linux experience on Apple Silicon M-series processors is getting closer to fruition.
    • The talented developers from the Asahi Linux project made a major announcement … the new Asahi Linux flagship distribution will be the Fedora Asahi Remix!
    • They are still working out the bugs and kinks, but they aim to officially release the Fedora Asahi Remix by the end of August 2023.
    • Lots of new features and machine support is in the future.
    • The Fedora Asahi project started in late 2021, and work began in 2022 alongside the Arch ARM release, but they had been talking about working towards integrating their work into Fedora.
    • Asahi Linux states:
  • “Our goal is for all distros to eventually integrate all this work, so that users can use their choice of distro and be confident that it will work well on their machine. But, in order to kick off this process, we had to prototype what this integration looks like, which meant we had to create our own distro.”
  • Adventurous users can try out the beta of Fedora Asahi Remix today, but keep in mind it is a beta and expect rough spots that could break.


Network support in PipeWire



  • PipeWire is the new hotness. 
  • It lets you do a lot of the cool stuff that we’ve been doing with Jack for the past 16 years. 
  • One of the big ones for me is netjack2. 
  • Everything that rhymes with audio in this studio uses it. 
  • Work began on module-netjack2 a few months ago and it’s looking like it’s in a usable state?
  • It even has Opus support. 
  • So go check out the network support page on the pipwire gitlab. 
  • Low latency real time audio support is what Venn needs to switch to PipeWire on Linux for his studio.


RIP Bram Vim Creator


    • So some sad news, we just lost one of the greats in open source software, Bram Moolenaar, the creator of Vim passed away on August 3, 2023.
    • He leaves behind one of the most iconic text editors in the programming world, the text editor and IDE called VIM, or Vi IMproved.
    • From the article
  • “In the 90s, when several Vim clones emerged, Vim remained distinct and popular due to Bram’s tireless efforts to enhance and maintain it.
  • And despite the rise of modern Integrated Development Environments and tools like VSCode, Bram’s work ensured that Vim remained a staple choice for developers who valued its speed, simplicity, and extensibility.”
  • At the time of its first release in November of 1991, the name “Vim” was an acronym for “Vi IMitation”, but this changed to “‘Vi IMproved” late in 1993.
  • Vi stands for “visual interface.”
  • One of my favorite improvements over Vi in Vim is that it is extensible, and has the awesome ability to install plugins, like one of my favorites NERDTree, which is a great file manager for Vim.
  • Rest in peace Bram, and I typed “:q!” when using Vim yesterday in remembrance of him.
  • Remember “:q!” is the command to execute when you want to exit VIM quickly without saving changes.

Slice of Pi


Scooter Pi 



  • Sometimes Pi’s show up in the strangest places. 
  • The latest comes from an unlikely source, scooters. 
  • Spin, a Seattle scooter rental company noped out of the city and left behind a gang of unused scooters. 
  • They are basically up for grabs. 
  • Someone cracked one open and discovered something interesting. 
  • A Raspberry Pi 4 B. 
  • If you are in the area feel free to treat it like a digital lobster and crack it open. 
  • The RasPi 4 I am sure was partly used for the software to integrate with the mobile app to rent the scooter and keep track of distance traveled etc.
  • Los Angeles city uses lots of different scooter manufactures for rentals, including Spin.
  • I wonder what SBCs are in the other scooters? LOL



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