Cheap Framework Mainboards and Pi Powered Haxaphones

Framework slashes prices on select mainboards, Orange Pi releases the Zero 2W 4GB, AJA capture cards on Linux, and epic Pi powered sax with the Haxaphone.


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00:00 Intro
00:17 Fighting with our Jitsi Server
03:06 Bayovania
03:55 Quest for EPYC motherboards
05:52 Supercheap Framework mainboards
11:11 AJA capture cards on Linux?
15:43 Orange Pi Zero 2W
22:25 Haxaphone!

Low-cost Framework Mainboards

  • So Framework, the awesome company behind the modular, upgradeable, sustainable and repairable laptops that we talk about here on LWDW, has an 11th-gen Intel Core i5 Tiger Lake processor mainboard soon to be available for $199 and up!
  • They also have an Intel Core i7-1165G7 for $299 and a Core i7-1185G7 available right now.
  • They just sold out of the Core i5-1135G7 model for $199, but said more will be available soon.
  • This Core i5 model used to be $449.00 so you are getting a great deal.
  • All models have a PCIe 4.0 storage slot, Intel Xe onboard graphics, 4 USB4 ports, support for up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, and come pre-installed with the heatsink and fan.
  • And you can 3D print a case, or buy one pre-built on the Framework website for just $39 from Cooler Master.
  • What an awesome way to get a hold of an x86 mini PC to use for your projects!
  • This might be a good option for Venn!
  • Framework is moving their plant from China to Taiwan and during the process of cleaning they ran across a chunk of finished and partially finished Mainboards. 
  • The i5 is out of stock and that’s the one people were excited by because $200. 
  • Once these are gone, they are gone. 


  • I’m always on the lookout for budget capture cards. 
  • At $70 the AJA KONA LHi fit the bill, with a few catches. 
  • Kernel downgrades for the drivers, building a SDK, custom OBS builds, and mini HDMI. 
  • Depending on who you are, that either sounds like a nightmare or a fun weekend. 
  • Typical “pro” hardware / software and that’s not always a good thing. 
  • I stacked the LHI up against the Intensity Pro 4K and EVGA XR1. 
  • Quality wise it keeps up with the Intensity Pro but it’s limited to 1080p 60. 
  • I’m going to give AJA a “technically works” rating. 

Slice of Pi

Orange Pi Zero 2W (RTheren)

  • The Orange Pi Zero 2W, a new board from Orange Pi based in China has been released.
  • As you might suspect, the Orange Pi Zero 2W is an alternative to the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, with a similar form factor and features.
  • The Orange Pi Zero 2W has a faster CPU:  An Allwinner H618 quad-core Cortex-A53 running at 1.5 GHz.
  • But its standout feature is that it comes in 1GB-4GB RAM options, as opposed to the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W’s 512MB of RAM.
  • More Orange Pi Zero 2W specs:
    • RAM options–1GB, 1.5GB, 2GB, or 4GB
    • 16MB SPI flash storage for the bootloader and a microSD card socket
    • Mini HDMI 2.0 up to 4Kp60 video out
    • Dual-band WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 with external antenna
    • 100Mbps Ethernet via “function” connector
    • 40-pin Raspberry Pi GPIO header
  • On Aliexpress the board sells for $12.90 for the 1GB, $15.90 for the 1.5GB, $18.90 for the 2GB and $23.00 for the 4GB.
  • They can also be found on Amazon for reasonable prices, at $26.99 for the 4GB model!
  • The older Raspberry Pi Zero 2W with 512MB of RAM is $34.99 on Amazon.
  • Thank you Rtheren, our Patreon Advisor in chat, for bringing this to our attention. 
  • I like the idea of a dedicated expansion board. 
  • Having audio, USB, buttons, IR, and ethernet. 
  • 10/100 ethernet… boo! 

Haxaphone HAT

  • Are you in the market for a pocket Sax?
  • Would you settle for an electronic musical instrument that resembles a saxophone?
  • What if I told you it had mechanical keebs?
  • It’s using fluidsynth to turn your wheezing into music. 
  • Did I mention it’s open-source? 
  • The Haxophone is on Crowd Supply with a $15,000 goal.
  • This is an incredible way to get a cheap saxophone, which can cost $250 to thousands of dollars depending on the brand and where you buy it!
  • And a great way to learn how to use and play one, and see if you really want to invest some money buying a sax.
  • Also, while you are rehearsing, all your neighbors and family members will hear is the clicking of mechanical keys.